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I have 11(one is really the neighbor's,but I let him in all the time and he is here MOST of the time so I claim him)

Right now I also have a little half wild kitten that I just got tonight out of a barn.He is NOT staying though.He will get neutered very soon and hopefully find a home.

Plus I have several ferals I feed.
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My sweet Sierra, the love of my life!
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Originally Posted by lovemycodygirl
Oh and here's her baby pic too!

Dipped in cute at birth!!
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I have FOUR mischievous spoilt rotten furbabies who rules me! (and they know it! DARN IT!)
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I have 2 - and as my husband says constantly to me

"they get more love from you than I do these days!!!!"
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I have just my two. Simon and Max. They are the best of buddies (except when they are beating each other up!! )
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I have one very spoiled rotten cat . . . and I think Luna is quite happy being that way!!
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I have my ONE Mittens!
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Well I'm back to three cats again! I had 5 of them 1 1/2 months ago. Then went down to 3, then back up to 4 for a few days and now back to 3! What a rollar coaster!
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we have two
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2 very spoiled Himmi Persians
2 is enough for me (and them)
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Originally Posted by Bibby
2 very spoiled Himmi Persians
2 is enough for me (and them)
And very beautiful ones, if I may say! Would be nice to see new pictures of them soon! They are SOOO gorgeous!
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I have one Sash, and boy is he ever spoiled! I've had a few other cats share my life though, they were Blackie, Kit and Lucki, they are now in kitty heaven. I have two wonderful cats at my parents house too, Tabby and Baby. If you would like to see my kitties, I have another website at:

Lisa & Sash
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Used to be one very spoilt cat, now i have two very,very spoilt cats
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Three, I call them the Triple Trouble Team. I would have more, but hubby won't let me...
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Awllll, yep, they do....what a pretty those grey stripes!

Originally Posted by <3baci-n-system
your kitty look like my baci! sooooo cute!!!

i'm up to 3 furbabies so far!!
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There are four spoiled monsters here.. as you can see in my sig!
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I own three, but only two are moving out with me when I get married. Does anyone know how many cats can exist without peeing on carpeting in a small two-bedroom apartment? I will move in with two, but my fiancee wants a big laid back male cat. I was going to get a solid black male (love the black kitties) and I want to adopt a purebred Abyssinian. Is four cats too crowded for a two-bedroom apt?
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I have 4 cats and I live in one bedroom apt (living room, small dining room/kitchen and a bedroom) and they seem okay with it. I think it depends on how much stuff you have though- need to make sure there's enuff room for all the kitties to run, play and loll around..

I have 2 cat trees and 4 scratching posts that I've managed to fit in my apt without having it being overcrowded and still have plenty of room for cats to run and play in.
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88 TCS Members voted in this poll, and for these 88 members there is roughly 355 cats. Which is an average of 4 cats per member!

Pretty cool.
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