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that cat looks in horrible position i hope you get him all cleaned up and he also looks like a persian to me.
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Sweetie, he has been cleaned up for over a year. He is in a new home and happy as a clam.
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Originally Posted by hissy
Debi doesn't have any recent photos of starlight- but here are some from my archives-

Here you go princee!
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I had total knee replacement Jan 3, 2006. Starlight had to go stay with my friend. He is having a wonderful time. He's taking turns chasing a Pomeranian around the house. I felt I just couldn't coup with a walker & him too. As it is, some of my parrots are terrified of my walker. Surgery went very well, but recovery has had some set backs. My whole leg is very swollen & I have cellulitis. But Dr. thinks we have rounded the corner recovery wize. I have lots of pain at night & Starlight slept with me...so I figured I needed to get over that part.
While I was in Hospital & Rehab I was worried he might get out the door(I had 4 pet sitters to take care of my minagery). So right now he's sleeping on a kingsize bed with a lady who thinks he's wonderful.
Hopefully he will come home soon.
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I wouldn't give him back! I am glad to hear from you Debi and sorry to hear about your surgery. I have a friend that just had that done, and he entered into a rehab center for 8 weeks because of the pain. Take care of yourself and that scamp of a kitty!
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good to hear hes doing so well
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What a gorgeous boy!! I missed all the pictures, but didn't he scrub up nice?!
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I'm glad that he is doing good! Just found this thread and was Shocked at how he first looked. Such a transformation!!!
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MA, bless you for being the angel that rescued Starlight. There were tears in my eyes when I read your end of the story page. Starlight looks adorable in the "after" pictures. Debi you are a lucky mummy!
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hope your recovery goes well Debi - give that handsome boy a big kiss from all of us
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Awww!!!! It's been well over a year since I've visited the site, and I remember Starlight's story when he was newly discovered and in such poor shape.

He looks like a different kitty...what a special cat! Who knew he would end up such a celebrity on TCS, and such a beautiful boy!
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Two years ago I drove out to Highway 5 to meet Jimmy Frost at a truck stop. It was the end of June, first of July. Boy was it HOT!!!
On Memorial Day weekend MA and her husband went out in the night to help a small lost kitty. She rescued the BEST kitty in the world!!
I decided that Memorial Day weekend would be...Starlights birthday.
Here we are almost at his 3rd birthday. MA's vet figured Starlight was about a year old when she rescued him.
He's the best!! Best cat I've ever had! Thank you MA for chosing me for Starlights forever home.
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Seems like yesterday! Starlight sure is a special kitty, and it's so lovely to hear that he's doing well. And of course such a special fellow DOES need to have a birthday of his own.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Dear Starlight! Many scritches!
I'll bet you've got a headbutt or six for that wonderful human of yours.

You wouldn't happen to have some recent pictures of our lovely boy, would you? Pretty please?
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It does seem like yesterday, doesn't it
Happy Birthday sweet boy

Add me to the list for wanting to see pictures It has been a while
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I just read about Starlight's incredible journey for the first time.
Bless all of you who helped this amazing boy.
What a sweetie.

Happy 3rd Birthday Starlight.

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I'm not particularly fond of the Persian look, but I certainly couldn't stop myself from following this poor cat's story with bated breath, and I loved the account of his beautiful personality. I'd love to meet him... he sounds like a charming cat. And who can resist that beautiful fur?
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I just saw the thread today. Oh my gosh! I can't believe someone did that!! Who has the heart to treat an innocent creature that way?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! What a beautiful kitty, and so pitiful of condition. I got so upset when I opened the thread and say that poor kitty.
Anyway, I am so glad that Starlight is all better and happy now!!!!
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I also just found this thread! Wow - this is an amazing story with such a happy ending! God Bless all of you that were involved with his rescue! People like you are such a gift to this world!

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wow that is sad. I bet when you clean the cat up it will be beautiful
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Originally Posted by Krazycatlover
wow that is sad. I bet when you clean the cat up it will be beautiful
I assume you only read the initial few pages of this thread. Starlight was first found 2 years a go and is now living in his forever home and being treated like the prince that he so deserves If you go back through the last pages I am sure there are some photos of what he looks like now
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Geez guys you should have a warning to not start reading this late at night!! It was 11:30, and I just had to check something on the laptop before I went to bed, and popped in here "briefly" and found Starlight's story. It is now 12:10am (!!!) and I have just got through the 40 pages!! I'd hate to think how much longer it would have taken if all those posts hadn't gone missing in the server crash!

Good on everyone involved for giving him a chance, he's certainly showing he's very appreciative of it!

What a great story
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Starlight & I spent sat evening at the emergancy vets. There was a worry he had saddle thrombosis. Luckily it's a dislocated knee. No thrombosis!
He has redislocated it 4 to 6 times since sat night...so it looks like he may need surgery. We'll see what my vet says next week, or as soon as I can get in. I'm sure you will all hope for the best!
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OOOOOOOOO, Starlight, baby! I hope he gets this sorted out without too much fuss -- hopefully no surgery, but if it's what is needed then, we'll just fire whole bunches of TCS board magic and vibes and prayers his way.

Thanks you for letting us know. Please let us know how it goes with the vet this week.
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aww, everything crossed for him.
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Poor baby! Sending lots of healthy vibes for little Starlight that his knee is OK!
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Starlight! Stay off that knee!
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Vibes for Starlight
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Ohh Debi, My cowabunga kitty One has to wonder what he went through before he was liberated from that field. Please let me know via email what happens and I will be sure and pass it on to Jimmy as well.
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I just started reading this thread and feel for the poor thing. Thank you for taking care of him.

It did remind me of a dog my husband and I helped many years ago. We lived in an apartment complex when we first got married and there was a little long haired dog named Teddy that had the run of the place. One of the ladies that worked in the office owned him but never groomed him and he was always covered in matts and smelled terrible.

On morning my husband & I saw Teddy outside our place trying to go potty but just couldn't. He was so matted that his backside was all plugged up. I don't think there was a spot on him that didn't have a thick matt. We couldn't take seeing him like that any more and brought him into our apartment, got out the scizzors and got to work. I gave him a puppy cut all over and then we bathed him. You should have seen the relief on little Teddy's face!

Well the next day I ran into Teddy's owner who was furious. She told me how someone had cut off all of Teddy's hair and if she found out who had the gall to do that to her dog they would be in big trouble. Needless to say I kept my mouth shut and just said goodluck to her and asked how Teddy was feeling.
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Any news on Starlight?? How is his knee???
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