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do you think they know?

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I am just wondering something...
How are your animals acting?
Mine are unusually quiet and laid back. They seem to sniff at the air more then normal like they know something is wrong, but are not sure what that is...
Usually they are aloof and runing around like terrors so it made me think that they know something is wrong.
They are also exteremly loving and brush my legs everytime I walk anywhere close to them.
Do you think they know something happened?
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Yes I do - Mine are acting more placid and almost saddened.
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Mine know something is going on. When I got home last night, all of them except for one were all over my bed wanting to be near me. It's weird how animals can sense things like that. A couple of people at work also said their pets were very clingy (for a better word).

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They are all either in the new room, or the house. Bailey who rarely graces me with his appearance has wanted to lap sit all day. Scatter and Kahuna are constantly meowing. How they know that Mike and I are so affected by something that happened thousands of miles away, I don't know. I am not openly crying anymore, but I am openly sad....
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I agree. mine sleep with us only sporadically. last night Robert had guard duty from 11pm until 4am. One of my kitties slept between my legs all night long. she never does that. I felt like she was trying to comfort me.
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Mine are acting the complete opposite, they are truly wired, they have not stopped literally since I started watching this on TV. I think they sense the stress and are trying to relieve it in some way. It's truly amazing what pets can sense
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All day yesterday, as I sat watching television broadcasts of that awful news, my two cats (Michaela and Tonya) were much more serene than usual; and they would take turns coming to me and just looking at me. As I scurried about today, preparing to leave for an appointment, they seemed much more energetic รขโ‚ฌโ€ "back to normal"!

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They say animals have the ability to "sense" things. I think in some way, mine knew that something was wrong. I guess that being upset about this reflected on their behavior. But I don't think that I have been acting to much out of the ordinary, other then worrying about friends and family that live in NY, but i don't think that was so outwardly noticeable...maybe they can sense a change in moods and aura or something?
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I truly believe that most house pets are psychic - which makes sense because they depend on us so much but we do not speak the same language. I don't believe they know what happened, but I do believe they respond to our moods. Sparky doesn't go out (we don't let him) but Blackie has surely stayed close to home the last day or two. He goes into the front garden only when we leave the house, and he waits under the shrubbery until we come home. Then he enters the house with me (not with hubby or daughter, guess we're bonded) without being called or coaxed. In a day or two he'll probably be back to chasing birds, but he does seem subdued right now.
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My cats have been acting very quiet today. Normally, they are energetic, and meow/purr a lot. Two of them fight most of the time, but they haven't bothered each other since yesterday. It's as if they know something is wrong.
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That's an interesting question. I don't recall them acting diffently, but then again...they're very playful most of the time. I do know that Opie and Murph had d......h...ya know, but with Immodium, KMR, and babyfood that was cleared, something to think about.

PS..No, I will not post a picture of that
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They have been sitting with me on the couch, hearing me cry as I pet them and thank God we are not physically closer to all the turmoil.

So yes, I feel they do know.
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Granted they don't grab the remote control and switch channels, though Kahuna loves to chew on the remote. But they are attune (if they love us) to our feelings and they know when something is wrong or off-kilter. All mine are still staying close to the living room this is where I have been lately, but then not being able to get up and get mobile might be part of why they are doing this.They are used to me flying around doing all sorts of activities during the day.
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I think they are reacting to us. Well here in Australia anyway. The dogs have been very clingy, staying close by my side. Basil is always clingy, so it's hard to say. Tasha, however absolutely loves the scrolling text updates along the bottom of the screen. You can always count on your pets to bring a smile.

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I really dont think they "know" whats going on. I think that if you see a response from a cat or dog it has more to do with their reaction to thier person. I have seen every one of my animals respond to emotional changes in the house. In this case, we were all very emotional here and we also sat on the couch for 4 hours watching. The cats and dog I am sure were very confused since we never spend that much time in front of the tv.
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I think animals in general have sort of ESP about "things".

Having gone through earthquakes in CA, I know animals act "different" right before. Im not sure though that they are aware of events that have occured, such as this one. Perhaps they act differently because we act differently...

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I personally don't think my dogs or cats have a CLUE that something is terribly wrong in the world, they only know that something is not right in THEIR world, because moma (me) is upset, and they can sense that, and even though they don't understand it, it bothers them, because they love me.
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My "kid" Patches knew what went on that terrible day, she came over to me wanting me to pet her and give her affection. My Roomate's "kid" Tiger did the same thing. Moreover, I think that cats are very smart and they can sense as well as dogs can, when their owner is in pain or upset. so they know what's going on.
and plus, their eyes were glued to the tv the entire time.
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Mine have been behaving strangely since the news came on Tuesday a.m. I ususually turn on cnn when I get up and they don't notice. My big guy, Leo cries if he can't see me, Fred, my oldest is crying at the windows, the baby, George is constantly next to me, and my little Pearl is all over me. She is usually aloof and stays to herself. I guess they are picking up on the stress and emotion. I went to work today and when I got home they all acted like I had been gone for weeks!
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Awwwwwwwww...sorry to hear that KrazyKat

You know, in my experiences from either reading or watching a great documentory on cats or other animals, I do think that cats feel or know something will happen prior to the actual event.

Scientists have recorded that a cats behaviour changes just prior to an earthquake or other natural disasters. I believe that animals (not just cats) must have some type of innate understanding or perception of Mother Earth; heck they live in the wild and survive many, many ordeals! ie; weather, sickness, disease, predators, injuries...etc...they must have somethin' going on that we don't.

So in my humble opinion, it's certainly a possibility that they could've known.. But, that's a bit tricky...However, I know for fact that my cats pick up on my emotions...that's for sure.

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Neither of my cats seemed to pick up on anything. As a matter of fact, I told them that in their own way they were lucky to be oblivious.

On the other hand, when Tropical Storm Gabrielle blew through here yesterday and today, they were both visibly upset. Animals can sense stuff with the weather. Squirt was meowing all morning on Friday before the storm actually got bad here.
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I agree with Boo, I think our pets take their cue from us and react accordingly. If our mood or routine has changed, our cats will act accordingly
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I have always heard animals can sense things that are happening in their surroundings. Smokey was nervous all day that Tropical Storm Gabrielle was supposed to hit Florida. I mean before it even hit or before it started raining and wind blowing. When I have been sick or my husband had surgery, our pets have cuddled and been especially gentle with us.

My little dog, Skipper, used to lick my hand when I was sad or crying as a child. He just seemed to know I needed special attention and would come lay beside me looking at me with sad eyes.

As far as the tragedy of Tuesday, I think they can feel our anxiety and saddness.
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