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^ When someone intentionally hurts another person or animal

> I am going to bed!

V What time do you usually go to sleep?
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^ 10pm, average

> Night Candie!

V Who is your favourite abstract artist?
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> I'm watching tv...should be cleaning my room

V How many pets do you have and what type?
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opps! hold on i looked at the wrong one
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^ No worries..

I have seven pets. 3 persians, 3 exotics and a mutt-dog.

> Eating!

V fave cereal?
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^ Fruity pebbles, cinnamon life, and rice chex

> It's night here

V whats your favorite kind of animal
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^ Persian Cats!

> an hour and a half till I go out

V Where was the last place you went?
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^ out to get an ice coffee earlier... I may go get another soon!

> I can't stand this HEAT!!!!

V how's the weather where you are?
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^ Nice

> My eyes are sticky

V How's your breath right now?
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^ probably bad - I had a spicy sauce on teh chicken I had earlier!

> it's so hot in this room that I am goign to have to go downstairs soon!

V favorite color?
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^ pink
>I'm at school!
V what ya doing?
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^ Designing and trying to pass time 'til physio!

> I hope the sun's going to come out!

v What is your weather like?
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< Sunny but in the beach!

> today is hyper Cloudy....

v Do you like the party costumes in Halloween?
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^ I've worn one before, but normally I do not dress for Halloween

> Cleaning the house...woo-hoo!

V How is your day going?
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> Great! ...my boss go out to the CO to see another things and this is a ghost town!

<yeah the clean house is exciting! .......... Put your cd favorite and dance meanwhile with the music and Abby! ...

v favourite cream for teeth brush?....
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^ usually Crest or Colgate

> My parents are on their way over to pick blueberries.

V Do you see your relatives often?
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< search for my replied and you find your answer....

> aftenoon of yesterday fall the mother of all rains here in my city... and the sky maybe wants to repeat it...

v Peach or Apple?...
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^ apple

> Rigel - don't you have brothers?

V any brothers or sisters?
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^ 2 half sisters

> Don't have much time for TCS today either!

V What are your plans for the day?
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< Yes, I´m the 2 of 4 brothers, but not uncles or Aunties........Just have 2 nieces and 3 Nephews from my brothers.... a big family isn´t?......

> I´m resist to drink a coffe today!

v do you wear glasses?.......
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^ Too late Rigel !

^ No I don't wear glasses

> I'm using an old siggy!

V Do you smoke?
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^ Nope!

> I like your old siggy! Is that Elmo?

V last thing you ate?
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^ Sea Sult Health Plus chips for a snack last night!

> Thank you. It is Elmo & Soda

V Do you consider yourself a computer whiz?
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< Wizard?...i don´t think so.....but I try to defeat me......

> I can´t remember that siggy, smurfette! ...

v Wich one was the las movie that you seen on Cinema last saturday???????
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^ I saw two! Wedding Crashes & The Longest Yard

> It would have been before you were a member Rigel!

V What did you do today?
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^ Not much, as my day is starting! I'm waiting in for the RAC to come and fix the chip in my windscreen cause by the kids throwing stones at the cars round here!

> I wish they gave me a definite time!

v When was the last time you went on a big shopping spree?
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^ Probably a few weeks ago.

> Time for bed soon

V What did you have for breakfast?
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^ Toast!

> I am still wearing my pyjamas

V What is the time?
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^ Haven't got a clue yet - will have a look through the fridge and freezer later!

> It's lovely weather today!

v Do you have any plans for the weekend yet?
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^ Yup! Going to the rugby with HEAPS of mates on Friday, Cat show on Saturday, Shopping and maybe some BOY time on Sunday!

> Elmo is hungry!

V What pet food do you feed your kitties?
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