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Cat Owner in Need

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Hello I am a wife of a man in Iraq. I am a stay at home wife. I recently lost my baby kitty Skyy to a car. I was moving and he being so curious ran out and I founf him hours later down the street It has been 7 weeks. I decided I am ready for a new baby(s). I would like to know if anyone knows of people in NH, MA.ME. that have free kitties? I prefer tabby that are grey or brownish. I can email a pic of my late Skyy if anyone wants to see him and I appreciate anyones help in helping me search for my new babies. I prefer babies so I can have them grow up with me and each other. 8-12 weeks old max!
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I am sorry for your loss. Have you considered visiting your local animal shelter? They will have tons of baby kittens to choose from. You will have to pay an adoption fee, usually small, and you will have the joys that come with saving a little life.
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Have you look in your local paper , there are some advertising of kittens in there sometimes .

I also would go to the local shelter , at this time of year they have to many kittens . I know it will cost you a fee , but neuter/spayed is mostly includet and so it would be a good way to help the shelter to free a spot and the spayed/neuter part would be already taken care off
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