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Awesome, Michele! Your girl is coming along SOOOOOOOOOO well. She's such a brave girl -- i don't even think that "brave" cuts it ya know! She's sooo special!!
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Originally Posted by noni
Does anyone know if cats give off an "oh man this is good" scent when they're being loved on?
I think most definitely. That's what makes them so adorable.

I have great admiration for the patience you have for Pengy. Especially when you have told how much else is going on in your life. She is a very special cat with a very special person.
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Reading the Pengy updates warms my heart. Michelle you are an awesome person. I'm impatiently waiting for the day when you can stroke and hold Pengy and she will finally know how very much you love her. Hugs to you for being so special.
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I found the original post cached on Google and wanted to add it to the thread because it really shows how far little Pengy has come.


Originally Posted by noni
Hi, all.

Penguin. A sweet, massively traumatized, 5 year old cat. Terrified, she lives under my bed. How did she get under my bed? There's a story...

The short version is last year, I started feeding a scraggly, limpy-gimpy, filthy, emaciated, beat-up, battle-scarred and often newly bloody stray who would not allow me anywhere near her. My heart ached for this older, roughly-treated kitty, so I started to leave the food on the porch, and, upon coming back from work, would notice the food was gone.

Over last summer, she started looking healthier; fatter, would groom in the sun, not flee when she saw me (but walk quietly away). I thought "wow, what a change," and when I could, I'd leave the back door open while she ate so she could see me and the other cats. She never made any move to come in, and so I was content to allow her complete freedom as long as she'd be here to eat.

However. One day last January, during a cold, very wet storm, I watched this kitty crouch in the downpour and eat. She was shivering, drenched, and starting to look poorly again. I realized that something was amiss, but never could get close enough to her to even touch her, let alone pet or stroke her to reassure her. I decided to bring her in.

I tried one sort of trap (the one which the door springs shut), but she would go nowhere near it. She stopped coming for food, and I didn't see her (nor any evidence of her) for about 10 days. This worried me. I brought the cage back to my vet (who lent it to me), and started again with just food. Eventually, I bought a bigger "Kennel", without a springing door, and set it out on the porch. I would create a trail of squished, stinky sardines, and place the rest of the food inside the mouth of this "kennel." She became accustomed to it, and I'd move the food back farther and farther, until one day she was all the way in the cage.

Because this cage didn't have a trap door, I had rigged a system of pullys and twine, threaded it under the back door, and had been practicing closing the door quickly. Surprisingly, it was successful, and I was able to bring her to the Vet on March 4 of this year.

The vet ran all the tests, wormed, flead, mited her, vaccinated her, and x rayed her, cleaned her teeth, and gave her a thorough going over. Along with being parasite-infested and underweight, both her hips had been broken, as well as a fracture of her spine (just above where the tail meets the bottom), and her left leg had been badly broken in at least 4 places. Her tail had been traumatically amputated approximately 4 inches from her bottom. She is unable to climb, jump, nor defend herself well; indeed, she can't walk well, although she can run should the need arise. She likely has low-grade, constant pain, as well.

I brought her inside. There was no way I could release her, not if she was deteriorating without constant, higher quality food that I could provide. The other three cats adjusted very well and rapidly to her, and I thought we were doing well. I was able to insert my arm into the cage, and stroke her and talk to her and just be there "in her space," and she was getting used to it.

I made a very bad error, however. During the litter changing one day, I didn't latch the door completely, and she fled. She found under the bed, and has not re-emerged in my presence since. She will leave when I go to sleep for the night, and she uses the litter box as needed, but will not come out and gets significantly upset (including trembling) if I kneel down to see her. I feed her separately (under the bed) so she will never have to worry that food is not coming.

I have been given all sorts of advice, from leaving her utterly alone to blocking off under the bed and anywhere else she could hide in my home and force interaction with her. My vet has said that he's willing to put her onto some (liquid) sedative for a bit and see if we can't start bonding, but I am reluctant to introduce chemicals until all other options are exhausted. I recently discovered Feliway, and two days ago I plugged in the diffuser in the bedroom. There is no noticeable difference yet, but my fingers are crossed.

At this point, I am at a loss, and am asking for any suggestions, or help, or understanding that may be forthcoming. I will not turn her out, even if we never become "friends." The least I can do is provide her with food, shelter and care, for it seems she's has some very very bad times in her life. It's enough for me to know that I've done something to help her, even if she never becomes a cuddle kitty. Know what I mean?

Thanks for reading this long, and thanks in advance for any assistance/advice you can give.

"Noni" Michele
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That made me cry. She has come so very far...so very far. I've made some huge errors, and we've made it through them, and she apparently has forgiven me.


Thanks for finding that - it was lost in the crash, and I never thought we'd find it again. I very very much appreciate it.

Thank you so very much. And she has come so far.

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It really does make it clear how far she's come! WOW. It was good (sad at the same time, of course) to read that again. Michele, you really are doing great, and an amazing person through Pengy's journey, and all the other stuff that's going on for you. Virtual hugs for Miss Pengy, until the day she'll accept real ones, and for you, too.
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(Good tears)

Oh, Pengy, what strides you have made!! I'm so happy for you and her, Michele!
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LOL, Snowleop, I know exactly what you mean.

It seems - although I can't swear to it, not at all - that Miss Pengy the Daredevil Cat has decided I might not be so terrible after all.

Two nights ago, I was in the midst of lovin on Esse. Pengy was watching very carefully, but not physically close. I slowly moved from my computer chair and down onto the floor, and Esse walked over to Pengy, nudged her, licked her, and came back to me. I continued lovin on Esse - scritches in her favorite places - and her motor started rumbling. I sat there, and could see Pengy watching. Pengy got up, moved to Esse's nose, and I slid my hand a bit more over Esse's forehead.

And then...

AND THEN!!!! Pengy sniffed Esse's nose, and then she sniffed my finger. I could feel the puff of her sniff on my finger, and then the lightest most brief pressure from her nose; she had actually put her nose to my finger. I couldn't see that because of how we were sitting, but my houseguest did, and swears there was physical contact, and I wasn't imagining it.

Once that was done, Pengy backed off. Esse went to her, and, as if she were congratulating Pengy, Esse rubbed her face on Pengy's face, and groomed Pengy for a moment or two.

So, it looks like contact was made; but it may not have been deliberate, and it was only with Esse between us, and...and...I am not sure I believe what I think I felt. It hasn't been repeated, but if it did happen, I am willing to bet that it will happen again.

I just can't be sure, you know? Just can't be sure.

Just thought I'd update with some positive stuff today!

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Originally Posted by noni
I could feel the puff of her sniff on my finger, and then the lightest most brief pressure from her nose; she had actually put her nose to my finger.
The thought of that puff just brings my heart into my throat. What a special little gesture. Definitely a reminder that it is the little things that can mean so much.
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Moving ever so carefully just a snitch closer -- but closer it is -- and I think those interactions before and after with Esse are very telling. I can't help but think that Pengy now really wants to believe it's safe -- despite the horrible old experiences that still make her cautious -- and that Esse has been encouraging her, and continues to, and congratulates her when she makes the next move, however tiny that move may be. Perhaps this encouragement from her own kind is just the thing to help her finally break the barrier. Whatever... she's phenomenal, you're phenomenal, and looks like Miss Esse is phenomenal, too!
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Tried to send the PM with the cached pages but it says your PM is full. Send me a PM when you are able to receive.

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Wow, what an amazing story about an amazing kitty and amazing person!
This thread just goes to show that even the wildest of ferals can exist peacefully in a home with humans--maybe she'll never be a lap cat, but she's an immeasurable addition to your household, I'm sure.
Bravo to you for seeing past her "flaws" and opening your heart to her!
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Yay, Pengy!!! Yay, Esse!!! I'm loving all this good news!

I have to say, I'm SOOOO impressed with Esse: it warms my heart so that she has taken Pengy under her wing. It also warms my heart that Pengy is getting some true physical affection, even if it's not yet from her mommy.

Keep the good news coming!!
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What wonderful news to start the week.

What a journey dear Pengy has made and you too Michelle.
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OMG! She's doing sooo well! I'm so happy for you, keep us posted, hon, because I'm eager to know what happens next! and Yay for both Esse and Simon, helping Pengy as they have been for all this time.

It has been just over 1 year and 1 month since you first came here with pengy, and oh, it's so amazing what's happened since. I know it seems a long time, but she trusts you now as much as she can and will trust any human- and soon you will be able to stroke the fur beetween her ears and make her purr like Esse.
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Denise, I so hope you're right...it's hard, this whole patience thing...but it's worth it. And I've got to say, her whole demeanor and expression has changed. While she's still cautious and careful, fear rarely makes an appearance, and she is walking around throughout the house as if she 'owns' the place. While she does walk quickly and slinks a bit if her path comes too close to you, the very fact that she is out, walking, and hanging out (under the coffee table, or in the hallway, or the kitchen, or bathroom...) while we are all active is amazing and enormous. She even hopped up onto the sofa while me and my houseguest- and the other 4 cats - were in the room, with the TV and lights on. neither of us were on the sofa, but it's still a gigantic thing, her "claiming" a spot in the middle of the action.

She really has come a long long way...and I'll find the patience. I just can't wait 'til I can stroke her and make her purr and realize that all humans aren't bad...

I just can't wait. And I'm so proud of her.

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Great Zot, Michele, onto the sofa with all those people (of whatever species) around??? That's better than my Sooz does! (Spooky kitty) I'm sure Pengy knows intellectually that she's safe and the humans are OK, it's just that leap to get the gut to accept it too (you KNOW the intellect and the gut are not on speaking terms! ) I'm salivating for that leap -- as I'm sure you are!
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Great Zot indeed!

I just had to come over and post this...I was just shutting down my computer, and getting ready to go to bed (it's an early day for my houseguest tomorrow; ECT treatment #4 in the morning...early...). I looked over at her, sleeping on her cot, and realized that Pie is sleeping under the lamp, Simon is sleeping at my feet, Charlotte is perched on my chair, Esse is lounging in the door, and Pengy is on the sofa.

All 5 cats and the two humans in rather close proximity...all of us, no troubles, no upsets, no angst. Just hanging in the front room...

And I think that's just great. Absolutely great. I just wanted to share that moment with you all.

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Anyone who didn't know the story would find that scenario completely unremarkable -- It is great, indeed! Thanks for the lovely little tidbit.
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O.K., I've finally had some time to update!

Pengy is going great guns. She has adopted the sofa as her spot, and often I will look over and see her and the rest of the gang (including Abby, the newest) just relaxing and resting and goofing around. Pengy has gotten used to me and my friend living in the house; we can walk by her (within a foot, often less) in the hallway, and as long as she doesn't feel trapped (she can get into the bedroom, or into the kitchen), she doesn't even bother to move. She watches, sure, but there's no body language which indicates she's frightened or anything.

She walks behind my computer chair, within inches of my feet...she sniffs my fingers when she's in the mood. She eats with everyone else, poops in the right box (finally), and is, surprisingly, not the lowest cat on the totem pole (Pie is. Pie's weird.).

And glory of glories, she's been playing with ribbon and string -with me on the other end tossing and twitching it. The other night, she did this for literally 30 minutes; I got tired before she did, but kept on anyway. The interaction - voluntary and playful - was too sweet to pass up.

And then, today. Well, today. The cat that lived under my bed was in the hallway, roughhousing - and I mean rough - with a larger stuffed mouse. She was throwing it, catching it, killing it, sitting on it, rabbit-kicking it, and just in general having a ball. And then...well, and then. My silent, hasn't-ever-made-a-noise-other-than-a-hiss cat started mewling at the toy. I looked up from what I was working on, because I know my cats' voices, and that was one I hadn't heard. And sure enough, she looked right back at me, and mewled at me. And then promptly went back to beating the living heck out of the pink mouse. And did this for almost an hour. She, being crippled, is not the most graceful of cats, resembling more of a fish out of water than anything else, but she was having fun...and talking the whole time.

I was in tears. There's something about a cat which hasn't made noise voluntarily communicating - with a toy or not, who cares - that tells me she's relaxed and comfortable here. She's happy here. She's content here. And how sweet her voice was...just sweeter than anything I've heard before. And I can't wait to hear it again.

I thought I'd get over here and update this thread for this event; it is, indeed, an event...and I wanted you all to know about it.

Best to all-
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Oh wow Michelle. That brought tears to my eyes. What a heavanly sound that must have been! Pengy sure has come a long way! Yay Pengy!! And Yay! to you Michele for having the patience and not giving up on her.
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Okay, I had to read that post twice...just to savor it, ya know?

It's so great to hear such a heartwarming update on Pengy. All that hard work and patience has done it's job. Nicely done Michelle!
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Heavens, I think I will have to re-read your post many times as it is so wonderful. What a special kitty Pengy is and what a remarkable person you are to have had the patience and love to bring her so far.

I'm so happy to hear that wonderful news.
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Awesome, Michele!!! Just awesome! How very lovely that she is that kind of comfortable, and able to just enjoy herself. She's an amazing kitty, who fell into the lap of an amazing human. You know something? You two really do deserve each other!
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OMG Michele! I've got tears in my eyes just reading that too. What a special, special event! I can't imagine how thrilled you were to hear her sweet voice. Talking and playing - that's the sign of a very contented kitty.
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oh WOW Michele!!! thats simply amazing and it brought tears to my eyes as well she just keeps on getting better and better!! we always knew she was a brave sweet girl

now Abby - who is Abby... what have I missed. Best go do a search to find out
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(good tears)

I was so excited when I got an e-mail notice that there was an update to this thead (I'm a subscriber) and am now, simply beside myself with joy to have read the good news. Pengy is a cat again -- given her history, maybe for the first time ever. You are an angel, Michele.
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Thanks, everyone. I know I've been scarce lately, but it's been pretty rough in my home over the last few months. But...man, when Pengy decides to get moving forward, she doesn't stop.

Last night, I was fast asleep (catching up on some much needed rest). I was totally wonked out. For whatever reason, I felt a cold nose poke my eye, and as soon as I opened my eye (the house was still dark - it must've been about 4 am), whichever cat it was bolted. I was trying to figure out who it was; there was white on her face...which means it was either Pie, Abby, or Pengy. Well, Pie wouldn't have bolted, and Abby is the queen of headbutts...which leaves...well, Pengy. She would've bolted. She would have bailed right off the bed as soon as I moved. But I've NEVER seen her on the bed...and I've never even really thought that she'd get up there. So I'm left to wonder...was it Pengy? Or was it Abby? Dunno for sure, but if it's Pengy, that's a gigantic step...and one I hope she makes someday (even if she didn't already).

She was so cute today...Pie and Abby were mixing it up (they're the only ones still tussling it out...) under my roomie's camp cot in the living room. The bed was bouncing around as those two hissed and yowled at each other...and out comes Pengy, ready to referree the fight. She comes charging into the front room; looks to the exact spot they're fighting at, and sits there, crouched and so very alert; ears forward and tailstub twitching. The rest of the cats were "oh well, they'll work it out..." but Pengy - all she wanted to do was see what was happening.

And I've also got to mention that Miss Pengy is, instead of in her spot on the sofa, she's in the Papa-san chair. Well, so what? The so-what is that the sofa is warm, comfortable, and awa from me, whereas the Papasan is within arm's reach of where I am sitting right this moment as I type this. And she's watching me. She's been here for the last 30ish minutes, and whenever our eyes meet, I close mine and look away. It looks like she might be falling asleep there...which would be adorable.

Just thought I'd let you know she's doing that whole leap forward thing again...and how cool. How wonderfully cool.


So I'm not at all sure what's happening, but it's looking like she's more and more comfortable with me every day.
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Michelle, Michelle, you know we can never get enough new updates on Pengy. What a miracle you have wrought. My heart just jumps when I read your wonderful news.

Please keep those updates coming in.

What a wonderful animal Pengy is. What a brave, special girl.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Michelle, Michelle, you know we can never get enough new updates on Pengy. What a miracle you have wrought. My heart just jumps when I read your wonderful news.

Please keep those updates coming in.

What a wonderful animal Pengy is. What a brave, special girl.
Couldn't have said it better. More lovely tears to start the day!
(we need a "happy tears" smiley)
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