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How do You blow off Steam?/Suggestions wanted asap

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I need suggestions on how to blow off steam...... I am beyond mad right now, and ready to blow my top. So any suggestions on how to do it constructively without hurting anyone or my cat is very welcome. Here is why..... I have been trying to get a certain blog(I cant say it on here.... Cause No advertising is allowed)..... PM me and I will tell You the site name. Anyway, I paid the entrance fee. (or so I thought)and signed in.... and made a diary entry. So I logged out, but I had to log back in so my computer could remember the password.... But it wouldnt recognize the password I put in soo.... I had to have it sent to my email addy and it kept giving me error messages. I tried and tried to put in the correct password and it keeps giving me error messages. So I am mad about that...... And I am also very mad at my Sister because she keeps sponging money off of me and when I say I dont have she bullies me into giving it to her . And she never pays me back what she owes me too. She says she is writing a book but I dunno anymore .

Sorry my post is so long but I am so mad.... I was crying earlier.
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Take some deep breaths. When I get that mad, I go for a walk. Even if it's just up and down the driveway, walking helps a lot. Or put on some hard music and turn it up loud (use headphones for Patches and Tiger's sake ).

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it.
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If you do sports go bat a ball, or play volleyball. Go for a long walk, or a drive some place tranquil and quiet and clear your head. Start saying no to your sister, tell her to get a job and get her own money.
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I am sorry that these things are making you mad, I don't blame you, I would be mad too.

A way to blow off steam is to go for a long walk, if there are any places you can walk, go to a batting cage and hit the heck out of those baseballs - that really works

I wouldn't let my sister bully me into lending her money - I would just say, I don't have any and don't bully me, so get lost and get a job that pays you money. My brother used to do the same thing and after saying I didn't have any money all the time, he eventually gave up on me, thank goodness. Be strong and persistent.

Here is a hug for you I know you will get through this and if you ever need a person to vent to, feel free to send a PM.

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I play drums! That way I can beat something and it's constructive too! Thankfully they're electric drums so my neighbors don't have to hear it!
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MA..... I tell her no all the time when she asks me for money. Because she has a job in GA where she lives but I dunno where or what she spending it. She had a house, but she had to get rid of it and move into an apartment. She also puts me on a guilt trip and makes me feel sorry for her.

Heidi..... Thanks I will listen to some music on Yahoo.
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Hmm- maybe she has a gambling problem or something. I wouldn't help her unless she is really down and out. But that is just me-
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Thanks MA..... I think next time she comes to me to "borrow" money.... I will not be around.
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My first aid to rage : I scream into a pillow until I ran out of breath. I repeat it until I feel I am calming down (I cry a little too). I then either crosstitch,or go for a swim, or play some dancing music and dance like a fool, or pray! It also helps to have a friend to talk to!
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Thanks for replying to my thread everyone.... That is why I like it here at TCS.
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Personally, To blow off steam, I shop. I just go to the store and walk around for awhile especially if you're with friends, that way you can talk about all the thignsthat really ticked you off and they can give you suggestions on what to do to get over those problems. You don't even need to buy anything, just the walking alone is a great stress reliever. If I can't go shopping, then I clean, and I mean POWER clean! that helps me too. if those fail(which it has to be a REALLY horrible day for those to fail) then I just curl up in bed and cry, that works for those REALLY horrible nothing can cure them days!
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I think I have an unusual amount of testosterone for a girl because my reaction is to punch inanimate objects. I've takento doing this with padded knuckles(and I take my ring off, which will not be an issue when I'm married, because my ring is Ti) I wrap my knuckles in athletic strtchy stuff and a little bit of cotton, and haul off on something that can stand up to it... (which sadly, is no longer the walls, I've found) And I scream a lot.

Note: I suggest doing this on things that give, considerng that before I took to wrapping my knuckles, I broke 3
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One of the best stress releases I have is to go to the gym. It's a wonderful release of pent up energy and stress for me to be on the ellyptical. I also enjoy clearing my head be walking on the beach. The ocean is so relaxing! What better way to feel peace than playing and snuggling with my sweet Sierra!
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this stress, Sandra. Another great way to deal with stress is to pour all of your feelings out here to your friends at TCS!
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Darts. Get yourself a dart board. Make sure you put it in a room you can close the door on, though, so your cats don't get interested in the "birds" flying from your hand to the wall. It's amazing how quickly throwing some darts will release the steam.
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Sandra Girl I know what you mean about getting PO'd at someone. Me I take the dogs for a 5 mile walk and when we get back we're tired and I'm not angry anymore. Listening to music is another way or if you have a very best friend, call and rant and rave to them. My best friend and I do that all the time when we get about ready to kill the significant other in our lives

Don't let your sister guilt-trip you into giving her money as you know she want pay you back. Tell her that when she pays you what she owes you now you will consider lending her some then.

And you got all of us too
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If something really annoys me, i just have to flip and say what has to be said otherwise it chews me up inside.

I have found though if i'm at the gym when someone has annoyed me, i've been thinking about whatever it was and found that my training has went a lot quicker

As for your sister, just say NO, if it ticks her off thats her problem. She knows you give in at the end and that's why she never gives up.
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I run. I do it on a regular basis anyway, but I've found that calms me down when I'm mad, too. I normally go faster and farther when I'm mad, too, which is great. Everytime I feel myself getting tired from running, I think again about how insanely mad I was, and get all worked up again, so I get another adrenaline rush to keep running. I keep doing that until I'm totally exhausted, and by that time, I've gotten rid of all my anger, too.

Just tell your sister "no". Don't let her whine at you over it. I'm assuming this happens on the phone, since you said she lives in GA, so just tell her you're going to hang up on her if she doesn't quit pressuring you. Then, if she doesn't stop, hang up. It'll be much harder for her to bully you into it if you won't even let her talk to you about it.
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P.S. --
Originally Posted by turtlecat
I think I have an unusual amount of testosterone for a girl because my reaction is to punch inanimate objects. I've takento doing this with padded knuckles . . .
Note: I suggest doing this on things that give, considerng that before I took to wrapping my knuckles, I broke 3
You sound like you would be a great one for learning some karate and getting a punching bag, girl!! I used to be really involved in karate, and I LOVED getting hit things and break things. Also, when you get to spar, fighting something that fights back (another human) is great, too.
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I agree, walking is good.

As for your sister, the next time she asks, I would say something like, "Oh, I'm a bit short myself and was going to ask YOU if you could pay me back something of what you owe me!"

I'd give her a line similar to that every time she asked - eventually she will stop asking you for money because you are immediately asking her to return some.
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In our house the favorite method was to take a large box and put it in the hall with pillows in it. Then you round up every shoe in the house and throw them at the box.

My way of letting off steam is to go to the pistol range. There is something soothing about torching off 15 rounds rapid fire at a target. After going through a couple of magazines that way I'm perfectly calm, and then I get down to actually practicing good weapons skills.

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Usually when I get mad I cry and sleep alot. Not that either of the two help. I am a very umm...non-violent person and I try as hard as I can to avoid getting mad in the first place. One thing that does help is talking about it. I will call a friend or my husband, sometimes even my mom. It helps me get it off my chest and feel better.
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I love to shoot, but I don't go around guns when I'm ticked off, out of policy. this is partially becaise I shoot a 44 mag, and the bullets are really freaking expensive, the other part is that I'm afraid with my temper I'll shoot something not meant to be shot :/
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I am into gardeing pretty heavy and I weed when mad/upset pretending the weeds are what I'm mad at!! Works pretty well.
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I throw things and swear alot. And then find a friend to talk to. Since it most often happens at work, my friends and I have developed a therapy session at lunch where we all get to gripe about anything bothering us.

As for your sister...I agree with warning her, then hanging up on her. My sister used to take advantage of me cause she knew I would always run for my nephews. So she'd call last minute saying she had an emergancy at work, then come home with shopping bags. I finally decided to make a New Years resolution. It was the Year of Sandy. I didn't do anything that wasn't conducive to MY wellbeing. If my sister needed a babysitter, she had to schedule with me 2 weeks in advance. And if I didn't feel like doing it, I said no. When she needed to borrow something, she always expected me to drop it off and pick it up. Now, she comes to get it, and I expect it back within a certain time limit in GOOD condition. If it is broken, she is to repair it or buy me a new one. I learned that trick after she ruined my 50th Anniversary edition Wizard of Oz.

Yes, blood is thicker than water, but you need to learn that blood doesn't mean YOU are the one to bleed each time.

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I just take a baseball bat to either a punching bag or an archery target and beat the crap out of it. Really gets your anger out. Use a wooden bat though, the aluminum ones tend to dent a bit, and then you'll have to go buy a new one which will just make you even more mad.

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