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Switching food problems

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My poor baby. He has really soft stools, but I wouldn't say runny like diarrhea, though I suppose it is. I switched him from raw food so this canned is quite a bit different to his system. I couldn't mix it with his raw food b/c I read that mixing cooked with raw will make the food take longer to digest and leave the raw in his belly too long, allowing bacteria to grow. So I just gave him a little bit at a time and after a week his stool was fine. When I switched him to more at a time, his stool got softer but nothing abnormal and I thought he'd adjust after another week. It's been 3 weeks.

Someone told me to mix canned pumpkin with his food and that will harden his stools. I'm looking for more long-term answers, like when he'll adjust to his new food or will he ever? What do I need to do?

Not only am I worried about him and sympathetic, as I'm sure this doesn't make his tummy feel good, but also it's getting all over everything. The wall, the furniture, me, him, my bed. It's starting to drive me nuts.
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Have you checked with your vet? How long has this been going on? I would definetly take him to the vet to make sure that something more serious is not going on with your baby.
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