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Hi Nunny! You look great!
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Nunny, it's so nice to see what you look like, a very pretty young woman!
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Hissy, thank you so much for your help!!!

And thank you guys...
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Great pic!! Thanks for sharing.
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I love your pic, Nunny!! You have such dark pretty hair!!
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Thank you for the complements...

By the way, I only now had the time to review EVRYONE on the thread - and you are all look like such great people!
Im so glad Im posting here...
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sad me:

my brother was visiting this weekend and he had his awesome Canon G3 camera, so these were taken with it. i want one so bad ~!~!
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here's one from our recent trip to Victoria taken with my camera this time:

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Thought I'd bump this up for all the new members! Have a look and please post some pictures of yourself!
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I wish I could!
I dont have many digital photos of me, but I posted one the other day, and it seemed to be to big unless it was the size of a stamp!!!
It wasn´t a good picture anyway...
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You can email me the pic and I'll post it for you. I can resize it and etc.
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Thanx Shell!
I am going to try find a better photo!
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That offer applies to other members too! If you don't know how to resize a photo and etc, you can email me and I'll post it for you!
Just email me at michendorf@yahoo.com!
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I guess I got cold feet! I decited to post this pic. deliberately NOT in the picture thread, and then it turned out to be tiny, and afterwards I was kindof glad....since it wasn´t a good pic and all...
Maybe I could post a pic and then remove it, just for a quick look!
Regards from the CHICKEN
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OK I'm trying to post one of me , I will send it to Shell if it does not come through , I am only 13 remember..LOL and ever so ugly ..LOL
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Ok Shell I sent you one of me , looks like I was to large Mwahahhahahaa ..LOL
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Here is a picture of Wellingtoncats (Sam)!
Isn't that a cute picture? What a cutie! Just what ya wanted to hear, right?*lol*
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Doh! I guess it helps if I ATTACH the photo! DUH!
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My kitties and me..

Taken on March 2003
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OMG Lets all laugh at my picture hahahha .LOL Thanks for that Shell , it helps to know who we are talking too right
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Beautful ladies!!
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Nice pic GurlPower Thanks..
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Here is the latest picture of Sherral46!
Look at the Hot Mama with the newly Red hair!! Love ya Sherral!
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I have said it before and I will say it again
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Thank you Sam!!
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Thanks... to be honest, i put on ALOT of weight,about 10-12 pounds..

Here is a black and white of me when i was so very scrawny before:

(Sorry i decided to take out my pix..) i guess you can still "see" me in my kitties' sites.. smiles!
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very beautful!
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Shirley, You're a real beauty!
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