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Unexpected phone call

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Last night when I was feeling so low, my phone rang and on the other end was a gentleman I had my very first date with in the seventh grade! We went through elementary and high school together. In 5th grade, he used to take his retainer out of his mouth and chase me around the school yard and when he caught me, he would peck me on the cheek and run away. LOL He was embarassed when I mentioned I remembered that! Our high school is having a huge reunion for 5 year alumni's and he found my name on the list so he called me. It was a kick! He is happily married with 6 kids and he is a successful real estate developer in Newport Beach CA. At any rate, we went back through memory lane and were remembering our first official date. The jr high school typical sock hop. I got to thinking after we hung up and wondered, do you remember your first date? And what was it like?
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I didn't exactly have a first date. I did have a boy who was my best friend, and years later, realized that we both had huge crushes on each other. So our "dates" were like this.

Me: "You going to the school dance next week?" (he was pretty shy, wouldn't have asked me that question)
Him: "Yeah, I guess"
Me: "Oh, ok"

and then he would wait for me, just outside the school, and we would spend the whole dance together, usually just talking, and then he would walk me home. So, basically, the routine was, we would always check to make sure the other person was going to whatever event was on, we would spend all our time with each other, but both too shy or something to really admit that we were dating. For four years.

I would be so thrilled if he found me. I tried to track him down a few years ago, and had no luck.
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Ladies, I won't get into this thread, but to Sammie5, you might try using this site to find your friend from years gone by. It might work, but it's going to be a lot of work just inputting the various states because you don't really have to have an address.
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Oh gawd do i remember?!.

I was at the church youth club, and his name was "Howard", what a dweeb!

Nuff said on that one i think
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Originally Posted by hissy
he is a successful real estate developer in Newport Beach CA.
Hey thats like the OC

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Oh, thanks, but I know where he lives. Right down to the street. I heard via the grapevine that he bought his parents' house. Its just that he has an unlisted phone number. So I would have to arrive on his doorstep, which I am not prepared to do. My attempt to track him down involved me emailing one of his friends, asking for information. I am thinking that he doesn't want to be found.
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Brandon--I love the O.C.! I can't wait till summer is over so I can watch the new season! YEA!

MA--My first "official" date was when I was in 7th grade and we were having some kind of dance at the middle school. He was my first boyfriend, his name was Robert. We were in band together, we "dated" for almost a year! Boy, was I stupid to let him go just because he was going to high school. But, soon to find out he spread rumors about me, that wasn't nice to know especially when a lot of people didn't like me because of those childish rumors. Anyway, I don't talk to him, but my best friend does and he lives in Dallas now but is stationed in Afganistan right now, he's in the Army...pretty scarey. I wish him the best. That's all!
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Hmmm, first date? That's kinda tough. I had "boyfriends" in Junior High and High School, but we were pretty much always broke, or I paid for stuff so I don't consider that a date. I went to dances with guys, but they were mainly just my friends. I guess prom was like a date even though it was with a really good friend. He rented a car, bought me dinner, it was so sweet. (He had graduated a few years before me from the same high school but hadn't gone to prom himself, so we had a blast doing prom together.)

Janet, I have an unlisted phone number but that doesn't mean I don't want anyone to ever find me, just that I don't want just anyone to find me.
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I do not even want to think about my first date!
So I will tell you about my first date with my bf, I was 18 so that should be good enough. He called me and said 'wanna go to the movies' I said sure. We went and saw I know what you did last summer part 2. Then he took me home. 5 and 1/2 years later we are still together.... He didn't even take me to dinner, come to think of it..... Hmmmm... he is in trouble when I get home
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Now, you want to talk about shy? I didn't even have a first date until my Sr. prom! I actually wound up asking a friend of a friend who was a Jr. to go with me, we wound up dating for almost a year. Back then he was a real skinny short guy w/glasses, but about the time he hit 19 or so, he took another growth spurt and now is about 6 feet tall w/great muscles!
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Hmmm I have to ask, is this Catfolks we are talking about????
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Originally Posted by squirtle
Hmmm I have to ask, is this Catfolks we are talking about????
Gotta say nope, I didn't meet him for a couple more years......kinda wish I'd met him sooner, 'cause it would have kept me from dating some bad guys, but am kinda glad I didn't, 'cause I sowed my "wild oats" before he came along.
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oops! Sorry about that. I hope Catfolks doesn't read Don't tell him I said that
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LOL, he won't care, he's met most of the guys that I dated at one point or another. Thats one good thing about marrying a man who's 11 years older than you, they're more mature than guys your own age.
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Whew! I am safe then, I was thinking I was gonna have to change my name or something
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That is awesome MA! The same thing happened to me - when I was a kid, I had this major crush on a boy named Kelly, we went our separate ways when we went to intermediate (middle) school but still saw each other around when we were in high school - I went to the all girls school across the road from his all boys school so sometimes we would bike to work together.

Then out of the blue, I get an email from him! A lovely, long email along with a photo - he has not changed in years, still as good looking as ever, but with a sweet nature. My mum knows his mum so it is pretty cool

it is really nice when things like that happen!
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I don't remember a first date, but I did get a pleasant surprise by email a couple months ago.
A friend from high school, whom I had a mad crush on during my sophomore year (which I believe he still does not know about), found my name on Classmates and dropped me an email. I was thrilled to find out he now has a masters in Anthropology (and no one believed he'd even GO to college) and was gearing up for a two-month trip to Egypt!! So we've been corresponding by email since, and he sent me a photo of himself among the ruins when he returned.

And my girlfriend keeps asking me, "Whatever happened with that guy, you know that you had the crush on, who has some sort of advanced degree and is actually using it?? Don't let that one get away!!!"
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My first date was in my Junior year in high school. He was a blind date. He was best friends with my best friend's boyfriend. We had 4 dates, then went to my Junior Prom. The dates were mostly us driving around asking "OK, what do you want to do?? My Junior Prom was a disaster. He spent his entire time hanging out with one of the Senior Chaparones.

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My first date was to the sophomore dance. As I recall, it was like a junior-senior prom, only they invited sophomores, too. I'm telling you, I came from a REALLY small school! Anyway, I went with this guy a year older than me that I had a major crush on. But the date was a disaster. We were both too shy to make appropriate conversation. Needless to say, it was the last date with that guy.

I, too, had an "old flame" try to look me up several years back. It was probably five or ten years ago, 32 to 37 years after we last dated. We had dated a couple of years. I didn't see him though, as I'm now living 1800 miles away. But my older sister wrote me that he had come by her house in a neighboring town, introduced himself, and asked about me and the other family members. He did know that my father had died, as his own father had died the very same day and their obits were in the paper at the same time. It would be a scream to try to look him up when I go back for my all-school reunion next month. (He was from a neighboring town, so wouldn't likely be there, though. I'd have to specifically try to look him up.)
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My first date?? Oh boy . . . I don't remember, lol, it all depends on how you define "date." I got asked out on a couple "dates" in 6th grade . . . but that was back when the guy's parents were sitting in the back of the movie theater, 'cuz you obviously couldn't drive yourself there yet. And then there were the middle school dances . . . I sometimes had a "date" for those. My first real date was probably at 15 or 16, since that's when people in my age group first started driving, but I really don't remember. I'd never really thought about it before.
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What a funny thread! It made me think about the crazy things that I did in High School!

As for my first date, I was barely 16 & I had met him a the local hang out. His name was Jory & he was 20! We ended up sneaking off to Lincoln (80 miles from home!) to go to the mall. He bought me a cassette tape (right before CD's got big) & it was of the one hit wonder band called Ace of Base. He ended up taking to me a "fancy" restaraunt called Runza (people from Nebraska & Iowa should know this's a fast food place!) & even drove me through the Drive Thru! We ended up going back to Fairbury & "cruised" around for hours. Then he asked if he could kiss me...which I was a little nervous about since I hadn't ever kissed anyone before but was much more nervous because he was still DRIVING! We leaned in towards each other & the next thing I knew I felt the truck slide off into the ditch! I panicked & yelled...totally killed the mood. It was definitely a date to remember & one I hope I never have to relive!
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Is a date classified with a kiss at the end? 'cause if it is then my first date was at the young age of 6. He was an older man (7 months older) by the name of Nathan. He's parents took us for ice cream (his mom and my mom were good friends and she was baby-sitting me) he held my hand as we walked along the bridge watching the river (our town was centered around a flowing river) and when my mom picked me up he gave me a kiss on the cheek we were a 'couple' for almost two months, then we started second grade and Nathan threw me over for a younger woman. Broke my heart he did

But Billy was my first 'real' date. I was 15 he was 17 (and away from my parents for the whole summer staying with my grandparents) and he took me for a movie and a midnight picnic. Very romantic. We were together for 4 years. He's now married and is expecting a little girl in July.
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I was just 16, we went Ten Pin Bowling and then to the coffee shop (not very romantic). It was the middle of winter, snow all over the place and he got on my nerves. 4 years later we married and 18 years after that divorced.
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My first date was a little weird. The guy actually asked a girl staying with my family to go out on a date and she said only if I went too. So all three of us went to see the movie "Ladyhawke". The guy and I were already friends so we had a good time. I never counted this as a date, but later on I found that he did.

The date I counted as a first date was when I took the same guy to the Shrine circus and impressed him by driving through the "mousetrap" without getting nervous or lost (nasty interstate intersection in Denver) and I was able to get him back stage because my Dad is a clown for the Shrine.
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My first date consisted of going to see some ridiculous chuck norris film with the kid 2 doors down from me..
Later, my dates consisted of walking around the mall with the man of the year .. and now it consists of going out to a proper dinner together, and holding hands..

although.. I think my best-remembered dates are more silly ones.. Jason and I now have a regular date which consists of napping in the bathtub. Not that anyone really wanted or needed to know that, but I think it's the best date.. Especially when Paige gets curious about the bubble bath and starts attacking the foam... then gets freaked out because it's stuck to her paw and runs around trying to shake the foam off.

hey, it's not my fault that my cats are infinitely curious about the bathroom.
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I had play dates and stuff when I was younger.. always ended with kisses and stuff LOL! But my first real one would have had to been a few months ago, it was great. He's so sweet, and the same age as me(I'd never be allowed out with an older guy) and we're together still. I just hope it lasts years!!
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I have blanked out my first date..... either that or it was just not very memorable. On my first date with my other half we saw South Park the movie and had takeout chinese (how romantic )
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