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Return of congestion...

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Grissom seems to be relapsing. (Remember when I got him they said he had chlamydia) His eyes are cleared up, a little goopy when he wakes up, but otherwise fine. However, he is still very sneezy and his nose runs a good deal. The snot is whitish (Yes, I looked. I heard if it was greenish it was a virus) Anyway, he doesn't seem to be having any other problems. No lack of appetite and he is just as active. Do you think this is risidual from his other illness or something new to worry about? My mom said Bobo was like this for the first two years (I don't remember) And that it will clear up eventually in time. It isn't getting worse, and i seem to notice it mostly after he has had a nap.

Any advice?
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You may want to have the vet check him out again. Some cats will have residual symptoms for awhile after a bad infection - I was picking snot off of my Charlie's nose for years after I got him, and I got him just after he came of antibiotics for a bad URTI. My kitten, Tristan, had a bad infection after his surgery and now wheezes in his sleep with a stuffy nose. However, you can never be sure, and with both Charlie and Tristan I ran the symptoms by my vet before I chalked it up to leftover symptoms.

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