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Current News about YOU....

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I thought it'd be fun & informative to hear what the lastest current events that are happening in each others lives. I know that I don't get a chance to look at every post and I tend to miss out on some special occasions & such. I'm sure there are several members that are in the same boat as I am.

A little about me...
Lately work has been rather rough going lately and it doesn't look like it will let up any time soon. As most of you know, I'm an Assistant Manager for Walmart & I'm fairly new at it too. I'm on my 4th month now & I swear it feels like a year. We're just so short handed in my areas (the front end & Bakery) & there are times when I don't even get the chance to look at my plans for the day. I've been told that the first year is the roughest, so I'm already looking forward to my second year! On a good note, last week I did get an award from my company. I was named Master Merchant & Impact Assistant! That made me feel very good & made me realize that my work does get noticed after all. Master Merchant is an award for the most improved area in profit or the highest profit made over all within the store. My Bakery made money for the first time since the store opened...a whole whopping $2000! But considering the 2 previous months (I lost $11,000 in March & $16,000 in April), that's a gold mine!

As for life away from work, it's pretty uneventful. I do try to have some fun time occasionally & have been going on some dates. Things are looking fairly good there....except that he's not a cat person. He told me that he loves animals & likes cats, but not crazy about them. I told him that my girls will convert him into being a cat lover!

Well...that's all for my current events. Now it's your turn to share....
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Shell, good for you!! It sounds like you are a very dedicated manager. I have had it with the retail world. I worked in retail from the age of 19-32. I worked for mall stores, pet stores, grocery stores, factories, small businesses, and so on. I always ran into "personality clashes" with my MALE bosses. I am currently working on finishing up a college degree in elementary education. I have ONE year left to go, whoo-hoo!! I will be 37 when I graduate.

I recently got engaged to my HS sweetheart. We have had an off again/on again relationship including a previous engagement over the last twenty-years. This time it is for real. I am getting married next summer right after I finish my student teaching.

I have my own part-time pet-sitting business to make money while I am going to school. My parents help where they can and I live with them to save money until I get married.

I have three cats. Blondie (11), Lily (5), and Autumn (2+?) Blondie will stay with my parents as she can't live with other cats. They all attack her. I have my own apartment in my parents home so my other two cats live seperate from her.

In my spare time I like to listen to music, read, and watch movies. My most recent fun time was a trip to Las Vegas in March with my fiancee and his best friend. It was so much fun!!
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Current events, huh?

Well, work is so boring lately it is unbelievable. It goes like that for Admin. Assistants in small companies, it is feast or famine. I'm in a drought. Having nothing to do at work for 9 hours makes the time go really slow! But I recently got a book about tips and tricks for Photoshop so I'm going through that and having some fun, and I'll be starting to build the company website as soon as the program comes in (I finally got to order it!). Of course, as soon as it comes in I'll be slammed with work again, I already know that!

Outside of work, is basically more work! LOL But it's stuff I enjoy. I'm always working on www.SaveSamoa.org and www.StrayPetAdvocacy.org in updates and I'm always finding more resources we can share there. I'm also working on some graphics for others, and on the other two sites I'm webmaster for, www.AllAboutCats.cc and www.GatewayInn.com . It's been interesting getting into building websites and graphics for others.

Beyond that, it is shooting season. I'm the Team Coordinator for the Colorado High Power Rifle Team. I'm in charge of new fundraising efforts too this year, so I've been volunteering to be the Statistical Officer at the matches. I've got a full month's worth of weekends that I'm busy with team practices or matches, and it all leads up to the National Matches in Ohio in August. That is just a blast, if a bit intense.

So that's my life right now in a nutshell.
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Me? hmmmmmm, well let's see. At work right now things are still as crazy as it was during tax season. Constant deadlines each and every month, people howling for things that they should have brought to us a long time ago to get done but no they wait until it was due yesterday and want it then.

At home Ken and I are trying to get the house remodled and doing all of the work ourselves. Man I will be glad when that is finished I seem to be having really bad luck with my fur babies lately. But they will get better soon. I am trying to spend a little bit more time with my daughter and grandchildren too The main thing is I need a vacation seeing as I haven't taken one since Ken and I went on our honeymoon in October of 2002. It's definately time for one.
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I got accepted into the University of Maryland as a History major and Journalism minor starting this Fall. No, we're not leaving FL...I am going to be a distance learning student in their University College program. I like doing my college at home because it leaves me with a more open schedule.

I'm also looking for a summer job as my nannying job ended until August. I'll proabably end up working in telemarketing. Zach is also looking for a summer job. He's going to be starting college this fall at Brevard CC. I only have until December 2005 and then I'll have my BA. After that it's off to grad school!

I'm also looking at internships for the fall as UMD has a co-op program and I'l get college credit for it.
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I'm not sure if this applies to us but I'll post anyway. 3 glasses of wine work wonders.

Colonel Dipstick is almost healed up despite his best efforts to do what he thinks is right and usually isn't. My job in the ER is the same, and I retire in October. We'll be moving in November out to the ranch in Kingman.
Our kids are doing great and our oldest informed us that they are "trying" for another one. Another Grandbaby to spoil maybe. That makes 3 when it happens.

Our life is great. I'm glad to have whathizzname home in all the pieces he arrived back here in. He's back. And he's alive.

We're doing great. We hope you are all as well.

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News with me.. Ummm.

I've been fundraising chocolate for camp lately. Caramello & Dairy Milk(Cadbury) 100 gm bars for $2-Each box we sell $16 goes towards camp. After we've raised enough for camp we're selling for my friend Brooke, you know the one with cancer. We want to go up to Auckland to visit her(9 hour drive).

Tomorrow morning at 7AM, we're leaving(Nana,Kay,Sue & I) for Auckland. We're going up for the National Cat Show of NZ. We're taking a whole car full of cats and wont be back until Monday night. It should be fun! I'm bathing my cats tonight for it. We hired a van to take us all.

School is going well, infact I even got a Blue Slip home yesterday(A blue slip is saying how wonderfully, I've been doing in a subject. In this case Social Studies) It's my first Blue Slip, but they were only introduced this year. Mum gave me $20.

Shell- it sounds like you're going really well with your job. Congrats!! Good luck with the new guy, We know you can convert him!!

Catlover- Congrats on getting engaged. I hope it all works out for you!

Heidi- Wow you sound busy! Good luck learning how to Photo Shop.

Cathi- I'm so happy to hear things are working out with you and your daughter. Good luck remodeling the house!

VNG- Congrats on getting accepted!!

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The most current event is trying to plan a bday party for my youngest on Saturday between 4 baseball games evenly spaced 2 hours apart throughout the day.

I decided to go ahead and start looking for a job part time in the evenings until I graduate next year. I've put in 4 applications at various stores and am waiting to hear back from at least one. I will start volunteering for the Humane Society in September when my kids go back to school.

Jon wants me to move in with him once I get a steady job. Then we will start remodeling his house to fit 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 cats and a big hairy dog. There are no wedding plans in the future as far as I can see so far. But I haven't given up on him yet!

My sister decided that three kids is enough, so there will be no more babies to spoil. I refuse to pass up a chance at getting my 5 week old neice all to myself for the day so I've been babysitting alot for her.

We won't be attending anymore races until the end of next month because of a bad crash. Jon is still waiting on the parts to put the race bike back together so its pretty mellow around here these days.

I will be seeing 3 more family members off to Iraq within the next 2 months which is always a hard time. 2 of the 3 are on leave now so its good to get to spend time with them before they go.

I planted 25 tomato plants and am waiting to see how many I will end up with. Expect some creative tomato recipes by the end of the summer.

Other than that its baseball, baseball and more baseball.
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" I will be seeing 3 more family members off to Iraq within the next 2 months which is always a hard time. 2 of the 3 are on leave now so its good to get to spend time with them before they go. "

God Love and protect them all.

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Looks like some good posts so far! I guess I will add my $0.02...
My summer vacation is going quite well (Im doing my last semester in a computer engineering diploma program in September).
I have gained temporary full-time status (until I return to school) at my job as a computer tech with a generous pay increase. We are having a bunch of managerial changes upcoming in the next few days which have me quite stressed out though. In the history of my company, staffing changes have always led to bad results.

I have now been living on my own with Miikka for around 3 months. My parents are looking to sell this house soon though so I will most likely moving back home again within the next month. Yay, I cant wait to get back to eating decent meals every night again, but I will really miss the independance

Miikka goes in for her spaying, front de-clawing (she is strictly indoor and in order for her to be in my parents house she needs to be declawed, its not my choice) and tatooing on Monday June 7. I am scared and nervous about that. I hate doctors and hospitals myself, and to know that she will be there for 2 nights and not sleeping next to me really has me upset. Hopefully she cant read what I am typing because she is on my lap reading TCS with me!

I am also trying to plan a small trip/vacation to either Toronto (To see the hockey hall of fame with my gf) or to somewhere else just for a few nights. I dont think her parents will allow her to go though. Mine wont have a problem with it at all.

The majority of the rest of my time has been spent cheering on the Calgary Flames! GO FLAMES GO! I have watched every televised game this year with the girlfriend and gone to as many games as the budget allows! CALGARY FOR STANLEY CUP 2004!!!

Anyways, best of luck to everyone in their current and future endevours.
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I've been busy sewing patchwork clothing for sale on eBay. Fun stuff! I have an eBay store, and since they don't have any way to put the store on "vacation" status, I'm just going to close the store in a couple of weeks. The things I make are pretty seasonal anyway, and by the time I get back from my trip in mid-July, it is debatable whether it would be worthwhile having a store open anyway. I might reopen the store next spring; time will tell.

I've made plans to fly back to see my brothers and sisters in Minnesota. Haven't seen any of them in twelve years; one I haven't seen in about fourteen years. I'll be renting a car and driving all the way to Illinois to see that brother. I would never have planned to travel to the Midwest in July, but the little town near the farm where I was raised is having their centennial celebration and the school an all-year reunion. I expect to see my best friend from high school - whom I haven't seen since we graduated 45 years ago!
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current events... wedding wedding wedding! LOL! No turning back now two more days to go so far everythings going smoothly, almost TOO smoothly... I better call the preacher. I haven't done that yet and that's making me more nervous now... but SO far, things are coming together. I just need to kick Brad in the A$$ and get him to put together some CD's to play while the band is taking breaks. damn men and their procrastination! LMAO!
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Shell, great thread! I haven't been around TCS much lately, so it's great to get caught up with everyone's happenings. For those of you going through rough times, , and I'm so happy for those with great things going on (jugen!), and Shell, here's a *virtual foot massage*.

Nothing too exciting over here, the kitties are doing great. We just had a little scare on Monday, when Mozart got a 3 inch grass stick stuck in his throat, but the vet took care of that quickly. Pixie is full-grown now, but still has that little kitten face, which belies a little piggie. She shoves all the other cats out of their bowl with her head, to eat their food, so all mealtimes are supervised now. Mozart and Ginza and Kayla are now 2, and Pixie will be 1 in August.

I've been drawing up plans to remodel most of the house, inside and outside, including new landscaping. I just bought new home design software that looks excellent, with 3-D modeling. We're including catwalks in different parts of the house, integrated to look like part of the architecture or modern art. I'm still working on an outside cat room.

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting another TCSer, Pamela, in D.C. She is the kindest nicest woman, and pretty! Of course we got to share more cat pics and stories, and I was honored to see pics of her RB Sunniday. I was so disappointed I didn't have time to see her furrkids, but definitely next visit.
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i am just waiting to start my new job which is next monday, fairly nervous about that, but i know ill be ok once im there . Although its a fair bit of travelling for the first 4 weeks because i have to do the training, but after that im in the store in my town so i cant wait.
As for events in my life??? Not much really, same old thing through the week, going out with bf and his friends/family at weekends, though thats a laugh.
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Still decorating, the main bedroom is almost finished all I need is carpet and a bed, I've been sleeping on a matress since September because I refuse to get a bed until the carpet is laid. We are going to buy the carpet tomorrow, as soon as I get a fitting date I'm ordering the bed!

I am now officially on the waiting list for a new bengal kitty, he should be with us by Christmas (touch wood).
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I have 28 more insane days in school, and I will be done. I leave my house every morning between 9-11, depending on how ambitious I am feeling, drive for a little over an hour on beautiful country roads to get to school. I do work study (filing, answering phones, making appointments, to pay my tuituion) until I have to go to the massage clinic and give 2-3 massages, then I have class from 6-10 p.m. Then I drive an hour back home and fall into bed.
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This is a great thread!

News in my life. Hmm. Hubby and I just returned from a week in Italy (It was wonderful!) We did it because we are trying to have a baby and we figure that once I get pregnant and have one, long trips will be a thing of the past! Luckily, the kitties survived with no problems while we were gone.

On Friday, my mom and I are throwing my sister in law a baby shower. She's due at the end of the month. That should be fun. It's a couples thing, so it will be more of a party than a traditional baby shower.

Work is work. I've been here nine years. I love the people and my work, I just wish they paid me more (but don't we all).

My husband is having lasik eye surgery next week, so hopefully all will go well with that.

I guess that's about it!
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Current events in my life.... hmmmmm.... there isn't much. I just dropped my algebra class so I am out of class until August 29th. I am actually a little excited about that. I really need the break. I have been thinking about volunteering at the Humane Society since I have my evenings and weekends free. I think I am gonna fill out the volunteer app this afternoon. I have a wedding to go to next weekend, my aunt is getting remarried, and thats about it event wise. My life is boring right now, I have come to accept it
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Well at the moment we have quite a few people off on holiday so were short staffed.

We have a new telephone system which is causing chaos and getting everyone stressed except me!, well is it worth it?

And because iv'e been away from the site for 4 days i need to catch up
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Let's see, I officially have no social engagements for at least the next 10 days, which is fine because work has been a real bear! We've added another person to our dept (that makes 3 of us! ) so training him means all my other tasks take a bit longer. I'm leaving on vacation in five weeks, so he's got plenty of time to get comfortable and hopefully by the time I leave I'll feel comfortable letting him do it (I have control issues )

I'm leaving July 9 to fly to MD and visit my dad, whom I unfortunately have not seen in four years, though we talk on the phone regularly. My ex now lives only 2 hrs from him, and he's been to visit him twice in the last two months, but the ex won't email me and give me an honest assessment. (Dad's over 60 and not in the greatest shape - I worry) Hoping it's just because he's busy w/his training.

Having been officially divorced for a year, I'm just now beginning to take an interest in the opposite sex again, but I'm very cautious. The last gent I exchanged numbers with lives four hours away, so IF we get together again it will be at least a couple months and combined with another trip to visit family in the area (his sister here, a friend of mine, or my cousin there, whom I need to catch up with anyway) I'm in no hurry to get back into a "relationship" and I've turned down several matchmaking offers. I'll do this at my own pace, thank you!

This was a great idea Shell!! I'm so glad to get to know everyone this way!
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Well let's see, summer classes started last night. I should be done with my degree in Dec of this year. Being the worrier I am though I'm stressing myself out with the idea that something will go wrong between now and then and I won't get to graduate. I'm trying not to let it get to me.

Work is work. I've been her almost seven years and it's about time for a change but I want to wait until I finish my degree before I make an extreme changes. I have a lot of projects going on right now that of course I don't seem to be making any progress on. I detest having to wait on other people in order to finish a project it alway makes me neverous that they aren't working at my speed. (Yeah I have control issues. )

Other than that life is pretty boring. I kinda just feel like I'm in waiting right now. Waiting for school to be finished so I can start to make the changes I want. Oh well, good planning never hurt anyone I suppose.
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Interesting thread. Lets see... Just working on my car as usual as much as I can, and trying to work on my sisters too, busy cleaning my room (which takes about 3 months ) and just the usual around the house stuff. Oh yeah, I got in a car wreck like a week ago, noone was hurt, but still shook me up a bit. My cats are all doing great, except MissKitty who has unending clumps of matted hair on her. If we get rid of them, they just come back! Seems like the only thing that would work is shaving her bald ... oh and we have a stray cat in our back yard whos really sweet. I dont want to pet him though just incase he has a contagious disease.
Thats about it,

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Originally Posted by superkitty
Last month I had the pleasure of meeting another TCSer, Pamela, in D.C. She is the kindest nicest woman, and pretty! Of course we got to share more cat pics and stories, and I was honored to see pics of her RB Sunniday. I was so disappointed I didn't have time to see her furrkids, but definitely next visit.
Superkitty-So that's why my ears were buring and red!!

I really enjoyed meeting Superkitty in person, getting to know her better and talk about cats (of course)!! And she got to see me being a KLUTZ! I spilled meat juice all over my clothes during lunch!

I am looking forward to meeting her again in the future. That's one thing I really appreciate about TCS- how there are so many awesome people out there who LOVES cats!!

What's up with me?? Hmm, I just moved into my new apt so it's a nice change. Cicadas are FINALLY starting to disappear from my area! It was almost impossible to walk down the sidewalk from my apt to my car without stepping (crunch) on cicadas!!

Things aren't so great at work so I am keeping my eyes open for another job! SHHH.. My cats are doing great. Spike has started picking a bit on Pepper so I am working on that now. They are doing great otherwise! I can't think of any other exciting news to share so I'll stop for now.
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I'm enjoying some "down time", after three solid months of marking tests and written exams. We were in Hungary last week, where we lazed at a spa and overate in terrific restaurants. I've had this week off, too, and have been sleeping till 8:30 a.m., spending too much time online, and reading (I'm halfway through Hillary Rodham Clinton's "Living History", which is fascinating; I've revised my opinion of her - she's much more down to earth than I'd given her credit for, and surprisingly forgiving of political foes). I'm birdsitting our niece's parakeets - the female is afraid of me, but the male seems to be wooing me (?) with all sorts of weird attention. He keeps trying to push birdseed into my mouth, and serenades me. It's a strange experience, as I'm not a "bird person". JC is thrilled to have us back home, and is very playful and cuddly. I'm going to hate having to go back to work!
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OK, Tricia, but how is JC taking the extra attention from the 'keet? I should think he'd be more than a bit jealous??
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I feel like I am going 90 miles per minute these days. Even though school is out for the summer, there is still plenty to do. I decided to take the summer off from having to deal with homework, so I have a long list of stuff that has to be done and things I want to do, such a reading and work on my art work! I am planning a baby shower this weekend for a friend of mine, that has turned into a nightmare than anything, actually it's not that bad, just a few things that keep popping up that I wasn't expecting. Anyway, I am getting my hair cut tonight, and I am excited about that! I love change when it comes to my hair!! WOOT! Zack and I are planning our anniversary weekend, which is still 2 months away (August 10), but we want to plan now since we decided we are going to New Braunsfels!! I have never been, but says that Schliterbahn is a lot of fun (it's a waterpark!)

I don't think I have any more news other than I wish I was home than here at work!

Oh, and I love my new position as a Mentor! I have to be online as much as possible now!

Have a great day!
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Current events? I live a very boring life! Lol, actually I'm still working on 10 of 11 memory quilts for my friend who's dad passed away, we have a 300 serving wedding to cater Sat afternoon, Decoration where my FIL is buried Sunday, with lunch at my MIL's house........hmmm, my garden is planted and growning and WET as all get out right now......
we have another smaller wedding to do in two weeks for one of Charlies' nephews.....not even sure what else is going on, just trying right now to make it through the weekend! (If anyone sees someone flying by them tonight or tomorrow, its probably me on a sugar high, we're making white chocolate cheesecakes, white-chocolate dipped macadamia/coconut balls, croissants w/ chick. salad, ham & Cheese and roast beef, sweet and sour meatballs, sausage balls and I forget what else for Saturdays wedding tonight and tomorrow night).
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
OK, Tricia, but how is JC taking the extra attention from the 'keet? I should think he'd be more than a bit jealous??
My in-laws are away, and the parakeets are in their dining room (I don't trust JC - he's smart enough to figure out how to open the cage - any cat that can make phone calls or operate the VCR and DVD player wouldn't have much trouble "breeching" a bird cage). I go over there every morning and evening, and try to spend "quality time" with the birdies. They seem to like being talked to. I tell Jamie that I have to "go feed the birdies", and find him sitting in the kitchen window waiting for me when I get back. He's not being neglected - my husband is also on vacation right now.
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JC operates the VCR and DVD??!!?? Can I send him to live w/my mom so she'll stop calling me in the evenings??

Does he react to the birds' scent at all? If I love up on anyone else's pets, Bella has to give me a good sniff and maybe a nibble, just to be sure I'm still me!
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
JC operates the VCR and DVD??!!?? Can I send him to live w/my mom so she'll stop calling me in the evenings??

Does he react to the birds' scent at all? If I love up on anyone else's pets, Bella has to give me a good sniff and maybe a nibble, just to be sure I'm still me!
JC loves electronic devices, and "buttons". I'm hard of hearing, so our phone is hooked up to an amplifier, and any calls made are set up so that the reply is amplified and shown as a text message. The VCR and DVD player are pre-programmed to broadcast with subtitles.
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