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Beautifully written story for such a beautiful little boy!
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I love this board!!!!

Starlight has found a new home, and will soon be traveling, courtesy of Uncle Fester! Jimmy will be picking Starlight up and trucking him in first class style to his new home, a tiny beach community in California, near Sacramento! There he will join two other Persian cats and a few parrots and live is style and comfort befitting his royal highness!

He went to the vet's today and got the all-clear, and the thumbs up for a job well done. He is such a little doll and though he only has been in our life a short time, he has made a tremendous impact on both of us. He gave me a reality check in Persians, and he quickly crawled into my heart where he will remain even after I kiss him goodbye for his road trip!
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YAY for Starlight! Sounds like he's going to a great home, and you couldn't ask for a better limo than Jimmy's semi. Talk about a ssssstttttrrrrreeeettttcccchhhhh (pun fully intended).
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Wonderful! Yay for Uncle Fester and Starlight and the new owners, and kudos to those who found Starlight and you and Mike for all your caring, loving attentions to him. I'm sure Starlight has felt like he hit the kitty-kat jackpot (aka food/treats/bed/loving/massages/coatcare and catnip).
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Yippe! MA, can you give him a hung fron Auntie Talon? Also let him know to keep his tail away from the parrots - they thing cats tails are great toys!
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Yea!!! I'm so glad he found a home!! I hope the new owners will keep in touch, at least with you, if not on TCS . . . he's such a gorgeous kitty.
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Wonderful news MA, I'm sure he'll love his new forever home.

And yes, you have done such a wonderful, marvellous job with him - he'll definitely be one we remember for a long time to come.
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Congratulations, Starlight!
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What a wonderful success story. Hooray for Starlight and his Mommy who nursed him better.
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Lovely story- and very happy that he has found a new home. I hope the new owners will send the occasional update and photo.
Glad you understand now why some of us love Persians so much -despite the extra care they need.
So kind of Uncle Fester ensuring he will arrive safely
Such a credit to you that he has done so well!
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Awwwww Starlight has a loving home to go to
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This is wonderful news
I am sooooooooo happy for Starlight , now he got a new loving mom
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That is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My name is Debi. I live near San Luis Obispo,CA. In the next few weeks, Starlight will be coming to live with me. I've had cats for over 50 years, persians for 18. Currently I have 2 rescue persians. One has PKD & oxolate crystals. The other ones new to me & pretty shy. Pug wants to be friends with her, but Cleo is still in the hissing stage. I also have several parrots. That's why my user name is otisbird. One of my rescue parrots(yes, they need rescuing too) walks around on the floor. Everyone get along fine with each other. I will try to post more pictures of Starlight as he settles in. His story was so heart renching. Thank you MA for taking such good care of him! You're his angle.
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Hi otisbird nice meeting you

It sounds to me that Starlight will have a wonderfull home at your place and I am so happy for you and for Starlight . My congrats on your new baby And for sure we all are , including me looking forward to see more pics of Starlight and maybe also some pics of the rest of your baby's
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Hello Otisbird, it so good to meet you and hear about your lovely family. We are all excited that Starlight is to have a forever home. He is very special to TCS. Please let us know how he gets on.
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Hi Debi!

Nice to see you here and posting. I am sure that if you don't post pictures someone from this board would be knocking on you door soon enough demanding that you do! He has been through so much and I really feel the two of you deserve each other.

We just played another game of peek-a-boo on the stairs! Guys Star is so funny, he lays up on the top landing of the stairs and when he hears me coming, he hides behind the corner of the closet at the top of the stairs. Then he cautiously peers down at me (I am on the bottom step of 15 stairs. I duck down so he can't see me, and I watch, and pretty soon reallllly slllloooow- he peeps down and me, ducks back behind the closet and we play peek a boo! LOL He's such a clown. Then when I go upstairs, he actually will chase me from one room to the next playing with me. Man Debi, he is wearing me out! I can't wait till he is trucking his way to your place and then he can wear YOU out! LOL
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Originally Posted by hissy
Hi Debi!

Man Debi, he is wearing me out! I can't wait till he is trucking his way to your place and then he can wear YOU out! LOL

What a great effort by everyone involved with this rescue! Congrats to all for making such a difference!

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I just happy endings!
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Great to meet you, Debi! Look forward to hearing more about Pug and Cleo! Glad to hear starlight will have such a wonderful home!
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Hi Debi. I am so glad this special little guy will be living with you in his new furrever home. From MA's last post, it seems he is a real ham with a wonderful, playful, loving purrsonality.
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Nice to meet you Debi. You're getting one heck of a special kitty, and it sounds as if he's getting one heck of a special home. You may have noticed, we like pics, so we'll be looking forward to meeting your current crew and keeping in touch with our little sweetie Starlight.

Welcome to TCS!
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Kumbulu did this, and it says it all!

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Starlight is a little miracle. How beautiful he looks. A lovely reward for all your hard work MA.
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I just heard........ The Starlight Express has just left home, and is bound for the West Coast where he will pick up Starlight and take him straight to his waiting mama's arms!! Hmm any bets on how long it will take the semi to get here?
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Starlight I am so excited for you But MA you are going to miss him like mad.
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That's beautiful, Tania, and so true! When I get my printer working, I'm going to print a copy of that picture as a reminder!
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I can e-mail you a larger version if you'd like. Just PM me your e-mail address.
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I'm so glad I checked in here tonight! I'm SO excited Starlight has found a new home and with someone with great experience in Persians. Debi when you emailed me I didn't realise you're going to be Starlights new mummy,or I would have congratulated you!!! I can really see his personality over the pictures, he looks like such a lovebug. Debi I hope you post pics of your other Persians and your parrots. I'm sure Starlight will have a fun trip with Jimmy!

and to TCS this wouldn't be possible if this board wasn't around- Another life saved.

I'm all teary, this is just so great.
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In a few days time, I will be handing over this delightful cat into the care of Uncle Fester. On his journey he will meet Zoey and Bari the lovemaster (as Jimmy calls him) and I know that Jimmy will be a good cat guardian until Starlight rests in his new mama's arms. I have to thank this cat for showing me a world I would have not seen otherwise. I admit to swallowing the myths about breed cats, and rescuing scruffy ferals I never really thought about other cats but them. My profound apologies now to all those who own breed specific cats as well as the ethical breeders who support the lines. I guess, I was a feral snob, without realizing it.

Having Starlight in the house has shown me the incredible devotion that people who own Persians (and other breeds) must have in order to keep up with the energy level, the grooming and personal care etc. Every morning, I will go upstairs and straighten out the cat room, because he loves to romp and he romps and slides all over the place, turning over cat bowls, crumpling up carpeting, flipping books off of shelves. He does two of the funniest things. His turbo scratcher is on a tile floor. He stands back and watches it carefully and when I start the ball in the trac, he runs full throttle toward it, jumping in the middle of the toy, and sliding across the room onto the landing of the stairs! Cowabunga! My boogie board kittie! He loves this game, and when I put the turbo scratcher on the carpet, he looked so insulted and wouldn't even glance at it, but when i put it back on the tile, he went tile surfing again! LOL

He also wants me to chase him, and I know it is a game because he runs up to me and circles my feet several times, then bats my ankle and takes off like a shot into the bedroom. So after a few times of trying to figure this behavior out, I figured he wants me to chase him, so I did. He looks behind him at me several times in the hallway, then slides under the bed. If I walk around the bed, he tags me in the ankles and then he chases me, down the hallway, up the stairs and across the two rooms! LOL If I did that to my ferals they would turn around and nail me, but with him it is high enjoyment.

I will miss him a lot. I am grateful again to all who saved him, to Cass who alerted me and to God for blessing me with his presence. I have no qualms about Debi being his new mom. Her emails and phone calls have shown that she has his best interest at heart, she knows Persians and understands them and so although my heart will be heavy when I hand him over. I know I made the best possible choice for both Starlight and for Debi. I thank all of you who helped me with this little guy, and I am sticking this thread, because it is such a journey of hope and optimism and a true testament of human kindness. It celebrates the resilent courage of a little kitty that against all odds found hope and a new life where before there was only darkness and despair.
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