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lol...no, they're not here yet. Nothing has changed. She was digging in her "bed" again last night when we went to bed and was making that cute "twilling" noise that cats sometimes do. So, I'm just happy that she's starting to nest. She's lazing on the couch now..lol
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Ok..a little change thismorning now. She's not being quite as vocal as she was last night, but she's still talking more than she normally does..lol. I noticed that when she's laying down beside my chair that she is breathing a bit faster than normal too. I'm still not getting my hopes up though, until she loses her plug..lol. She's been going into her bed a few times this morning as well. So maybe, sometime within the next couple days, but I'm not going to hold my breath.lol
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lol Megan, I bet we'll she'll have them when you're not looking.
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Probably..lol. I have a new udate..don't know if it really means anything though? I was just sitting on my bed petting her, and she jumped down into the litter box and had a MASSIVE wet, noisy poop. Is that significant in any way, or just too much info??..lol
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LOL! Not TMI but normal. Some first-time mom-cats think they need to poop when actually, they're in labour, not unlike human mom-to-be's so watch that she doesn't drop a kitten while in the litterbox.
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lol..ewww...That would be a nice welcome to the world...lol. Just out of curiosity, I went and scooped the litter box it see if maybe it was her plug or something coming out that was making all that noise, and there wasn't any sign of a loose BM...There was one fresh clump of wet litter, but I don't think she would have made all tat noise peeing..lol She's now running around the house playing with Charlie, so I don't really think she's too far into labor Just wait and see...wait and se....wait and see..rofl.
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BTW, aren't you up a bit late Tania? lol. It's 10:30am here, so it's gotta be late in Austraila!
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Anything yet???
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Awww I am so sorry I know your probably stressed out and really tired by now. Hang in there. Everything is ok Just be patient (or try your best)
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girl we are in the same boat lol just want the little buggers to come out!!!
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Yup! Watch them be born on the same day..lol. That would be kinda funny ]
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and then we "grammas" can sleep for a day lol
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lol..not I....My son will make sure of that..lol. Although I feel like I could sleep for a week about now..haven't gotten much sleep since Saturday!
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yeah kiddos have a way of doing that dont they lol I have 2 and tonight they were wound to the max i tell ya lol It was the last day of school for the summer and its getting bad out as far as weather tonight so they are on edge...I am just glad that I was able to get my kitty to calm down and get in the house. I would hate the thought of these nassy storms coming thru with her outside.
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ooooh just read through this post from start to finish expecting to read about kittens at the end of it!!!

Hope the babies are born soon!!! keep us updated!
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Hey all. Sorry I didn't post any updates last night, but I had a friend over and we were watching movies until 2:00am...lol. We always end up staying up too late when she comes over.

Anyway, there really isn't any kind of update to post..Cleo's still acting the same. I don't even think she went into her nest too much last night. She sure is getting big though...Every day she's getting a bit fatter..lol. I'll let you all know if anything happens..
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I know what ya mean Megan....my pumpkin is getting bigger every day and her tummy is so tight Im just waiting for her to burst :/ its only about 2 inches from dragging the ground now :O
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update time. Cleo is laying in her bed in the bottom of my dresser meowing. Not panicy meowing, but meowing. I just checked on her, and she's just laying there..not purring, or puffing, or pushing or anything. But, just to be safe I got Charlie out of my room and closed my door. I'll go back in in a bit and see what, if anything, she's doing and let you all know.
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Ugh...nevermind She was just sitting at the door wanting out, so I opened the door and she went and jumped up on the kitchen window sill. She's now sitting in the window meowing outside..lol. She's been doing that for a couple days now and has been trying to run out the door every time I open it...Although she's never been allowed outside...Coyotes come into town, and a bunch of people have been losing their cats...so mine don't go out at all.
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Megan, glad to hear that she's an inside only cat, that's certainly the way to go, especially with coyotes around. Glad she's still happy and well, even though still with the little buns in the oven.
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Ok, ok, ok, it's been HOURS since the last posting....Certainly they're on their way now? Popping those fuzzy little heads into this world? No, not yet? Yes, in progress? What's happening?? I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, have been for days now (aren't we all who've been keeping track of this thread? ) Alright, Sillypup, let's get those little babies outta mom's tum tum! Doesn't Cleo realize the anticipation that's building, here? How rude to keep us all waiting in suspense...
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LOL...I've been trying to tell her she's got a fan club now, but she's just not listening! lol. Pretty soon I'm going to reach in and pull those babies out! ewwww...on second thought, maybe not..lol But no, she's not in labor yet..lol.
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Megan, of course she will have those babies in her own good time. It really does sound like she and your male cat mated later than you thought as there is no way that she would be this overdue. Perhaps, when you thought you saw contractions, it was actually just the kittens moving around inside her. As you said, when she loses her 'plug', that will give you a good indication that things are really happening. Until then, we're happy in the knowledge that she's OK. Please give her a cuddle fom me.
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Actually, I'm sure that they're uterine contractions...I can see and feel the babes moving around, but when she gets these contractions, both of her sides get hard as a rock for up to a minute they last now, and then it relaxes again. And if I have my hand on her side at the time, I can feel the contractions building until they reach their peak, and then they slowly go back down. But maybe they're just a cat's version of Braxton Hicks contractions..I don't know. She has been having them since Saturday, but they're getting stronger and closer together every day. I'm sure with the nesting behavior she's been showing, it should be within a few days...atleast I hope so.

I guess her and Charlie could have mated a couple weeks later than the day I saw them, but I honestly didn't notice her being back in heat..But I guess anything's possible. Today would be day 81, so I'm really starting to think that's what happened. Like you said, she couldn't possibly be 11 days over due..I'll still keep you updated though, and I'll give her a belly rub in your honor, Tania
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LOL thanks.
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Please excuse my impatience! It really is important to me that she and her kittens are healthy....It sounds like everything is progressing as it should, just a little later than expected. It's good to know that when the time comes you will be there for her and her new babies!
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LOL..You're about as impatient as I am! So no need to worry about it. Oh, I will be here..lol. For the last week I haven't left my house for longer than an hour, maybe 1.5 hours...I'm afraid if I leave too long she'll have them while we're gone! I'm not nearly as worried as I was over the weekend. Tania, the rest of you guys and the vet made me feel a whole lot better I'm not watching as close anymore either..lol. I couldn't take it anymore, and I had to check her temp today.. It was at 100.9, so it's back up again from the 99.3 she was at Saturday and Sunday. So, I'm not even going to rely on the temp thing at all..rofl. It dropped on Saturday, she started having these contractions on Saturday, and nothin happened..lol. So, I'm just watching from afar now...well, not too far!
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Megan- Are you SURE that baby is pregnant???
Just teasing, I can tell you are no where near as frantic as you were this weekend, I am glad you have been able to relax and feel better about how it's all working out. I keep thinking the minute you turn your head for a minute she will have them. It just seems like thats the way things work Still wishing the momma luck
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What's that saying about water never boiling in a pot that's being watched? Perhaps when you wake in the morning, you may wake to some lovely new additions to your family...
We can only hope, right?
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