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^ My Mother

> Cleaning!!!

V Fave house chore?
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^ Steam cleaning the carpets!

> Waiting for my Nike Rifts to arrive! *sigh*

v Do you shop on eBay?
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^ Nope

> Watching the simpsons

V fave sitcom?
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^ Shameless

> Tibby and Molly are on a mad one!

v Do you ever play games with your cats? (eg tick/tag)
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^ Yup. Don't have names for them though

> Just groomed Dance

V Are you bored?
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^ Not really, my mind is in so many places!

> I have to dry my hair!

v Are you bored?!
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^ I am actually really bored.

> My boyfriend is being an idiot.

V when was the last time you were really angry?
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^ About a month ago when my Tutors took it upon themselves to install something in my exhibition - that I didn't want!

> What's you bf doing?!

v Do you know your neighbours?
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^ Not well, but the ones on the left are friendly and the ones on the right are horrid!

> he's not letting me see him. he wants to be with his mates instead.

that's awful Sarah!

V do you prefer public transport or your own car?
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^ Oh definitely my own car!

> I know, Sam! Your bf is being like one of my exes! He used to do that and say, 'well go see your friends then!' But I wasn't going to treat my friends as second to him!

v when are you next going on a girly night out?!
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^ not sure. hopefully soon!

> sometimes i wish we were over

V what do you do when you get an itchy throat?
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^ Itch it!? If it's inside, I cough and have a drink of Green Tea!

> Aww, Sam Do you want it to be over?

v What would you were for the girly night?! (that makes you look and feel super hot!)
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^ my fave denim mini and something as equally skimpy on top.

> no way!!

V do you prefer using seperate shampoo & conditioner or 2 n 1?
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^ Separates!

> Why do you wish it was over sometimes?
My Nike Air Rifts have arrived!

v If you could go anywhere today, where would you go?
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umm there's 182 pages... can anyone tell me how to play this game?
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Sure, Gilly!

^ Answer the question above

> Tell something about yourself

v Ask the next question

Hope that helps!
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Thanks Sarah I think I have this right.

^ To the seaside and swim in the sea!

> I am going out to lunch very soon to try and find some new clothes that actually fit properly....

v Do you eat and like fish?
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> I'm browsing for Campers!

v What are you having for your evening meal?
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^ Have not thought about lunch yet, let alone evening meal! (Surprised??? )

> I will be back online later *Gilly skips out into the sunshine*

v Do you think I will find any clothes?
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^ Yeah, I think you'll come back with loads of things!

> I'm hungry!

v What is your favourite place to buy lunch?
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^ Marks & Spencer Food

> I am not too impressed with these sausage crisps (Walkers)

> Have you eaten yet?
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^ No, still considering what to have!

> I love the hot weather!

v What are you doing tonight?
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^ Hoovering , packing an overnight bag as I am staying in London Thursday night, relaxing and watching TV!

> I think I might go and make myself a nice cuppa tea

v Are you on holidays now?
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^ Nope I'm busy starting my own business and selling my artwork and working on exhibitions and sales!

> Mmm, I might get a cuppa too!

v What is your favourite type of tea?!
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^ I like Red Label from Sainsburys. We have always had it at home and now it's stuck. Even my sister buys it....

> I am sitting here contemplating whether I should do some more filing....

v Tell me, what are the kits up to? Have they settled into their new home?

(Good luck with your business)
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^ Molly is sleeping in the doorway to the bathroom and Tibby is hidden somewhere! Yes, they have settled really well and are even getting used to the ground level noises when we go out in the garden! (thank you for remembering! )

> I can't wait to wear my Rifts out!

v Did you buy what you wanted at the shops?! Anything for Guin?!
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Originally Posted by Gilly

(Good luck with your business)
Thank you, Gilly! I can't believe how difficult and confusing all the things are!
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^ I bought NOTHING I have having problems with clothes atm and I can never find things that fit properly... oh well. I didn't buy anything for Guin today, but a few weeks ago he was spoilt with a catnip sack (that he ripped apart) and 3 little catnip mice from Sainsburys - they are called, 3 blind mice on the packet!

> I can't wait for home time today to see my Guin

v What are Rifts? Something in your hair maybe?!
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^ Nike trainers - where your big toe has a separate part!

> If you lived closer, i'd tailor some clothes for you!

v How would you describe your dress style?
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Originally Posted by Sar
My Nike Air Rifts have arrived!
Doh, I did already read it but in the space of an hour I forgot!!!

^ If I am being honest, I think my dress style atm is pretty boring. I tend to wear black. Far too much of it IMO. I do try diff. colours but black nearly always has to go with it! I am semi-smart for work (trousers, shirts etc) but at home I tend to hang about in cropped trousers, vest tops etc. I would love to have a personal tailor!

> My boss just called from China! The telephone number was soooo long on the phone that I wasn't sure if it really was him

v What is the temperature at this precise moment?
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