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Photos of Bük, Hungary

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These are the famous hot springs. The main building has three pools of varying temperatures, and there are around 9 outdoor or indoor/outdoor pools:

There are platforms on top of houses and telephone poles for the storks, which are all over the place, and quite loud when they "clap" their beaks:

Hubby couldn't resist working in the garden at his parents' place, even though he was on vacation:

The house is typical: a narrow front, but with a side deck within a closed courtyard. Most streets in most Hungarian towns look just like this one:

It's very easy to lose your way, because the towns and countryside are rather monotonous.
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Thanks for sharing those Tricia! I always enjoy seeing pictures of other countries. My in-laws visited Hungary a few months ago and really enjoyed it.
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They are lovely photos- the hot pools look so nice!

Thanks for sharing.
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I wish I go there! It look fun!
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Oh my , Storks I have not seen any of thos beautiful birds for the longest time . I am so happy you shared all those pics with us , I really enjoy them . Thank you
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Glad to hear that you like the pictures. I love Hungary, and can recommend it as a great place to vacation. It's very much like the U.S. Midwest: flat and agricultural. Tourism is one of its main industries, and everything is ridiculously cheap in comparison to Western Europe. The spa in Bük charges $4 admission for the day (8 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the summer season), and that includes unlimited hot showers and checking clothing/valuables. The pools are surrounded by a very large, verdant park, and there are 3 cafeterias, a restaurant, and numerous snack bars with outdoor seating. If you're dieting, Hungary is not the place to go. The restaurants seem to compete as far as who offers the biggest portions, and a full course dinner, with local wine, runs about $10 for two. We use my in-laws' vacation home, which is located about 5 miles from Bük, but Bük itself is full of bed and breakfasts, running about $10 - $15 dollars a night per person, with private baths and satellite TV. Hungarian is a difficult language, but English is widely spoken in large cities, and outside the cities most of the staff in shops and restaurants speak fluent German, because of the number of Austrian, German and Swiss tourists. In addition to the sulphur springs and Budapest (breathtaking), Lake Balaton in the south is a real magnet (but reminds me a bit of Wildwood, N.J.), and there are numerous casinos and "csardas". A csarda is sort of like an upscale "dude ranch" - generally a hotel, gourmet restaurant and riding school rolled into one, often with a golf course and hiking trails. Many tourists go to Hungary for favorably priced dental care, plastic surgery and laser optical surgery. We've been going there for 14 years, and always enjoy ourselves.
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Love the photos, especially the stork platforms!

Greg and I were vacationing in Budapest last summer and oh my was it wonderful!! We had no idea what to expect as it was part of a big eastern europe tour we took, but we just fell in love with the city itself and even just driving through the country stopping at little towns was fantastic! We definitely have plans to revisit Budapest one day.
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Budapest is a very special city. We visited it back in the old "Iron Curtain" days, and even then it was so much more vibrant than other Eastern European cities (East Berlin was the pits, IMO). People from other Warsaw Pact nations used to joke that Hungary had its own brand of communism, which they called "goulash communism", which I understood to mean a mixture of "a little bit of this, and a little bit of that". The people there embraced capitalism early and in a big way.
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