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Oh, Gilly!

^ 29.7?C

> Maybe I could make you some more colorful clothes! Tailor-made of course!

v Have you ever been shopping in Manchester?
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^ I have never been to Manchester.... but I have heard the Old Trafford Centre is meant to be good - cha ching!

> I would love to be confident to wear colorful clothes so when your business is up and running, I could be a customer!

v Have you ever been shopping in London?
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^ Lots of times! I LOVE Covent Garden!

> You better had be a customer! You'd look great in colourful clothes, I bet!

v Are you looking forward to the UK TCS meet-up? Where do you think it'll be?
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^ Yes! It will be really lovely to put faces to names etc Not sure where it will be though, perhaps we should do a vote nearer the time then that way, it's fair? It would be cool if we all got to go to Dublin....

> I will be a customer and I have made a few mental notes to check out some colourful clothes on my next shopping trip!

v Do you watch Bad Girls?
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You're probably right with the vote! It's going to be so much fun!

^ No, not my kind of programme!

> I hope you find some exciting colourful clothes! I'll give you a hand! I love colourful!

v What is the furthest up North (UK) have you been?!
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^ Yorkshire

> I need to do a major sort out of the clothes that I already have so that I can work out what I need to buy.

v Have you been to Harrods & Selfridges?
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^ Yes - bit expensive for me though and i'm not keen on main designer stuff! (we have Selfridges in town and Harrods in the airport!)

> Gosh, it's only 2:24!!

v Do you have a nice young man in your sights at the moment?! (details - if so!)
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^ Nah

> I might go and have a lie down on one of the sofas round the corner!

v What do you like best about your new place where you live?
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^ The South Facing garden! and being able to take Molly and Tibby for walks again!

> I hate the fact that the upstairs loo is broken though

v What is your favourite part of your home?
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^ I would have to say the garden too! Mine is also south facing

> I just wish that I could spend more time at home with Guin and the plants

v What time do you go to bed at night?
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^ generally around midight - or there abouts!

> I just found your pic in the pictures thread - I hadn't seen it before!

v What would be your ideal car?
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^ If I could drive, it would be an Audi TT

> Oh yeah, was it the Christmas party picture?

v What food do your cats have down atm?
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^ They have just received some Turkey Felix with Whiskas Crunch Biscuits (or whatever the silly new name is!)

> You were wearing re in one picture - it really suited you!

v What do you think Guinness is getting up to today?
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^ Some Royal Canin. I just started givign it to her a few weeks ago and she really seems to like it

> got to head back outside to do more weeding and trimming

V Doing anything interesting today?
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^ Just work, so no. Nothing interesting.

> I need to exercise more.

V Do you like to work out?
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< I ´ll would like to work in HOME!!!!!......but in mexico doesn´t exist that kind of works!

> Is a sunny day around here!

v Do yo like to eat Subways? and wich one is your favourite speciallyti????
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^I like Subway. The last time I went I had the Chicken Onion teriyaki sub and it was good.

>You are making me hungry Rigel! All I have is yogurt for lunch today!

V What are you having for lunch today?
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^I think a late lunch at work. Probably a salad.

>Watching Jerry MsGuire.

V What's your favorite movie?
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[quote=AbbysMom>You are making me hungry Rigel! All I have is yogurt for lunch today![/QUOTE]

<Star wars the chapters IV V and VI...

> It time to go lunch now!

v Have you ever to drived a VW Betlee?
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^Yes and I loved it! I want one too!

> I don't wanna go to work

V What's for dinner?
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^ No, my brother used to have one of the original ones, but I was too young to drive it.

> got to head back outside soon

V Have you exercised at all today?
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^ No, but I plan to.........eventually...........

> I just ate a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme!

V What's your favorite fast food joint?
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^ Taco Bell!

> gotta go to the farmstand and buy some fresh veggies for dinner

V What was the last grade you completed in school?
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< Pro...."Accountand"...

> I wish sometimes have to study to be VET....

v do you has a wish without realize yet?
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^ Of course, doesn't everybody?

> really need to go! but I can't stop posting!

V Do you spend time on TCS when you should be doing a lot of other things?
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^ Of course

> Just woke up!

V What are your plans for the day?
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< try go to the cinema to watch the Fantatic Five!

(Hi Smurfy Girl! ...)

> I´m chewing a gum now!

v how´s your last night? busy with homework from the school????
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^ haha nope, watched TV and was at TCS!

> hiya Rigz!

V what is one thing I definitly do not know about you?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
^ haha nope, watched TV and was at TCS!
.... bad chick! bad chick!....... ....

<....great question! Maybe just be..........that I´m don´t have any tattoo? does count this?????? ...... ....

> love my nick in NZ!

v do you have a middle name? and if you don´t have do you wish to have it? and wich one could be?????
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^ I do have a middle name - Mary

> Waiting for Aaron to come home from work

V what's for dinner tonight?
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