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Kitty throws up

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When our younger cat eats Friskies Dental diet he throws up. This doesn't happen all the time. It happens once in a while but it'll be more than once in a day when it does happen. We've asked the vet what it could be but he wasn't sure and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with our cat. He is 2 and 1/2 yrs old. My theory is that he is trying to get rid of a hair ball and isn't very successful. Could I be correct with my theory?

Kimmzy ='.'=

PS I'm new to this board and this kind of system. Looks like it's a fun system, and a bit similar to ezboards.com.
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One question. When he does throw up, is the food whole or is it digested. If it's whole, it could be because he ate too much too fast without chewing it. My oldest cat does this every once in a while because I have 7 cats and he wants to make sure he gets his fair share.
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IMO the food does not agree with him. If they throw up more than once a month, I would not give them that brand of food anymore. When cats need to get hair out, it usually comes out the rear or it will come out in a gooey hair ball. I just got done reading a study that states that 80% of vomiting is due to a food intolerance.
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His food is usually not digested. I know that he often plays with them and then will eat too many. Do you think he would have enough sense not to eat the food if it caused him to feel sick although he loved the taste? He absolutely loves to eat that particular dry food and will tell anyone who is in the kitchen when his bowl needs some refilling. Our 14yr old cat usually throws up his hairballs and he seems to have perfected it- hair & grass only. So I assumed that would be the same way the younger cat would do it but I guess his hairballs may leave his body another way. He doesn't shed as much(or even at all) compared to our older cat.

-Kimmzy ='.'=
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Just to clarify, just because they like the food, does not mean that thier systems like it as well. If he vomits on a very regular basis I would try a different brand. On the supermarket end, I have heard that the Purina one is really easy to digest with sensitive stomachs. Another thing is that most cats do not chew the dry food. They usually just gulp it and thats why it comes back up that way. They may chomp a little, but most pieces make it down whole.
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I agree that probably 80% of the problem could be food intolerance. However overeating is definately the other main reason they throw up. I would change the foods & see if there is still a problem & if so you may need to regulate the feedings. Don't allow them to have free access or eat as much as they can at a sitting.
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