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Your Favorite Picture.

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I was just wondering what everyone's "favorite" picture of the past week's events is? I know favorite is not the right word exactly..but what media photo springs most readily to mind?

For me it's that one of the three rescue workrs hoisting up the flag atop the rubble...kind of says it all for me.

Incidentally,I understand that one of those guys is a subterranian rescue worker who packed his bags and headed for NY immediately. He has been crawling thru the depths of the rubble mapping and surveying for the rescue crews and found that flag in the depths. Amazing guy.
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Kittyfoot - That is my favorite photo too of the last week. I love the way that one fireman is looking up into the flag. Very touching.
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Here is the address that you can go to and read about the man that KF mentioned in his post.
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The picture of the rescuers hoisting up the flag is also my favorite. I think it expresses the spirit of our nation.
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My favorite picture is the same as everyone else's. The picture seems to say that Americans are strong, our spirits cannot be broken, and our freedom cannot be taken away.
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I've also liked a lot of the artwork that has been created over the last 10 days. Here is one of my favorites; it was drawn by a 12-year-old girl in Pennsylvania.
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I like that drawing too!!
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This picture was taken by a survivor of a fireman who didn't survive. He was climbing up the stairs at the WTC while everyone else was leaving. It was poorly focused and blurry but still conveys much emotion for me.

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This man looks frozen in dis-belief.
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It is one thing for a photographer to take a picture while he is running for his life. It is another for a person to stop, turn around and take a picture of the destruction.

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I agree with the firemen and flag being my favorite. However, I did find a picture on a memorial page and it shows an American Eagle crying about the 9-11-01 incident. I could not copy the crying tears but even without the tears, it is a touching picture.
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I have that pic. Let's see if I can get it to post correctly.
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I will get back to you on that. I have to make a decision. I would like to see a picture of the other terrorists or of Ven laden getting captured. THAT would be my favorite picture.
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My favorite picture is here in the lounge under "Another Picture Priceless" thread. Can't post it twice, so go take a look.
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This photo was taken by a local news photographer just outside of New Orleans at a rally in support of the victims of the tragedy.

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