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Well, here's my entry into the Members Gallery. I wanted/tried to get at least one kit to sit with me, but they would have none of it. So.....

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Bill!! That is such a cool photo!!! "Cheese" is right!! ha ha ha ha - Only JOKING hun!! ha ha ha - darn kitties never co-operate do they?!
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Hey, I think it's a great photo Bill!!! We are such a pretty bunch! Okay, pretty's not a good word...how's great looking! :laughing2 (I'm not biased am I?
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Sorry to butt in but Cat, check yer emails now love!!! Waaahhhhhaahahahah!!!!!
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Bod & Cat,

Thanks for the kind words!

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Hey Bill - with a smile like that,how can the Mrs. deny you a new kitty???? I will meet you 1/2 way - remember????
Relentless, aren't we?
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Oh MY Land!!! What a gorgious man you are, Bill! And a cat lover to boot, wow...what more could a woman ask for??

If you want this pic of you to be posted in the members gallory (and it should be!) just send Anne an e-mail, and tell her you posted a pic here, for the gallory, and she will post it for you.
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I agree.. a real cutie! :tounge2:
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Thanks, Debby and Melissa!


P.S. I believe Anne has just a few things more important to worry about than dropping me into the Members (Rogues) Gallery.
Someday, maybe...
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You are right, she does have alot of things to deal with right now, but I am sure in the near future she would be happy to post it there for you!
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Nice photo, and a belated welcome. I read motorcycles in the old profile. What kind of bike?
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hmmm attachment didn't work so I'm trying again
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Shawna...you are VERY pretty! Thanks for showing us the picture!

You might want to e-mail Anne so she knows it is here, and she can add it to the members gallery if she hasn't already.
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Thanks Deb Why is it men are never with it enough to pay us these kinds of compliments :LOL:

I'll e-mail Anne now and let her know, although I don't want to her to worry about fiddling with the picture gallery while there's the new baby to worry about
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Here we are, me and Snowball.
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Great picture!!!!!! I wasn't scared at all!!!! I think you both look adorable!!!!
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Thanks Debby
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Pictures of me for Shape Magazine...

Sorry The Pics aren't Bigger...
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It so nice to put a face with a name! Lorie, you look great in that photo w/ Snowball, its adorable!!
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I agree, it's fun to see what everyone looks like. Tasha, you're very pretty!
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Great picture, Tasha!!! Very beautiful! You were in Shape magazine? I buy that one once in awhile....that is SO cool!! (the Shape mag I am refering to is the one put out by the Wilders,(sp?) just in case it's a different one)
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Tasha's supposed to be in an upcoming issue. They could start Paying her $200 an hour if she turns professional. But, It doesn't seem like it would be that fun. Those were pictures that someone is buying from us for her portfolio or something...
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I've been saying that I would post a pic of me. Finally found one of my favs while spring cleaning.
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WOW!!! Ady! What a lovely pic!!! You know, its so weird cos you kinda get an image in your mind of how someone looks.. then you see a pic and realise how wrong you were!! You look nothing like I imagined!! hahahaa!!! But you're still gorgeous!!
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Thanks - let's just say I don't normally look like that I rarely look that good. I also normally wear glasses, but hey - I can put my best pic out!
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Everyone looks great! I love seeing pictures of everyone, now I can put a face to a name. If I remember, I'll post a pic of me later tonight.
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Ady, That is a beautiful picture!!!! I love it!!!!!
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Yes, it is.


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Well my goodness Mr. Cat, I never would have pegged you for a pipe smoker!
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Indeed, I've smoked a pipe for the past 44 years! Not constantly, you understand: For instance, I don't smoke whilst sleeping — at least not to my knowledge.

In deference to my feline friends Michaela and Tonya, or any other Earthlings who may occupy this dwelling, an industrial-strength medical-quality air cleaner runs constantly. (It cost US$400 five years ago; plus there's US$100 every other year for a new filter.)

A smaller air-cleaning device operates near the computer system. Also, I clean! Hence, my older friends (who notice such things) tell me our home never smells of either cats or tobacco — yet both are present.

Added bonus: A lovely "street tree" lives just outside our bedroom window; and, as it's a friendly neighbor, it lets us breathe some of the oxygen it makes.

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