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Vet visit

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Well this is partially a way for me to remember. the more places it's noted, the more likely I am to remember it...

Paige and Molly are going to the vet on June 19th. They'll finally be able to meet their new doctor, and I can get all those little questions off my chest about Molly.

Molly is going in for a check up and for to see if we can do anything about her depression. I hope we can because we do love her, as much as she doesn't want to believe it...
and Paige is going to get a shot... her rabies expires on my burstay and the vet will show me how to get some soft paws on her.
Molly doesn't need them because she only ever cries and runs away from Paige.

Either way.. wish me luck on getting Molly out from my boxspring, and to getting her better!
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Have you looked into homeopathic veterinary services? I know that they did wonders for a cat of mine who crossed a few years ago. She was incredibly depressed and I was desperate. I took her to a holistic vet who did aromatherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture (which my girl didn't mind AT ALL) and she was out of her funk within a couple of months treatment. She never went back into it, either. Google it or look in your phone book and I'm sure you'll find something.
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She's seriously not into people coming near her, of any sort. We had her previous owner come by..and she didn't even want to see him. I'm willing to try anthing, but I want to see what the vet has to say about it first
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Kind of wondering here , did you try feli way the plug -in yet ? It is supose to help in that area too .

Well for sure I will say a prayer for both cats
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I hope Paige and Molly happy. Poor Molly!
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I hadn't been back to the petstore yet this month... but I'm willing to try it. we're going to the store tomorrow evening for other essentials.. (carriers and food, and new collars. Molly hadn't had one because we thought she'd bite, and paige is beating hers up)
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