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Great picture Amy!
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Awwwww who could refuse Koko with a talent like that
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Koko loves guitar picks. Steve left it on the top of the guitar and she batted at it and it fell inside. Guess what she is trying to do in this picture? Yup, reach inside and pull it out!! (and btw Tania, Koko and brother Muddy are my bottle fed orphans.)

Sorry for the diversion....back to the thread......

Ya know, I think I have some leftover Spam from our recent trip to the Spam museum - should I bring it along?
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Oh no, Amy do not go there girl!

PS: Aren't bottle babies the best?
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I'm coming too...now that Dylan is feeling better...he'll read some beatnik poetry for all of you! (and Koko can back him on Guitar! )
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Woohoo! Dylan and Koko can make quite the couple both being black cats after all! Unfortunately, Muddy's primary talent is standing on his back legs with his arms reached up to be picked up. As he meows at me, it does sound like a great "pick me up....pick me up....pick me up NOW" song.

We could get all the cats to sing harmony to the band!!
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At the moment with Sophie being so little her meow is more like a high pitched squeek, so she could sing the high notes
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Molly makes a great baritone. But she slurrs mer meows when she's hd her catnip
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Stripes' voice hasn't broken yet so he can be the boy soprano.
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Wow! This party is sounding better and better!
Looks like everything is covered.....food, drinks,music,guests and games!!!
I can't wait
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I'd head on over to the party but by the time I'd get there your husband would be back
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wow look at how this party is progressing - we have everything - singing cats and guitar playing cats hahah I just love it
"Tipsy... Cedar ... where are you - I have to give you a music lesson"

I will get the marquee set up - we have a fairly decent sized property so it wont be hard at all... oh and Prissy - if the husband is on his way home and we arent finished - I will just change all the locks to the house
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Is the party still on?

Finally a party relatively close to me I'll bring the tomato sauce!

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