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I have said to Chris before - if only my home was as big as my heart - I would start my own little shelter/ farm

much to Chris' look of shock - and then he tells me to get back to work
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Ring around and do some chatting with some people about how you can help. Here is a list for you. Remember, helping out at an animal welfare organisation can involve anything from scooping litterboxes, fostering (including pregnant cats and kittens) and even helping out with paperwork or computer work like flyers or helping with web sites.
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thanks for the link - I will certainly make some calls this week!!
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Kumbulu, thanks.

I know one of our local groups gets a booth at the local street fair every month during the summer and sells arts and crafts, other baked goods, and has donation boxes.

They seem to do pretty well...
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This thread is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.
I salute each and everyone of you for helping and trying to help the ferals.
I know it is a hard 24/7/365 job but the rewards are so great.
The feeling I get when I see the numbers start to drop due to my efforts of getting the cats spayed and neutered...well it is euphoria to me.
I am so sorry for the folks who live in Aus. I know how hard it is to change minds of people who don't believe in TNR. They won't even listen to reason. It was like that where I live until they saw the changes taking place over the past 2 years. Now they pretty much leave me and the kitties alone.
I live in Ohio, USA and the laws here concerning cats is pretty much non existant. One can pretty much do whatever they want to a cat and no not too many people care. One law I do know of is that authorities cannot come in your home and take your kitties. They must give you 24 hours notice first. For this law I am thankful.
God bless all of you for caring and helping the kitties.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. To see some of the kitties I have rescued over the years please click on links below.


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Nan..this is a bit OT...but how are things in Akron, OH these days? I remember last year there was quite a stir about how "anti CAT...not just anti TNR" they were.

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