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Funny Nicknames for our kittys!

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Hi guys, I know I've got some funny nicknames for our kittys at times. Like our Grayson is the "Vomit Varmint". And Bender is "Flop-Down Poop-Butt" or "Fender Bender" or "Bender Buttsniffer". Marge is "Marginal" or "Margerine" depending on wether she has peed on the carpet that day or not. Then of course there are other more plain nicknames like Miss Priss, Prissy Missy (Cleo), Gray Mason (Grayson), Beanie (Bender), Sprinkles, Stinkles (Mr. Tinkles), Pasquatch (Patches), Carmie Marmie (Carmel), etc.

I also sing songs to kittys, especially Cleo, her song is "Oh Cleo Meo", you know like O solo mio, then there's "Tinkle Tinkle little cat" for Tinkles, then there is of course the cat food song I sing when I'm about to give them a wet-food treat, they know that song just by me humming the tune.

Share your funny cat nicknames and kitty songs please, so I can be comfortable that I'm not alone and not crazy!

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I think the silliest nickname Dori has is "Tinkle Toes". I had to bring her to work with me one day and she peed in the carrier on the way there, so I had to take her blanket out and then on the way home she peed again. Since I had taken the blanket out, it was more messy the second time and my poor baby's feet got all wet. (of course she got a bath the second we walked in the door). So that's where that came from. I also call her my little "pumpkinhead" all the time. I have no idea why, but she does answer to it
I don't really sing to her unless the radio is on and then I will dance around with her and sing to it, but normally she tries to run away from me when I do that.
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I guess the closest I could come to nick-names so far would be that I call Miura "hopper" lately...she has been pouncing all around- sometimes instead of walking she hops. She is so adorable!
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Paige is often called button (short for cute-as-a...), puddles, puddin, stalker, fat-butt(well it is!! She's not heavy or anything she's just got a wide behind for a cat. the only pear shaped cat I've ever met), turtle(she's a tortie), cheesecake, milkdud or attack cat.

Molly is usually called sweetheart, miss hiss, or scaredy cat.
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When I'm speaking sternly to Isabelle, she's called Isabelle Jean. My ex started that and it's stuck around. Otherwise it's Miss Izzy.

I call Amelia "Sweet Pea" and her sister Zoey "Snow Pea" sometimes too. When Zoey was a baby we used to call her "Pig Pen" because of her buff colored spots. When she got older we decided she needed a real name and that's when she became Zoey. Amelia was initially going to be called Annabelle (Lee), but we decided we didn't need two Belles in the house so we changed it to Amelia.

Clarence is a "Handsome Devil" where as Casey is a "Gentleman". Audrey is my "Lover Girl".

Then there are times when Isabelle and Amelia are called "Little Princess" because they kinda are little princesses really.

And at times I call Isabelle "Grace" sarcastically... Because she often tries to be so graceful... and then mis-steps and falls over!
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Not to hijack your thread, but if you have a cat that earns the nickname of vomit varmit and one who pees on your carpet ocassionally, I hope you have taken these cats to the vet to be checked out?

Just a concern I had when I read your initial post-

Also here is a link about nicknames for kitties
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Originally Posted by hissy
Not to hijack your thread, but if you have a cat that earns the nickname of vomit varmit and one who pees on your carpet ocassionally, I hope you have taken these cats to the vet to be checked out?

Just a concern I had when I read your initial post-

Also here is a link about nicknames for kitties
Ahhh buggar, I would start a thread that has been done already, wouldn't I?

Oh and about our cats, I thank you for your concern, but they are OK really. Marge pees on "used" underwear if left on the floor. And Grayson just has hairballs about once or twice a week, and he gets Laxatone too.

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Moth: Carpet-kitty, because she looks like carpet padding to me ; Mouth, because she is so loud and never shuts up talking all the dang time; Moth-a-roo(nie puss); Mothy girl, Old Lady, Smoosh, because of her tortie colors being all smooshed together.

Pookie: Pookie Snugglums, Sir Pookie Poopiepants, because he sometimes gets poo stuck in his long white butt fur ; Pookie-doodle; Pookaroo; Pookie Racer (singing "Poo-kie Ra-cer" instead of "Go speed racer" because he runs like the devil!); Señior Fluffybottom or Fluffytail because of his incredibly fluffy butt and tail.

Frodo: Mr. Baggins, Baggin Boy, Fro-dee-o-doh, Baggin-butt and Baggypants because he has a little bit of a poochy tummy down by his lower abdomen..and my fave, when he's being a naughty naughty boy: Bad-o Friggins!
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Well my Dad calls Gandalf Gandorf or Gandorfus. His other nicknames are Fat Grey Cat, Big Grey Cat, Handsome Boy, Buster Brown.

Samwise is Samwa, Sammie, Scrawny Grey Cat, Spoiled Rotten, Snuggler, Squirel, and Iddy, Biddy Kitty.

When they're in trouble I call them by their full names...Gandalf Aaron and Samwise Gamgee.
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I forgot one... "Little Love Bug" This one goes to any cat who's snuggled up on my lap and very excited about getting lots of attention. I remembered it as I'm sitting here calling Amelia that right now!
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Zoey is Boo Boo and Saki is Saki Beans, Beany beans.. bean boy.. lol.. I owe that name all to rfox. When he was a kitten she said his paw pads looked like Boston baked beans.. so I started calling him beans and it stuck.
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We call Kjartan "Fartan" (when he was little he would fart when you picked him up, PU) and "Tub-Tub"; Lofdi gets called "Naughty" and "Little Kitty."
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Fred is the Fredlump, Georgia is Miss Georgia Peach, or GEORGIADAMMITGETDOWN, depending on her behavior at the time, Pearl is Sweet P or Angelface, and Pepper is GETDOWNYOULITTLEBRAT, or sometimes words you can't post on TCS.
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The nicknames we had for Patches: Her Royal Highness (or High- Ass if she was mooning you),Puddinhead, the mugger(when you ate chicken or turkey) Sweetie face and Patchey puss. We had chicken tonight and missed the little mugger
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while petting Molly today (yay) I realized that I'd forgotten some of hers. She is called miss molly, mollygirl, motor, motorbaby, and motormouth when she's meowing. these names are only used when she's purring.
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I call my two Sweetie pie, dumpling,Sweetie Pops, Cherub.

I sing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"
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I have Chi-mao-mao because when she was a kitten she was one unceasing "mao-mao-mao-mao-mao-mao-mao"
She is still as talkative and as demanding today
Then there's Shhhtinky, the cat with baaad breath...
And Tuxedomask, a tuxedo cat with a big round belly but skinny legs. He is also referred to as "that-black-potato-with-legs-and-a-barbecue-stick-for-a-tail"

I croon to my ferals while they eat so they'd learn to recognize the sound of my voice. I sing "mamam, mamam, mamam,..." just like when you teach a parrot to talk.
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Whoa Rosie, I forgot, you are my sunshine is one of our songs too !
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Great choice!
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Jeepers gets called Jeep Jeep, Yeepers (Jeepers evil twin ), Jeepers Jenkins (when she's been naughty), Kissyface, Cuddlelump, cwchycat and occasionally Mrs. Bum-In-Face (when she jumps up for a cuddle and insists on standing with her rear end in my face ) I sing made up songs to her all the time
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Cody is "the codygirl", punkin, monkey, mini-meow, and mama's little girl!
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Spike- Spikey, SPIKESTOPTHAT! (when he's being naughty!) , Spikey boy!
Buddy- Lovey, OW BUDDY!, Bud

For both boys- i use these nick names- silly boy!, you DARLING!, Sweetie, Baby boy, BIG boy!, you Butthead (when he's being naughty!), my baby!

Zebra- Zebrrraaaaaaa, Zeb

Pepper-Peppuuuuurrrrrr, Peppy, Pep, Sassy

For both girls- My baby!, BEAUTIFUL girl!, Silly girl!, Sweetie, you Butthead (when she's being naughty!), my baby!..
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I tend to refer to all of my kittens and cats as "Monkey" when they're hyper and running around and being cute. I don't know why.
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Lately I've been calling Willow 'Robert', and I'm not sure why. I also call her 'Billy' a lot (I use any name with "Illy" at the end, and Billy is a name that just suits her). For some reason, when I think of "Bill" or "Billy," I see it as being short for "Robert" (but isn't it short for William? Eh, who cares... lol)
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Mooch and Noodles tend to both get called Moodles lately. Also Noodles gets called Noods. Glory's nickname was Beans. Tiger's nickname was piereah mouth (she had very bad teeth...not my fault!) Pumpkin's nickname is Boy or Boyboy. Bunny is Hunny Bunny, Buns, and Bun Bun. Tinsel was Tinny.
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I call Ezra "little one" alot "meanie head, poopie butt, stinky boy" (mainly because he is an independent kittie and wont love me. Sapphira has always been "babies girl" she is a very needy puppy so at least I have one of both?
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Dude... I call my cats so many things im surprised they know their own names :P

Elliot: Eli, Li li, lel, lellums, Mr. (elliot, lelliot, other variations), Missy Elliot (When hes got an attitude ) Mr. Fuzzums, Mr Fuzzumsbutt. Mr. Squishypants. Mr. Buttbutt, Lelliot, Elliot Lelliot, E li li, Turkey Butt, Mr. Fattums (one of my faves), Fattums, Butt butt, Mr. Bum bum, Fat Cat, Mr. hissy Pants... probably so many more :P I use Mr. Fattums and Missy Elliot the most :P

Aerowyn: Ari, Little Rat, Little Brat, Rat brat, Monkey, Gopher, Sweetie Pie, Baby Kitty, Sweetums... But mostly I use Aerowyn with her :P She acts like a rat sometime hence the rodent names.

I call my moms cat Rosco, Roscococo :P

My fish kai is also called Mr. Fish

My Leopard geckos Oz and Anika are often called ozzy, Ozboz,and Nika :P
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And Amo bonito---(Means Nice Master......)
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