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Picture of a ghost

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Oooh, spooky! Picture is at the end of the article.

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Imagine seeing that in your house late at night!.
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creepy! ::censor::censor::censor::
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That is too cool!!!!!!!! I live really close to Brecon. There is also a very good 'ghost tour' at Llancaiach Fawr Manor near Caerphilly. The BBC even has a ghostcam at Llancaiach Fawr. I went on the night tour a couple of years back, they only do them in the winter so it's really dark, it was a blast. Here is an article form the BBC by someone who went on the tour.
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That's spooky looking!
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This is kind of off topic, but for those who live in Wales, my family comes from Tywyn area. My great grandfather talked about it alot, and so my boyfriend and I were hoping to take a trip there possibly next summer. Is anyone from that area? Is there anything of particular interest we should see? I'm not interested in the gimicky traveler type things, but more in the historical aspects. Thanks!
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that is so spooky
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It looks like an ordinary shadow, to me.
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Zero light...hmmm...

I'd suspect a sony digital camera was used for this, and being somewhat familiar with them, most have an infrared assist light...

Note the glare in the left side of the photo...either it is an apparation too, or there IS a light source.

I would say shadow.

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It looks like a shadow to me as well..........hmmmmmmm.
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Grissom - is that Tywyn Cardigan Bay?
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Jeeperscat--Yes, its right by the bay.
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It's looks like a shadow of the person snapping the picture! and yes there is a light source, Be it a digital or a normal Camera there are filters you can put over a lense giving the picture a tint to it. so ya chances are it just a shadow.
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