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I have Danielle

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I have Danielle now.

Yesterday was her first day.... she was vey good, inspecting the apartment all day. Letting us pet her, she bonded right away. What a sweet little girl.

She was nervous also, understandably, and her favorite place is under the bed, but she comes out after not too long.

So far, she has pooped once yesterday in the box, and this morning she peed... yay! She is eating very little, and has not drank ANY water yet... I am worried about dehydration, but I know it is normal for a cat to not eat right the first few days. I mixed a little extra water in her wet cat food, just to get some water in her. She has nibbled occasionally on the dry food I leave out all the time. She will not use her scratching posts, even with catnip on them, and my showing her how to use them.

She seems more nervous this morning than yesterday. I think last night scared her. We went to sleep, turned out the lights, (I left a light on in the room with the litter box and food) put on a white noise machine..(which I have used all my life and NEED)...
I found out this morning that I think she spent ALL NIGHT under the bed. I think she was wondering "what is going on?????" I feel bad, but she has to get used to the idea that we sleep :LOL: I had to coax her out this morning with some food, of which she ate very little.

She seems skittish today, and I just hope she starts eating more soon, and DRINKING.... Right now she has been under the bed again for about an hour, which she didnt do during the day yesterday. I think she is just nervous..perhaps from spending the night semi-alone.

I will have pics soon.
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don't worry at all about danielles behavior, while I'm nowhere near the expert as others on this site, I know that it's perfectly normal.

my cats are more and more social every day, and I know yours will be also.

again, congratulations!
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I am so happy she is home with you now. Yes, please don't worry. Cats are so very against any change and this is so new to her. She will gradually make herself at home. She may also be coming out during the night to eat and drink when it's quiet. There are a few things you can do to help her trust you. Sit on the floor and talk to her as if she were a baby. You can offer her some baby food(without onion powder) on a spoon. Just make sure you guys stay in your normal routine, so she adjusts to everyday life at your house.
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Cats make such wonderfull pets!!!

The behavior you are seeing right now is normal for a cat in new surroundings, she just needs some time to adjust. She will let you know when she is feeling comfortable and secure. Try not to worry and good luck!!!
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Glad she's home with you now. She will adjust to your lifestyle. Within a few days you will see her personality come out. She will play, eat and drink water. If you would like, put a little Pedolyte in her water (about a cap full) as it helps her with her electrolytes. Do this until you see that she's drinking normally. Please keep us posted and do post pictures. She sounds darling.

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The only reason my cats don't hide under the bed is because the bed frame broke and the mattress is now on the floor. They have adopted the bedroom window sill as their private place because we keep the blinds down in there. Cats do like their hidey-holes and you might notice that you can actually lose Danielle in the house when she finds a good one!

I'm sure the white noise machine was surprising and confusing to her. Did you shut her in the bedroom with you? If she doesn't like it, she might prefer to sleep somewhere else.

I have noticed that cats seem to have an interesting relationship with water. I sometimes see my cats drink milk (not so much now that the kitten is past the 12 week nursing window) but the only time I see them drink water is if they drink from the tap. I have caught them face down in the commode (drinking water from the toilet is not a good thing) but they don't seem to be drinking, just sniffing. They also sniff water in bowls but I don't see them drink it, though sometimes I hear them when I'm not in the room. A friend of mine used to say that cats prefer to steal water than to drink it outrignt (must have been a dog person) but I tend to agree that they prefer to drink in private.

Give Danielle a few days and she'll be just fine. She is still getting used to you and your house, plus you said she was having eye trouble, it might be a little harder for her to figure out her way around. Sounds like you have a real treasure there.
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I'm happy to hear she's finally home! Her behavior is normal. It'll take a little bit for her to get used to her surroundings. But she'll come around.

Welcome to the world of kittyhood!!

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Thank you all***

She is very social when she is around us. It is the unusual sounds that make her go under the bed. Also...We did not lock her in th bedroom.... we were trying to figure whether to lock her OUT or have her stay with us... since she was already under the bed when we wanted to go to sleep, we just said, okay, let her stay there. We left the door open.. I would never close her in anywhere she could not reach the litter or water/food.

I know she will settle in... just concerned about the water..but I guess when she gets thirsty enough, she will drink.

Thanks again..pics to follow
If I can attach the dang things, :LOL:
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Val...I'm so glad that Danielle is finally with you.
I'm sure she will give you many years of pleasure and love.
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Val,many congratulations :daisy: :blubturq:

I,m sure little Danielle will settle down soon,before you know it she will be in the bed and not under it

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lol Jackie! :LOL: ain't that the truth!

I'm so happy you have Danielle Val, you'll never regret adopting her!

Can't wait to see her pics!
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Thank you all

Here are 3 pics of Danielle.
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Here is #2
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she is precious!

what a beautiful, beautiful little kitty. she is so lucky you found her, as well as the other way around.
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She's beautiful!

Looks like you made the right choice, she seems to love you already...and vice verse'!

You 2 look like you were meant to be together!

btw...you have a lovely smile!
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She's absolutely adorable and looks like she's starting to settle in nicely. Enjoy. You'll never regret it. I never do.

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She looks like a very sweet little cat and you look so happy together. Enjoy her!
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Danielle wanted to say something to all of you.

thanc u evrywon. i no that i hav nu frends heer.

luv danielle
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Danielle is soooooooooo beautiful - I can see why you fell right in love with her. I love her pics - and the one with you is great!
I am so happy for you and hubby AND Danielle. You make a great family.
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Val; I am so glad you have your darling kitty girl to share the love of your home. I am sure she will display "normal" cat activity real soon. She is still getting used to the fact that she is LUCKY enough to have a home instead of A CAGE!
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threeleggedcat says:

"She is still getting used to the fact that she is LUCKY enough to have a home instead of A CAGE! "

Actually, one of the things I love about this shelter is that the cats are NOT in cages..they roam free everywhere in the room!!

You have several different rooms, and the largest has about 50 cats in it all loose!!! It is wonderful!!
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You can try dropping either a little bit of tuna fish oil (very small amount) or a 1/4 teaspoon cod liver oil in her water bowl. The smell should entice her to drink. Or put a little bit of warm water with her dry food. She is just adjusting. You are good to take her in like this.
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Yes, thank you. I did add a bit of water to her wet food. And right now, as we speak, she is drinking!! WAHOOOO!!!!!

I know she will adjust. My only problem now is the pooping out of the litter box, which I just complained about under the "Behavior" postings.....Sigh..

Thanks again.
Thank you everyone.....
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Oh Val, she is BEAUTIFUL!! (and so are you!) I am sure she will get adjusted to the new surroundings and her new mommy real soon!!
The pictures were great!!! I finally got the pictures of some of my cats developed, and put on a disk, so I am going to have to try and post them....but for some reason everything I post comes out huge....I may have to ask you or one of the other members to post them for me.

Thanks for showing us the pictures!
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Debby, thank you!!!

I would be happy to help post your pics if I can....
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Minnosh, Yumosh & Mavish say hi to Danielle

And they welcome her to TCS

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she is just beautiful! I am sure she will help you and your husband feeling better. It will give you 2 something to do (watch her, pet her etc) and to speak (to speak of other things then the attack).

think you will see that she will help you 2 heal... There is nothing more reassuring then a cat purring in your lap...

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Val, I'm so glad for all of you!!! Danielle is a great cat!!! I'm glad you two found each other
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Oh Val - shes gorgeous!!! Soooo cute!! I can just tell you're going to get along fine!! What a sweetie!
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