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I have a "dat"

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When Sam, a german shepard mix dog came to live with us as a stray, he was very young and my head cat took it upon himself to "teach him the ropes"
So, Sam is not fully aware of the fact that he is a dog and has many cat-like characterisics. He hops and plays, and gratefully allows my Matu to clean his ears. He is quite content to snuggel up with the cats on the bed and I really think he is learning to purr! So, I am thinking he is a "dat"- more cat than dog. Wanted to share this with ya'll cuz I think it is so funny!
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:laughing: that is pretty funny!! I can just imagine a big "macho" dog like that having his ears cleaned by a kitty!! Be sure to let us know when he does start purring!! CUTE!!
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Shepherds are the BEST! Here is our Kenai with a load of kittens
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That is too adorable for words My Libby is part GSDog but she isn't quite so calm!
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Hissy that is soooooooo Adorable!!
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Guess I also need to tell you that our "head cat" Matu, isn't quite sure he is a cat,either. When our black lab went into labor ( in our bedroom, no less ) Matu stayed by her side for the 10 hours she labored to produce her 9 puppies. He did not leave the room- not to eat, or potty, or anything- at 10:30 pm puppie #9 was born, and he got up and left. He knew it was the last one, even tho we certainly did not. Somehow, he felt responsible for those pups. Mr/ Macho
to the max!!
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Hissy, I LOVE that picture!!!!!!!!!
My shepherd gets along well with the cats too, except when she tries to play with them, and gets a little rough, but she never hurts them, she is only a year old, so still kinda in that puppy stage, but I think she will be more gentle in her playing as the years go by!
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