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Deperately need home for cat in NJ

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I have two cats one of which has a behavioral peeing problem. His name is Rajah and he's 5 years old. He's been nuetered and had shots and been tested for urinary problems (neg). He is affectionate with me but does not like my children. I have two boys (both disabled;one autistic-the other with a heart condition and behavioral problems of his own). Rajah doesn't like loud noises and fast movements. Since we got him when he was a baby I thought he would just get used to the kids but he's been peeing on things since he was little especially the kids stuff. I tried to give him anti-depressants the doctor had prescribed but I can't get him to take them and it stresses the both of us extemely. I have him only in my bedroom now with the other cat (he gets along with her). Now it appears he peeing on the carpet. I am pregnant and due in a week and have found as much as I love this cat I can't handle this situation any longer and have been trying to find him another home but have not been successful. I've even tried no-kill shelters and they won't take him-they say it's kitten season so their not taking any cats maybe in the fall. I can't wait that long--I can't bring a baby home to this. My vet has suggested putting him to sleep---I obviously don't want to do that but no one can seem to help and time is running out....

Here's my e-mail:
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Welcome to the site. Additionally, give the Best Friends Network a call or send them an email..they can contact other individuals in your area to see if someone can help.

Best Friends Network at (435) 644-2001 ext 123, or e-mail them at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org

Good Luck...maybe someone on this site has some suggestions.
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Until you are able to find a home for your cat, please click here to read a thread on how to stop inappropriate urination. Oftentimes making a few simple changes in the cat's environment is all that is needed to stop this kind of behavior.
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