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How infectious is a URI? All of a sudden over the past couple of days all four of my cats have started sneezing. My newest cat is a kitten I rescued about two weeks ago but she wasn't sneezing until a few days ago along with the other cats. Do my cats have URI's? They don't have watery eyes and all are eating fine. Any help is appreciated. I don't get paid until Friday, so I need to know how serious this is because if I have to I can borrow the money to get them all to my vet. They're probably sneezing a couple times an hour but sometimes it will be three or four times in a row. They don't really have any mucous coming out their noses. And I haven't used any new cleaning products or anything like that.

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Yes, your cats are probably all sick with the Feline Upper Respiratory Virus. Not to panic. It is just a cat "cold" and many cats do just fine without any medication. If your cats are vaccinated and healthy and not too stressed they will probably be fine. Watch them closely for any lethargy, or inappetence, and any ocular or nasal discharge. At the first sign of any of these symptoms you should contact your vet.
Your new kitten is the most at risk of all of your cats. She is likely the one that introduced the virus into your colony and as a rescue her vaccine and health status is questionable. This is all combined with the fact that she has had a lot of stress in her life recently and her immune sysem will be compromised as a result. I would watch her closely as well and make sure that she is eating a good quality kitten food. As above, get her to the vet as soon as you see any other symptoms. She will most likely need to be medicated.
Good luck and keep us posted!
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Any idea how long the colds will last? All of our cats love to cuddle and sleep by our faces. It's not the most pleasant thing to have cats sneezing in your face all night.

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MMMMMM! Cat boogers! Yes, lots of fun!
FURV can last anywhere from two weeks to a month or longer. It really depends on the cat, its health, stress level, vaccination status......
Like I said before, your older cats will probably do a lot better and get over it quickly. Your kitten on the other hand could get very sick and have a much longer recovery.
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Sorry but I wonder about Baylee having a URI... we've had her nearly 3 months and she sneezes. Ever since the first vet visit I've brought it up and the vet has said it would go away on it's own.... I think she said it was a URI but I don't remember.

Her eyes and nose are fine, it's just a few sneezes a day. Thoughts?
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My Baylee has allergies? Is this something I should worry about (figure out what she's allergic to and get rid of it?) or will she be fine?

Poor Bay.
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I wouldn't worry if she is only sneezing once and a while. If her symptoms get worse I would ask your vet.
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pinkdaisy226 I just wanted to say...I love that outfit your kitty has on....How cute
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Originally Posted by testacav
pinkdaisy226 I just wanted to say...I love that outfit your kitty has on....How cute
Thanks... she didn't love it though! Lol!

And I'll keep an eye on her symptoms, Dr. Doolittle, but if anything, she's sneezing less frequently than when we first got her, so that has to be a good sign.
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