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Eeek Urgent!

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The vet said to put neosporin on my cat's cut. I did (it was on his ear) and he managed to lick it off via his paw.

Now he's throwing up everywhere. Is this toxic?!!?! Hellp mee.
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Call the emergency vet in your area and ask. Neosporin is a triple antibiotic cream, isn't it? What are the ingredients and I'll look them up.
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OK Neomycin and Polymyxin B...
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So far, I have only found that if a gerbil licks Neosporin, he will be OK.
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"If the ointment has been ingested, drink plenty of fluid and call an emergency left (?) for advice." (For humans.)
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Oh my God.

He tried to go poo, after throwing up like 12 times and got constipated and couldn't get it out. It looked VERY painful. I got a warm cloth and gently rubbed his bum and he got it out. Now I'm trying to force feed him some water.

I'm so scared.

My vet said to use neosporin. I'm going to kill him I swear to God.
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He just went to the bathroom again and it was solid at first and then at the end it was diarrhea like.
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Cass, do you have an emergency vet you can call?
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I called her and she said that unless I put a whole tube on him that he should be fine, but to take him to a vet first thing in the morning. I told her everything and she sounded very unconcerned.

Right now his eye lids are getting kinda red and puffy but he seems to be less lethargic. I'm worried sick and am checking on him every few minutes. I'm a freaking nervous wreck.

He's no longer throwing up and I think he's finished going to the bathroom. I imagine he's rather tired. I'm just so worried. Out of the three boys Jake is the most special to me and if I lose him I'll be lost.
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I know mate. It sounds like things have settled down. His red, puffy eyes may be a result of the vomiting and straining, you know how humans eyes get?

Try and stay calm, as Jake will pick up on your nervousness and may become anxious himself. Remember to breath.
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Cassie, how is Jake now?
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He slept on my legs in the bed for a bit and then decided to jump up on some boxes I still haven't unpacked and slept up there for a while.

Right now he's curled up in a box with a bunch of wrapping paper in it. He seems to be really tired but his eyes are less puffy. He doesn't want to be bothered though he'll let me hold him. He just doesn't want me to smother him.

I think he's becoming irritated with me because I keep constantly checking on him every 20 minutes or so to make sure he's breathing and that he's okay. Poor baby. I'm so paranoid.
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LOL Cass, it's better to have a kitty that is a bit ticked off at you than a kitty who is very ill and you didn't know it. Sounds like he's going to be fine.
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I would take him to an emergency vet. There are no hard and fast rules about which will and which won't have an allergic reaction and the Neosporin is not meant to be ingested.
Personally I would be worried in case the cat went into anaphylactic shock.
The vet would have been wiser to give you an elizabethan collar to use while the ear was being treated or to tell you to use Betadine solution.

Keep a very close eye on his gum colour to make sure it does not go pale and also his breathing.

Put it this way if I take Septrin within minutes I cannot breath so it is in bright red all over my medical files, yet millions can tolerate it.
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Clawz, good point. I was worried about anaphylaxis when Cassie mentioned the swollen eyes but as that is already subsiding, I thought that might not be the case.

I'm like you but with Sulphur. A brilliant antibiotic but a nightmare for me.
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I just saw this, how is Jake now? Neosporin should not be toxic to your cat, unless he ate a gob of it. But if he has an allergy to it, that could be another story. Have you used it on him before?

How is he now? You want to call me, you know how to reach me- Hope he is okay now-
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Cassie, hope he's OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He seems to be perfectly fine now. Other than a little weak. I think thats because he puked up all his food and water. He slept with me the entire night and the first thing I did when I woke up was go down there and snuggle with him.

His eyes are back to normal. I'm gonna go get some soft food to try to entice him to eat a little. Though very little. He has always had a very sensitive stomach. I'm still watching him like a hawk... I'm just trying to do so without waking him up so that he can get some rest. He had a horrible night last night.

I have never used it on him before. Other than throwing up he seemed to be fine. He did try to go potty outside of the litter box, but that was probably because I was following him around and I was super stressed out which probably caused him to stress more. I ended up putting him in the spare bathroom with his litter box and he used the litter box then.

Today he seems to be doing grand other than being tired. I'll keep you posted.
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Good news. Please keep an eye on the little guy today (as if you won't already!)
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Cass is he dehydrated? If he is get him to the vet. This does not sound like a little bit of neosporin reaction-
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Let me do the pinch test and see, and then I'll get back to ya!
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Well I did a pinch test and his skin went back down pretty quickly. I'm still gonna try to get some soft food and entice him to eat just because I'm paranoid about him becoming dehydrated.
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Cassie, I'm glad he seems to be doing so much better! Do your best not to stress about possible dehydration. Since his "pinch test" is good, maybe put him in the spare bathroom again tonight. That way you'll be able to see if he's peeing, and it'll help you not worry about whether or not you need to get him to the vet tomorrow.
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Good idea Laurie. I'll definitely do that. I've always had a hard time getting him to drink water. He hates it. But I added a little warm water to his soft food and he lapped it right up. He seems to be perking up more and more. Poor baby I feel so bad for putting neosporin on him. I was in tears last night because all of this happen because I put neosporin on his ear.
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Well I did a pinch test and his skin went back down pretty quickly. I'm still gonna try to get some soft food and entice him to eat just because I'm paranoid about him becoming dehydrated.
When we're concerned that Snowball might become dehydrated, we mix a small amount of his soft food with some warm water so that it's really soupy. It does encourage Snowball to drink, so maybe it will work for Jake too.
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That's exactly what I did Lorie. I put some very warm water in his soft food and he gobbled it up. I was grinning from ear to ear. All three of my boys were in the other side of the house and I was in the kitchen. I opened up that can food and suddenly I had three boys weaving through my legs and meowing steadily. Jake was even trying to stretch up on the counter and take a look at the "yummy" smell.

He ate it up and so far has kept it down!
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I am so glad for you that he is doing better! I would still get him checked by the vet just in case it was something other that a reaction to the neosporin.
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