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^ It is an absolutely gorgeous day out here - in teh 70's. I think I will work out in the yard today

> got to go to the post office and mail some cards

V what did you have for breakfast?
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< boring Cereal with banana....

> I wish now a pancakes!!!

v How many sandals do you have it?
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^Ummm....do I have to count? I would say like maybe.....like 15?

>I don't wanna go back to work

v What is the weather like today where you live?
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<today is sunny! ....is great!

>Today I´ll try go at the Baseball game of my city

v Do you like to watch the birds throw your window?
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^ I sure do! In the Winter we put up feeders and we get a real lot of them. We have some baby birds outside now.

> I really need a shower - been gardening all day - blech!

V Do you like to golf?
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< Uh...... a bit.... not a big fan... I found this sport soo relaxing...isn´t?

> Succendly a Big Rain in falling now! ...this is unexpect! the day was totally sunny all morning!

v Wich colour do you prefer for a Car?
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^ I prefer black or blue, but the car I have right now is red.

> Abby is taking a nap right now

V How many bedrooms in your home?
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< Hummmmm....Principal bedroom, and 2 more... ( for the kids someday! ...)

> Can you believe this! the rain is stoped and the Sun is plenty again! .... so weird...

v Have you ever to watched the Movie Tron by Walt disney?

Here´s the link......http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084827/
is one of my favourites!
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Having breakfast

What did you have for breakfast?
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^ oatmeal with raspberries

> It's getting warm in here

V Do you know how to swim?
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Sure do.

It's freezing!

What is the weather like where you are right now?
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^ Hot! Blegh!

> However, it's cold where I work - brrr!

v What's your fave season?
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< Summer!!!

(Hi Ari! ...)

> I just drinking water from a bottle now!

v favourite singer is???????
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Probably Summer

I have a bit of pepper on my tooth!

Do you use salt & pepper?
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Hi Rigel!!

Hmm I will answer both question... fave songer... ooh, hard one. Bono from U2.
Salt and Pepper... depends on what I'm eating!

I can leave my job in less than 3 weeks! Yay!

What's your dream job?
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Oh Rigz we posted at the same time!!

I got asked this yesterday.

I should open the curtains!

Do you get paranoid if you are getting dressed and the curtains are open?
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<.........sorry chick!...

> i don´t like so much the Meal super spice!!!

v Do you´re a Compulsive Eater of Popcorns?????
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Nope, I don't like popcorn!

Drinking a juice!

Water or juice?
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< Lemon Juice, orange Juice and any fruit Juice....

> the sky is not clear now..... It seems going to cloudy right now.....

v like to watch soup operas?
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^ Nope

> I love TCS!

V How long have you been a member?
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^ I joined the middle of May

> just took a quick shower

V any big plans for the weekend?
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< one year and half!!

> Some turn off the light here on the office....

v wich one is your favourite speciallity in Pizzas?
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^ Kiwi pizza. A one we made at our family pizza shop, which FYI we closed down in 2000.

> I need to get cleaned & dressed

V coke or pepsi
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< very funny chick very funny!!!!

> you want to see if my subconsense fail me! isn´t?

v Fruits:....Melon or Kiwi? wich one you prefer????
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Kiwi Fruit

LOL! Sorry Rigel.

Fave time of day?
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< after noon around 7:00 pm!

> I hate the mondays!!!

V do you hate something????
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^ Yup. A few certain people.

> Oooh Lonestar just came and farted on me...

V what makes you pass bad gas??? lol
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^ tacos

> I'm hungry and want dinner...

v do you like vegetables or fruits better?
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^ I don't think I could pick! lol I love them both.

> I just helped my boyfriend pay his parking ticket online (he's not the best with computers lol) $85!!! for making an illegal U-Turn!!!! He wasn't in a familiar area and was trying to turn back around before he got too lost and the cop was such a jerk about it.

V Have you ever gotten a ticket?
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^ Not myself personally.

> My sister told the cop my name so I got a ticket!!!

v Do you have family that lies a lot?
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