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Do you guys ever do head checks before you leave?

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My husband Jerry laughs at me because before we go anywhere, I do a head count to make sure I see three little faces. I doubt I'm the only one that does this? It would be my luck, I wouldn't, and one of them would be stuck in a drawer, closet, etc all day till we got back. Am I alone in this?? Am I paranoid like he says?
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No you are not. I do a head count when I leave for work, when I come home, and before I go to bed. Paranoid maybe, but I have a tendency to be careless with making sure the door is tightly closed.
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Whenever I come back home or my parents do, I immediately do a headcount to see if all four are in.
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We do a head count every time before we leave the house and before we go to bed. There have been several times where one was "missing," having managed to get shut into a closet or other such place.
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Everytime and I only have one boy!!!!
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I only have one kitty, but I always make sure he's not stuck anywhere first. He loves to hide, one time I lost hime for a couple of minutes and heard cries from the refridgerator. When I opened the door he was curled up in the coke box and wasn't really ready to come out yet, he was just afraid of the dark.
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I head count our two when I come home and when I leave. They seem to get into the closet and I don't like to lock one in there.
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Well see, I'm not alone then. My Tiggy has climbed into the bottom shelf of the fridge when i have it open, but I've always seen him before I shut it. Those little stinkers. I always always check the dryer before I shut the door and turn it on. I see them climb in there too when I have to door open, so you can never be too careful. Better an overly cautious kitty parent than a regretful one, right?
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I work from home a lot, and I pretty much know where they are all the time, both cats. I do check to make sure they are ok before I leave, and if they do not greet me at the door when I come home, I go looking for them.
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I love it when they greet you and purr when you come home from work!
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We have just Jamie, but I always look to see where he is before leaving the house or going to bed. Usually he greets me when I get home; if he doesn't, I check out his whereabouts. I don't think it's paranoid - it's being a responsible guardian.
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I can always count on Petals and Tiggy to greet me, but I have to go to Trixie, and when I get almost within petting reach, she runs off. She's a real stinker.
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I check, but I only have Dori. I am very ashamed to say and this has only happened once, but accidently locked her in the closet once. I was gone for a few hours. I came home and she didn't come to me so I went looking all over for her. I found her sleeping on top of a closet shelf. She was such a good girl though because she didn't use the restroom in there, but she did manage to shred all the carpet from underneath the door
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Don't feel bad Squirt, Tiggy has been locked in closets, cupboards, etc. Everytime a door opens, in he runs!
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You are totally NOT alone. Every day when I leave for work I make sure I see my two. If I don't, I have to go find them so I know they are not locked up anywhere.

If we go away on vacation, I probably count them ten times because I'm paranoid!!
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I always do a head count of 2. I even did a head count when it was just Shalimar(RB). As a matter of fact, thats what started my head counts. I was late for work, my sister closed the front door as I grabbed my stuff. When I got home, Shali didn't meet me at the door. As I walked thru the house calling her, I heard something knocking on the front window. She was sleeping out on the porch when my sister locked the door. Poor thing ran right to the litter box, then spent cleaned out her bowl. She was locked out there about 6 hours.

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Yeah, in fact, I made DH get up and go on a cat hunt because we hadn't seen Lily for awhile, even before we went to bed. (She had snuck into the garage. She was safe and not trapped in there, though.)
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Ok time out for just one sec. I am going to risk looking like a real dummy here but what does DH stand for? I see people using it all the time.... I assume spouse, but what exactly?
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Thanks Squirt.....I was wondering the same thing......perhaps "darling husband"?
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Good I am not the only one....
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Oh yeah, I do it all the time. Before I go to sleep, when I get up, etc. I think my family thinks I'm nuts but I dont care. Just want to make sure they are ok.
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I always do a head count when I come home. And I freak out if I can't find somebody right away. Usually Peaches and Jake meet me at the door. Hallie peeks out of her hiding place (or so she thinks it's a hiding place).
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Thanks Squirt.....I was wondering the same thing......perhaps "darling husband"?
Nah.. Maybe it means "domesticated hulk?" I can't recall what it really stands for though. Sorry I couldn't help out with that!

I normally do head checks when I leave home and when I get home-I can get pretty compulsive about that. I have had 3 episodes of cats disappearing and me freaking out for a few hours before finding them.

In my old basement apt, there are 2 openings in the walls (one for the electricity and another one for the water thingie) and both openings are covered with shutters but CLEVER and MISCHEIVOUS Zebra knows how to open doors.

When I got home 1 sat from shopping, Zebra didn't greet me at the door and I was getting really hysterical after 2 hours of looking and not finding her. I KNEW she had to be inside somewhere cuz I'm the only person in my apt and I KNOW she was inside when I left. I went back to the electric area, looked in, looked down to the floor then when I looked up into the rafters and what did I see?? 2 glowy eyes peering down from the rafters!!

She meowed pitifully and I realized she either was afraid to jump down or didn't know how to get down- it is pretty far to leap from the rafters to the floor and there isn't much space to move around in. I climbed up and after a few minutes of wriggling, stubbing myself, almost slipping, getting tangled up in the electricity wires, I managed to pull her out safely.

After that, I put a latch on that shutter so Zebra wouldn't open it again. I also pushed one of my couches against the other shutter (for water) so that won't be opened either.

WELLLLLL, about 2 months later, I came home and noticed the couch had been moved a bit and the shutter for the water was ajar. I KNEW immediately that Zebra was in there!! After a few minutes of double checking and counting cats, I KNEW BOTH Pepper and Zebra were missing! I looked up in there but there weren't any sign of them. I looked all over in the apt for them but there were no sign of them. I stormed up to my landlord's door (we had agreed that he would notify me before he came into my apt so I was already pissed that he came in without informing me). I asked him COLDLY if he had been in my apt and he said, "Oh, yeah, I needed to fiddle with the water. Forgot to page u. Sorry.." I said, "WELL, TWO of my cats are missing! I'm pretty sure they are up there in the rafters." He didn't believe that then he finally said, "Oh, let them come out in their own time. Don't worry. I'm sure they're fine whereever they are." I couldn't believe he had the gall to say that! After about an hour of crying, calling, pacing, praying, I finally saw these two DARN STINKERS peering down at me. I had to climb up there, grab both and bring them down safely before I could relax and have a nervous breakdown!

The third episode happened RECENTLY!!

Last Sunday, I forgot to do a head count before I left to go to church (which is unusual for me). I got home and cuddled a bit with the boys and Zebra before going into my bedroom to change into my "bum" clothes and noticed that there were some hangers sticking out from my closet door which was ajar a bit. I started to push the closet door open and Peppy immediately ran out. She has been trapped in there for over 3 hours! I felt so bad! I hunted her down, gave her some cuddling and apologized for that then I went to clean my closet.

While she was in there, she managed to get most of my clothes off the hangers and shelf onto the floor & 1 folded blanket on top of the shelf to the floor but luckily, that's all and most importantly, Pepper is okay!

Now I am very paranoid and do headcounts at least twice before I leave home.
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Owning outdoor/indoor cats headcounting is a necessity. If my girls don't respond when I call them, I'm off searching until they are found. Everytime this no response happens, they are usually around the corner and were too lazy to show themselves or most probably teasing me again.
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Originally Posted by squirtle
Ok time out for just one sec. I am going to risk looking like a real dummy here but what does DH stand for? I see people using it all the time.... I assume spouse, but what exactly?
I think it means Dear Husband, but any of the other suggestions (as well as others left unsaid could apply.)

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Always!. Rosie and Sophie stay in the spare room while im at work because of the alarm system, but they seem to know when i'm ready to leave so the normally follow me upstairs, but i always make sure their in the room before closing their door.
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I only have two, but with my bad memory, I can never seem to remember where they are: inside or out, out on the deck or in the garage, in a closet, in the furnace room, in the storage room, etc. They often love going in some of those places, and I leave the door open for them when they do, but sometimes I forget and close the wrong door. So yes, before I leave and before I go to bed, I check, especially after accidentally leaving Red Cat in the garage overnight without water or a litterbox and after leaving Purdy out on the second floor deck so long that he escaped down the post and was outside in late evening. We have coyotes in the area, and though I allow my two outside in the daytime, I don't want the added risk of having them out at night.
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Yes I do a head count everytime I leave the apartment. I learned my lesson the hard way...I came home from work and Gandalf came running to greet me but no Samwise which was very strange. I started calling for him and I could hear him crying and finally opened one the closet doors and out he comes. Poor little guy had been stuck in the closet all day. He ran straight to the food bowl and water dish and I had a lovely mess to clean up. I felt so bad though and he was spoiled the rest of the evening.
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We do headcounts here too, I always check before I leave, and they're very good about coming when I call them, if I don't see them. They always come to greet me at the door too, when I get back.
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