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Hiding my cats from landlord

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This is my 1st post and plan on spending many hours here. I was hoping you may be able to help me with my situation.
I have 2 cats "Kiki" and "Ally". they were both adopted from the humane society within the last 5 years. Kiki had her left eye poked out fom abuse from past owner. I took her under my wing and showered her with love for the past 5 years to get human tust back. Ally is 3 and I have had her 2.5 years. They are such good cats and have never had any accidents or caused any damages at any place I have ever rented.
I recently moved back to Wisconsin to be with my family. I rented a huge duplex. They allowed dogs so I figured cats were ok too. WELL I WAS WRONG!They saw Ally and Kiki in the window. They informed me to get rid of the cats. I cant do that! I am going to hide them and risk consequences. My neighbors are fine with it. I am locking them in a bdrm during day and then velcroing shades closed at night so they cant get behind them. I also purchased a floor screen to keep them out of kitchen at night time when im home. Does anyone else have any tips? My landlord must give a 12 hour notice to come over so they cant barge in. They will never be seen if they dont go in the window.
I know this sound s cruel but I plan on buying a house in the next 6 months or so and then everything will be fine. I just cant give my cats to anyone and really dont trust anyone else.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Why would you want to keep them out of the kitchen? Is there anyway your family can take your kitties for a little while until you can get out of there and get your own house?
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My girl friend does this with her bunny - she brings him to her brothers for the day when she know the land lord needs to do work in the apartment.
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you obviously love your cats very much but i agree with jugen, is there nobody else like family who can help?
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I have nobody that can take them. I have to keep thm out of the kitchen because there is a huge patio window that they can sneak behind the blinds and look outside. IF they get caught in the window I will be busted. If there was someone that could help I would take them there immediately. I just have to keep them out of the windows so if the landlord drove by she could not see them. They do have windows to look out from a distance from the cat tree so at least im not totally closing them off from the outside world I just need to keep them hidden till I can get a house of my own to live in.
Im home every night after 5pm and on weekends so they will get a lot of attention when I get home.
I do love my cats dearly and will do anything to keep them happy and in my posession.
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I'd move from that apartment. I have been in your situation in the past though. A new owner took over my former apartment building. He told me the cats had to go. I refused and so he gave me a notice to get rid of them or move. I moved.
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Have you tried to talk to your landlord and find out why she's so anti cat? Maybe in the past she had one that sprayed or something. If she met your kitties and found out that you're a responsible pet owner, maybe her attitude would change. I can't understand why a dog would be OK and a cat not, maybe she just hates cats for no valid reasons.
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Originally Posted by Gus's Mom
Have you tried to talk to your landlord and find out why she's so anti cat? Maybe in the past she had one that sprayed or something. If she met your kitties and found out that you're a responsible pet owner, maybe her attitude would change. I can't understand why a dog would be OK and a cat not, maybe she just hates cats for no valid reasons.

The landlord once had a problem with a lady having 6 cats in her place unknown years ago. When this lady moved out they had to replace all the floor boards and also venting systems had to be cleaned intensely because of all the cat hair and urine inside. She has now Banned cats. I tried to talk to her and was bawling my eyes out for hours at her office. I just told her I was giving them to my sister and we are in good terms now. Im not real worried about her seeing them anymore but wanted to see if anyone had any tips to keep them out of the windows and also happy.
Thanks for everything guys.
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I am sorry to hear what you're going through!! I know how frustrating it is regarding apts and not allowing cats in! I recently had to move out of my old basement apt and had a HARD time finding an apt that would accept 4 cats! I thought about lying but I decided not to for moral reasons AND also I knew I'd always be worried about being caught cuz I KNOW my cats LOVES to look out windows and I'd be busted when ppl sees my cats in the windows.

What I had to do was look for a place that'd accept 4 cats. I found several and now am living in an apt that accepts cats. I am not crazy about the outside environment (Not really safe), etc but my priority was the cats.

Are you SURE u will be buying a house WITHIN 6 months? If so, then I guess u could try to hide them in ur apt. What I'd suggest is have lots of toys for them to play with. Also maybe buy some cat videos and leave tv on so they can "watch" birdies, etc? That might keep them amused so they won't miss window so much for a while?

You said you aren't so worried about your landlord now? if so, then don't worry about the cats being seen thru windows?? I mean that's a BIG source of entertainment for cats- watching thru windows..

These are only ideas.. I know the feeling- I cannot give my babies up and will do anything to keep them. The important thing at this time is to make sure they are happy, in a safe place, that all their needs are met and I know you are striving for that..

Hope others might have further ideas, etc.. Wish I could be of more help...
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Hi Kristi and welcome to TCS. When I was renting with a company that was anti-cats, my housemate would put the cats in their carriers about half an hour before the real-estate agent was due, put them in the car, drive a little down the road and then bring the cats home once he left. Of course, all litter trays, toys, bowls etc were hidden in cupboards and you'd never know there were even cats there. I have a couple of suggestions. Could you offer the owner a pet bond of as much as you can afford? That way, she can be safe in the knowledge that if there is any damage by the cats (I wouldn't imagine there would be), she has your bond. Next, you can show her references from other people you've rented from (perhaps in another state) while you've had your cats. These people don't actually have to be real (don't tell anyone I said that LOL) and I'm sure one or two of your friends and family members would be willing to help out there. The next thing you can do is use a product called sticky paws wherever you don't want the cats to sit, in this case, the window sills. Also, you can tape screening around the whole window alcove so the curtains can still be open and you can reach behind and open the window when you need to but the cats can't sit on the sill. Good luck with finding a solution.
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I am not allowed to have Dori because I haven't paid a pet deposit. Which is $500.00! I can not afford that, they won't make payment arrangements. I am lucky enough though to live in a very large apartment complex. The leasing office and the management office are 2 seperate offices and they don't communicate. I have had maintenance over several times, and they have never known I am not supposed to have her. I even post a little sticky note not to let her outside when they come in. I understand having to "sneak" your cats inside so you can keep them, but it must be so much harder when you know the owner could go by at any minute If your getting a house in 6 months I think they will be ok as long as they have a lot to entertain them. Cats love to look out windows and it will be hard for them, and you as well to live with the blinds stuck closed. But it keeps you all together and safe. At least its only for 6 months. Good luck!
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I guess im trying to psych myself up that she wont see them. The blinds are velcroed and only open when i have the cats locked in the bdrm. The only way she would ever know was if she came into my place without my permission. That legally cant happen per lease. She has to give a 12 hour notice and the neighbors have lived there 4 years and they have ever had to come in once.
Yes I am going to buy a house in the next 6 months. Im just waiting for one in my price range to come up. I cant go through this again and also finacially cant pay another security deposit to get a new place right now.I had to pay $2K to just move into this place a month ago!
I just wanted to see if there were any tips on how people have hid there cats and also to keep them out of the windows. They have tons of room to run around as its a 2500 sq foot duplex and also sky lights in the bathroom. I just cant let them close to the window because im on a main street and she will see them for sure if she ever drove by and anyone working for her may too .
I thanks everyone for the encouragement and tips This is a great site!
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Sorry I don't have any great suggestions to offer, I do think Tania had a good idea with the screen material. At least then you could have the curtains/blinds open and let some sun in without the cats being able to get inside. I guess what makes it tough is that she all ready knows about the cats and is aware if your situation. If I got caught (and I hope no one reading this thinks I am a horrible person for this, I really am a very honest person)I have this whole story to tell about how I just just found my cat outside and had to keep her and did plan on paying the pet deposit but I just had to do vet visits and shots etc. Then I would have to let my phone, cable, etc. be disconnected so I could afford the pet deposit. $500 is alot for a cat, especially when I am such a neat freak and my apartment is spotless. I would never, ever get rid of her and I would absolutely pay a pet deposit if they forced me to, but I am very sure they will never know the difference.
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You guys are the best. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Im still trying to figure outhow I can do the screen thing without the landlord seeing it through the window. My cats also like to spider man on the screens so that may not work. I may try to get that sticky paw stuff and see if that works. How the heck do people hide there cats when there are windows all over? I hate that im being dishonest with my landlord but im in a bind and Im so mad that they will take a 200lb dog and not my 2 babies. I feel ike a kid rebelling against the system. Things would be differnet if I was not looking to buy a house right now and in a financial strain for a month or so.
M y boyfriend was doing a side roofing job this weekend and wanted me to come visit him 40 minutes away and I told him I needed to cat proof my place and spend time with my cats before lockdown sunday. I did not even see him this weekend cuz my cats come first!!! Im such a mommy..
Thanks again everyone and other suggestions are greatly appreciated! YOu have a new regular poster here!!
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We had Shadow for 3 and a half years in an appartment that didn't allow pets of any kind. I was home schooled so we were virtually never apart but we did go away, the landlord lived in an appartment a floor above us and had to come in numerous times and te owner even came in once and they never knew we had a cat. We put a stuffed dog that was the same size as Shadow in th front window so at night the eyes would shine off them from cars, and during the day if Shadow was ever seen we could say it must have been the dog.
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that is a good ideal...the stuff annimal in the window...its worth a try.... good luck I sure do feel for you.....keep your babys.
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That is a great idea stuffed anials in the window. I have to get 2 though cuz Kiki is calico color and Ally is white. They made it through there 1st day in hiding so so far so good. Thanks for everything guys! Let rebel against those cat hating landlords! I tried everything including offering to have all floor boards and carpet replaced after I moved wether there was damage or not. They would not go for anything. They said if they made an exception for me than other tenets would ask. They own like 50 units thoughout my town. I live in a duplex and only have 1 neighbor and she is so cool and offered to take the cats if the landlord ever had to enter. I babysit her kid so she would never say anything.
Im off to buy sticky paws tonight and again thanks for the tips and understanding from everyone. I feel terrible doing this but MY CATS COME FIRST!!
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Just wanted to say welcome to the wonderful world of hiding you babies from your landlord!!! I to have the same kind of landlord and was almost in your situation myself. My Landlord stopped by one day while I was sleeping to drop off some materials for my b/f to fix in the Condo. while he was doing that Blade was wondering around RIGHT in front of him. But because he had sunglasses on he couldn't see him LOL B/f and I went running out to the living room to see who was in our house and as b/f was talking to the landlord I was herding blade back into the bedroom lol. Man it's not fun but I really think it's worth it!!
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I was wondering if everything worked out for you for the 6 months? And what tricks you used. I just took over a lease for a friend and turns out no pets, and my details are just as hard. I love my baby and will not give her up and would keep her and be evicted if I must. But I am wondering, what tricks you went with, stuck with and how it all turned out? 

Tips please:)

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Originally Posted by snow2sand View Post

I was wondering if everything worked out for you for the 6 months? And what tricks you used. I just took over a lease for a friend and turns out no pets, and my details are just as hard. I love my baby and will not give her up and would keep her and be evicted if I must. But I am wondering, what tricks you went with, stuck with and how it all turned out? 
Tips please:)

The original poster made this thread 8 years ago, so he/she may not see your question smile.gif. But I'm sure others may have some tips.

My tips:
Make sure your cat is a model tenant. Feed a dye-free food so any vomit doesn't stain the carpets. Keep the litterbox super clean, don't let her pee on the carpets or claw the woodwork or break the miniblinds. If any of this damage occurs, make sure you fix it completely and professionally before you move out. Any damage will make the landlord even more vigilant about making sure nobody has a pet.

Have a friend who's willing to let you stash the cat at their place whenever there are inspections or your apartment needs work.

You can get translucent privacy contact paper to put on the windows so nobody can look in and see the cat. But if the cat is sitting on tthe windowsill, she would still be visible (just as a cat-shaped shadow, but still tongue.gif). You could put solid contact paper on the lower parts of the window if that's a problem.

Well, that's all I can tthink of right now, I'm sure others will have more ideas biggrin.gif.
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Also, you should probably sweep/vacuum and clean your furniture almost religiously to pick up loose fur.

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 i suggest you should hide him but feed, walk (if you get the chance), and clean his/her litter daily , but on an other hand i agree with jugen you should keep him with a relative that loves cats and willing to take care of it , if your landlord is allergic to cats you should vacuum the places he/she had been, but beware of getting caught there are consequences . good luckcatman.gif

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