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I don't visit this forum very much as I often get depressed visiting this forum or the RB forum, but after I remember hearing about Pengy somewhere, I decided to read the entire thread from beginning to end.

I was nearly in tears over the progress this sweet little girl has made, and you've done a wonderful job, Michele, in taking good care of her. Now, like many others here, I am hooked and can't wait to hear Pengy updates.
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Another wonderful update. Pengy will be one cat you will always feel the largest connection with. This is such an amazing journey for both of you.

Keep those updates coming in and let's hope they come faster and faster!
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Well look at her! she's getting so bold and bright! but Michelle we really have to get pictures of all your dears.. I don't know if pengy will submit to photography yet, but maybe if you're home in daylight it won't scare her so.. We're waiting to see the little blossom you've created!
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I will see what I can do about the photos...I might be able to get her while she's sleeping on the bed...sorta angled from the hallway. She's still pretty camera shy, so no promises, but I will do my best (and who is it that can help me with a sig of all 6 of my guys? That would be lovely to have).

Thanks, all, and Vespa, thanks for coming in to look...and I'm glad to see you here.

Hugs to all, and to all our furry friends!

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I'm always so thrilled with a Pengy update! She continues to amaze, and I couldn't be happier for you both!

The fact that she is the panty thief is a good sign. She wants to be close to you, so she chooses the article of clothing that has the most scent on it. The feral boy I had, Beau, was in hog heaven if he could get ahold of a pair. It weirded me out at first, but I chose to look at it as a sign of bonding.
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Originally Posted by clixpix
The fact that she is the panty thief is a good sign. She wants to be close to you, so she chooses the article of clothing that has the most scent on it. The feral boy I had, Beau, was in hog heaven if he could get ahold of a pair. It weirded me out at first, but I chose to look at it as a sign of bonding.
Me too. For the longest time I couldn't figure out where all my panties went...LOLOL!!!! And never from the clean pile, only the dirty pile...and I've suspected the Penguin as the thief, but it was so good to finally KNOW it. Hissy has always said to give a piece of dirty, scent-filled clothing to a cat to get them to know your scent; I never thought one would raid the laundry for a piece, though. ROFL...

She will often stare at me longingly (or so I think); she'll sit right behind the computer chair, or next to it - within a foot or so - and just watch me. She's come near me while I'm on the sofa, and of course the whole bed thing continues unabated. She's just trying to get the courage up to headbutt me, or sniff a finger, or something...you can just tell she wants to feel what the others do when they come for lovin'. Someday, she will take the plunge, and from there we'll go...

And I can't tell you how fun it is to watch her play. Just let loose and play, with whatever toy she's got at the moment. Sad, too, because she's so clumsy because of her hips, but amazingly fun. You can tell it's her because of the particular thumping noise she makes when she hits the wall or a chair...but apparently it doesn't hurt, or the play is more important than the hurt, because she gets right up and keeps on like nothing's happened. LOL, but it's fun to watch!!! And it's at least nightly, now...this show. And often several times during the day. She's so sweet and joyful.

Well, I'd best get on to the housework, or I'll lose a cat in the dustbunny pile...

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So, another update...

Miss Thing has really decided that the house is her playground. She's been seen on the sofa already, but last night she was spotted curled up on the back of it...a place she hasn't been seen before. And again, today, she was curled up on the throw-pillows, snoozing away.

And she's recently decided that to sit on the dining table is the height of perfection; she'll sit there for hours, just hanging around on top of the table - very exposed, and no easy escape other than down. It's great to see her there - she's up, watching the whole living/dining/kitchen from where she sits; the only rooms not visible from there are the bath and bedroom.

And then, this afternoon, while I was roughhousing with Simon on the bed, Pengy came up and laid there, watching us. I reached over, let her smell my finger, her nose bumping my finger...and then slid my hand under the blanket and moved it around. She watched, wary, for a bit, and then she pounced. Both front paws, no claws (that I could feel), and then she put her mouth on my blanket covered fingers. She backed up, I wiggled them again, and again she pounced. Over and over we did this, for probably about 10 minutes (all the while Simon chewing, rabbit kicking, and wrestling my other hand...LOL).

She knew it was my hand...and yet she played with me. She knew it was my fingers, she didn't bite hard or use claws; just playing, mouthing, and pouncing. I was able to stroke her through the blanket after a bit, just a wee scritch under the chin, and did the whole cat blink kiss thing...and then left the room. She remains on the bed as I type this...

How wonderful. Maybe someday she'll be willing to not have the blanket as a barrier, but until then, she and I can play "Pounce on the Hand" through it, and I won't care.

How very far she's come; how enormously far, and how wonderful it is to have her in my house. She makes this place complete.

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Michele, my grin is tied in a bow behind my head! How very excellent!
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Ah Michelle - what a wonderful update. Pengy is so special - your heart must be bursting with love for this treasure of a cat.

You have done so much for her by being there and being the person you are.

Hugs to you and Pengy.
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Oh wow, Michele, your updates get better and better everytime! Yay Pengy!!(happy tears!)
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Oh gosh...grinning ear to ear! But I think all of us are. YAY for Pengy and YAY for you, Michele!
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The news keeps getting better and better!!!!

Yay, Michele! Yay, Pengy!
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
The news keeps getting better and better!!!!

Yay, Michele! Yay, Pengy!
No kidding!!

The very last thing I had to do to integrate her into the household fully - no special treatment anymore, just one of the gang - was to remove her litter box which has been in the bedroom for the last two years, and get her to use the one in the laundry room where the others go. A few times I'd caught her using the laundry room box, so I thought the time was right...and just picked up her entire litter box, full and stinky, and poured some of it into the big box. I left her other box near the big one, and just crossed my fingers.

She's not had an accident, even though I wasn't sure she'd make the transition...she seems to have adopted the new place just fine.

Also, and more importantly because of her disabilities, she was seen sitting on the kitchen counter, while Esse was sitting in the kitchen window. Of course, I didn't go into the kitchen, but just watched her as she sniffed and explored the new environment. Esse got bored sitting there, and hopped off...and Pengy jumped up into the window in Esse's place...

Either Pengy is getting healthier and stronger, or just more courageous...but either way, it's beyond fun to watch her and see her in the window.

And she's still playing "pounce on the hand/foot" under the blanket...and I swear she's just trying figure out how to sneak into my lap without me or her noticing she's there...I even dreamt of that a few nights ago. LOL!

Just thought I'd let you all know your girl is still in the progressive mood...and that's wonderful.

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What an absolute doll. Thanks Michele for giving her the patience, love and environment to help her. And thanks for sharing her with us.
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Thank you Michele for keeping us updated on Pengy in spite of your super busy schedule! I love hearing from you. Knowing that Pengy is in a safe, woderful, loving place makes my heart so warm. I'm not as impatient as before to see her give you a head-butt or another strong sign, because I know it's going to happen soon now. No doubt about it.

I'd love to see a pic of Pengy!

Take care!
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I'm looking for a Pengy fix - update!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
I'm looking for a Pengy fix - update!
Nothing exceptionally new; just that she's in a holding pattern right now.

I have discovered that if I offer a closed fisted hand to her, she's far more likely to sniff it than if I offer a single finger. I'm trying to puzzle that one through, but hey, if that's what she wants, then she can have a fist! LOL.

She's really getting interactive, as long as there's distance between she and I. I use the cat dancer a lot, and it's hysterical to see two or three other cats sit and wait their turn; if it wasn't Pengy playing, they'd be all over each other battling it out for their "place" with the dancer...but if Pengy is playing, they literally sit and wait for her to be done, and then they take their turn.

It's a definite showing of respect for her. I'd've thought that they would've been more aggressive with a lame cat, sort of push her to the bottom of the pecking order, but no, she is left be, and given all the space in the world to walk, sleep, play, and eat first if she wants. I'd say she was alpha, but it's not that, either...no fighting to establish her place, no stalking or intimidating, nothing Alpha-ish like that. All I can figure is that the rest of the herd realizes she's disabled, and give her consideration and respect. It's strange, and lovely, but it's also odd...

She lets me stroke her with my foot through the blankets, too. As long as I am not skin to fur contacting, she'll allow it, and sleep/relax while I'm doing it. So I'm trying to get her more used to it so that eventually she will allow it without blankets. She's got to know it's me under the blankets, too...

She's also sitting under my feet when I'm on the sofa watching tv. It's so sweet, as long as my legs are propped onto the coffee table, she'll come and lay directly under them.

She's a dear, sweet, loving cat; she grooms Esse, and has tried to groom Simon (who'll have none of that, thank you very much!!), and she gets to rambuctious playing, throwing her toys around and chasing them down...thumping against the table legs, rolling on her back, rabbit kicking as best she can...it's so adorable to watch. Makes me sit there and grin...

So there's your fix, Yosemite. I've tried to get some shots, but they're hard to get because she doesn't like the camera. I'll see if I can't find a few and create a catpage for her...and I'll let you all know when it's up.

Thanks so much, everyone, for following Pengy's story...even though I'm beyond busy, to know that you all are here waiting for the next adventure of Miss Thang is wonderful.

Hugs to all -
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I don't know how I missed the last update, Michele, but today I got two for the price of one! How wonderful is that! She's amazing and you are amazing, and it's so good to hear that the progress continues.

I wonder if her preference for a fist over a finger (which is part of an open hand) has to do with residual mistrust of a hand that could be ready for a grab. She's coming along so well, that I'm sure time will take care of that.

Thanks for taking time to give us an update.
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Michele - you have made my weekend by giving us an update. As special as Pengy is to you, she is also very special to those of us especially who have followed her from the beginning.

We know you are busy, but we are expecting periodic updates.
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I missed the last update, too, so I got two today!

I know she isn't to the skin-to-fur contact phase yet, but overall, she sounds like a socialized, normal, happy cat. In fact, she sounds like she is a VERY happy cat. I'm so proud of her and so proud of you, Michele. Keep the updates coming. I love any and all news of her!
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That's a great update! Certainly she must know it's you stroking her? It sounds like she likes to be near you, and that's got to be a welcome change.

Good girl Pengy!
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Oh, I also wanted to note how remarkable I think it is that your cat family is so good to Pengy. Do you think that is typical of cat families -- that they would respect a disabled sibling -- or is it unusual? In any case, it is very heartwarming. I said I was proud of Michele and Pengy but I'm also proud of the rest of your feline family, particularly Esse for being such a good sister to Pengy!
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O.K., so an amazing thing happened last night

I was laying in bed, ready to turn over and sleep; Esse was snuggled up against my leg, and Pengy was tucked into a ball, lightly resting against my foot, her bum against Esse's bum. I looked down, and decided to stroke Esse for a bit, to turn on her motor before I went to sleep. I managed to realign my upper body so I could reach her without moving my leg, and just petted her for a bit.

I realized Pengy hadn't moved at all, and I moved my petting from Esse's head to her bum. Remembe, her bum and Pengy's were against each other. And so, I let my fingers stray a bit while petting Esse, and petted Pengy. Pengy didn't move, didn't even open her eyes. Her breathing didn't change, either. So I progressed to only petting Pengy...Esse didn't mind. I petted Pengy for easily 3 minutes before she opened her eyes, glared at me, and shifted slightly. So I went back to petting Esse for a bit, and then rolled over and went to sleep. Although, not quickly...I laid there, marveling at Pengy and her silky fur, her sweetness, and her trust...

Right now, as I type this, Abby and Pengy are sharing the kitchen window, rejoicing in the spring sunshine.

How great she is...I am not sure she knew it was me, at least not at first. But I think she likely figured it out a bit before she moved, because she didn't jump and bolt as I would've expected her to had it surprised her.

Maybe, if this sort of surreptitious petting goes on, Pengy will eventually realize hat human hands aren't always bad, aren't always dangerous, and can bring comfort and love. At least, I hope so.

Anyway, I just had to let all of you know about this event. It was, indeed, an event.

Best to all-
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Wow!! That is quite a development! It makes me so happy that Pengy is becoming more and more part of your family -- sharing space and now, more and more, affection and touch. It's just wonderful. (good tears)
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Yay!!! Oh my gosh...it isn't quite the first headbutt...but it's close! I bet you were just in heaven stroking this amazing cat.
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WOW, Michele! Just WOW!
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What an event! I am so happy! Pengy is figuring out at her own pace that you love her, and she's figuring out that she loves you too.
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All I can say is WOW! I've been away for a while (very busy at work) with just quick lurks here and there. Today, I finally got the time to catch up on this thread, and I'm sitting here at my desk in tears.

You've done a wonderful job with her! If patience is a virtue, then Michelle, you're up for sainthood!

Again...WOW! I'm speechless!
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I have to say, for about the billionth time, Yay Pengy!!! It's probably hard to remember when, before the crash, her thread was titled, "The cat who lives under my bed"! Look at her now! Back then, you probably couldn't imagine that one day she would be sleeping on your bed, and you would be able to run your fingers through her fur, or see her sitting in your window, idly watching the world go by, never questioning that she is "home". What a gift she is.
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Oh wow Michele, how wonderful is that?!! Yay Pengy!!
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