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please pray for my LEO! He has critical anemia!!

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I can't believe this is happenning! This has been the worst week of my life! My Leo was not feeling well the past couple of days, but was still eating, drinking, and usign the box normally...
I took him to the vet and he said he was anemic and took blood and test for felv/fiv. (which came out negative)

his RBC was 7 when normal is 35!!!!! he needed a transfusion or he would die!!
We took him to the hospital, and he has been given the transfusion. I was told he ate and is a little better but nothnig about his count yet!! He had ex-rays at the hospital that didn't show up anything, and my vet had said all other blood test he did were in normal range...the hospital is going to do a bone marrow thing to check if it can still be cancer even though he tested negative, and some more extensive blood tests...

they are trying to find the cause, and so for only told be they suspect it is the non-regenative type which is worse, and may not be treatable!!!!!!

please pray for him to fight this and start producing his own cells!!!

I don't know what I will do If I lose him, he is not even 2 years old!!!!!
Leo and my Roxy are best buds, they sleep, groom eachohter and play all the time together....I can't lose him!! I can't stop crying....
please pray for my sweetie who is so loved and needed!!!!!!
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Anita? I am sure the vet has looked but is it possible he might have a tick? I don't know if you live in an area where there are ticks, but that could be a possibility. I am sure you keep flea treatment on him as well?

I know a lady whose cat was really anemic and they finally found the tick, it had burrowed down in under the cat's pad on his back foot.
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Anita, sorry Leo is so poorly. Saying prayers for him, that it is something easily fixed.
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I am so sorry to hear about Leo being so sick, I am saying a prayer for him and you right now My heart goes out to you and I hope that he recovers soon. Please check into the tick thing that Hissy mentioned, it's worth a shot.
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Anita you poor thing. I really feel for you at this moment in time

(((((((((Come on Leo baby,start fighting back and produce your own cells!!)))))))))))
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they didn't find fleas or tick, and thought that could be a cause, he was grooming and stratching a bit more than usual which we told them, but they said they didn't find anything!!! do you think they could still find the tick if it is that?
I am so worried....how do to they find ticks? he is an indoor kitty only but was seeing that stray cat at the patio screen from time to time!!!

they only told me that normally a cat would be in much worse shape than Leo at 7 unless it was gradual anemia? Does thatn mean anything to anyone? I am so scared....He is the only cat I had as a kitten....

I suspected the flea/tick since it was too coincidental with the stray cat, but they don't see anything! could he be treated for ticks/flea in case it is that and they just don't find it?
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Poor little Leo!!! ((((HUGS)))) I hope they figure out what's wrong soon (and that it's nothing serious!!)
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I just got home... we had to take Leo to the university faculty because only there could they do the tests he needed. It was a 1.5 hrs away.

The tests so far concluded as suspected that his body is not producing red blood cells. They still don't have a cause. They performed the bone marrow aspirate an hour ago, and I was told he is awake and ok. When we took him from the first hospital, he was better from the blood transfution, and his count was up to 15.

We are now waiting for the biospy. It will confirm cancer or felv tommorrow, and only next week with the biopsy tell if it is FIV, otherwise the cause is unknown and they will give him some pills to get him to start producing.
I was told he has 10 days to live for sure from the transfusion, and depending on the results of the biopsy we will see what is next.

my poor furbaby, please pray he will beat this! The waiting is going to be so hard. But as least I get to take him home tommorrow while we wait for the results next week (if no tumor or cancer).

I still am in shock this has happenned to my sweet Leo!!!!!!!!!! I am praying for a positive outcome. This has been horrible for me and my husband. The only thing keeping me going is that I got to spend time with him today and he was better from the transfusion....he purred as we held and talk to him. He meowed in the carrier on the way to the university, something he couldn't do before the transfusion becuase of lack of energy.

I am hoping, praying we will get through this....I can't even think about the other outcomes.....

please pray it is not cancer or FIV....eventhough the third outcome is no guarentee, but it as least give him more of a chance, the pills could work...
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Sending you and Leo positive thoughts Anita! Hang in there and give Leo lots of loving!!
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Hang in there. The poor baby having to have a bone marrow aspirate. Prepare a room for him that is dark and quiet. Give him a secure area to lay in, like a deeply padded spare litter pan, cardboard box filled with bedding flipped on its side and draped with a towl leaving enough space for air. Keep the lights dim, go in and sit with him quietly talk to him low, read to him anything to let him know you are near-
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Leo is in my thoughts - how horrible that he is going through this. Please keep us updated.
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Anita, I'm so sorry this is happening to poor little Leo! I'll definitely keep him in my thoughts.

Laurie hasn't gotten definitive answers, but her vets did do some things that seemed to work with Tuxedo. It sounds so strikingly similar.... Anyway, here's the thread on Tuxedo and what they found and the treatment course so far: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33342
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Have they checked the Iron levels?

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Oh Anita, I just saw this thread. Poor Leo. He's in my thoughts. Please keep us posted.

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thanks for all your hopes and prayers.

Hissy thanks for the suggestions I didn't know he was going to be so soar from the biopsy. I have already started preparing his room (my bedroom) which is the top floor loft. He will have everything he needs near him...

My husband and I built a cubby for him when he was a kitten out of wood and covered it with carpet and put pillows/sheet in the sleeping part of it. He has used this for sleeping many times since he was a kitten. I am sure he will be comfy there.

I am still in shock that this is happening. My husband is taking it much harder than I thought he would. I thought he would get on my back about the crazy costs to try and save him, but he didn't he is just so upset as ofcourse am I, that we may lose this wonderful cat.

We got to spend time alone with Leo at the hospital in a room while we waited for his transfer to be accepted. There we both got to hold hug and kiss are precious Leo, and the cute little guy even kneaded on my lap while purring....

I just can't lose him like this, it's crazy...this is just crazy....
I know I need to be strong, but once I am alone or see Leo I can't stop the tears....I want him to be as comfortable as possible when he comes home tommorrow. I also intend to make the most out of the next few days with him so he knows how much we love him.....I can't wait to see him tommorrow...I just pray it's not more bad news....
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I know this is hard, but try not to cry in front of Leo. He will pick up your stress and since he is so bonded to you, it makes what lies ahead of him (getting well) much more harder. They can read us pretty good.
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Oh noooo , I am soooooo sorry to read all this
Please hang in there , I know it is hard but you can do it .

I will keep your sweet "Leo" in my prayers
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I know you are right Hissy, I got to motivate him to fight, and I will try my best to do that and not cry in front of him. Both me and my husband unfortunately already have, but we will try not to when he is at home.

on a positive note they told me he is still eating, which is good, and seems like a fighter...

anything else I can do to comfort him, please let me know...
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Just get a shirt really sweaty with your scent, or wear old shoes with no socks and sweat up a storm. Sitting with him quietly, I sing to mine softly when they are ill- praying, TLC and time-
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Anita I am so sorry to hear about Leo I know that this is hard for you, your hubby and especially Leo. All of my furbabies and I are sending healing vibes for Leo. Hang in there
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Anita, I'm so sorry your precious Leo is ill. This must be so difficult for you. Please know that you and Leo are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated on Leo's recovery.
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Anita, I'm so sorry your Leo is ill. I'm sending up lots and lots of prayers and vibes for him. Hang in there Leo, sweetie.
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How is Leo doing today?????
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Leo has tumors in his bone marrow, basically what leukimia is for people in a cat. He does not have the virus FELV or FIV, but the tumor(s) is uncurable. It is not contagious to my other cats.

I found this out this morning when I picked him up. The only option left is to give him a kemo drug that can prolong his life, but no one can know for how long. Could be days, hrs, or weeks or months or if really lucky years.

I was told this kind of cancer is very rare in a cat, so there is no information about how the drug can succeed. They said though, if it does help, he will live like normal as before he got sick. The drug has no side affects and while it works he will feel as good as before.

They recommended trying it, since Leo is still fighting hard. He is still eating several times a day and drinking and is much better from the transfusion. He is a little weak from the bone marrow aspirate, but in two days is suppose to be back to himself. If he continues to improve for more than 10 days, the pill is working, and he can enjoy life for as long as G-d wants him too on the pill. When the pill stops working his symtoms will return and we will know it's time to let him go.

I am trying the drug because he still wants to fight. I can see it in his eyes, and the fact that he still wants to eat and drink with no hesitation. This may be harder on me not knowing when his time will be up, but I want to do this for him. He is too young, even if he could enjoy life for just a while longer it will be worth it. He deserves so much better than what hapenned to him, and has gone through so much this past two days, that I don't want him to go like this, I want him ot feel well again and enjoy life before we have to say good-bye....they are telling me this pill will allow him to feel totally fine.

Ofcourse what I really want is to wake up from this nightmare and see my Leo run to me when I come home from work everyday, but I have to face that I am going to lose him way before his time....not even 2 yrs old, who would of thought something so rare so horrible could happen. I was told nothing could have done to prevent what happenned to my precious Leo. I am going to miss him more than I could ever express. Nothing will ever let me forget the amazing year and a half we have had so far with him. Now I am just focusing on doing what ever I can so he can enjoy the rest of his time with us....
he has been resting is his cubby most of the day, but has talked to us, head bumped us and is alert and aware, and ate 3 times....

Thank you all for your understanding of what I am going through, it really helps knowing there are people out there who care. Espaically when unfortunately some people I know would say it's just a cat. (how they are so wrong)

I wish time could just go back to last week when everything was fine. I know my home will never be the same without him. My husband and I noticed how quiet it was while Leo was at the hospital. You never realize just how much you get used to being with your cat, untill they are taken away from you....
sorry I wrote so much, but I needed to express how I feel. Leo is beside me in his cubby I am going to go lie down beside him....
Please hope for me that the pill works so he can feel better...
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I am in tears reading your post. I am so sorry to hear the news about Leo. This has to be so hard for you to go through. Please know that we are all here for you and will continue to be.You do not ever need to feel the need to apologize for your posts, no matter how long they are. Get whatever you need to off your chest. Leo sounds like a true fighter. He is so lucky to have someone who loves him so much standing by him. I am going to say a prayer right now that those pills will work and that Leo will live a long happy life. My heart is with you, your hubby and sweet Leo. Please give Leo a kiss from me.
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OMG!!!! I just saw this and I'm so sorry your precious Leo is so ill!!!!! I am sending major positive vibes to Leo. Since he has a rare form of cancer, I hope the drug will work for him and will keep him feeling well for far longer than anyone thinks is possible!!!!!!!

I don't think your last post was long at all. We are here for you, please talk to us about Leo anytime you need to.
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Oh Anita I am so sorry that Leo has this. I know it hurts both of you to think that he may not be long for this world. I am glad that he has you so he will know love and not have to go through all this alone. You are a good Purr Momma. Leo you hang in there buddy we are all routing for you.
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I know of a gal whose cat had this drug and the only side effect was a complete loss of whiskers, so if that happens, just understand that it is the drug. I am sorry that Leo has had this visited on him. I wish you both strength-
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thank you all for your kind words. They really help me stay strong...

I managed to give Leo his first pill tonight, he actually put up quite a struggle, a good sign he is feeling better. We gave him a special cookie after so he know he was a good boy! He has eaten again and drank more water too.

He is such a sweetie, I just went downstairs for a few minutes to get the phone, he was sleeping in his cubby, and on my way back up, he was at the door, to see where I went, once I was back beside him he went back to sleep...

here are some pics of my precious Leo that I took a little while ago...
one is of him sleeping in his cubby, and the other is him trying to figure out why there is newspaper in his litter..(we did this just until we got the other kind of litter, because annemic cat's tend to eat the regular litter)

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You can also use rabbit food (rabbit pellets) for his litter. You can buy a large bag for cheap, the smell keeps the other urine and poop smell at bay and it won't hurt him to eat or lick it-

Many hugs to Leo- and to you-
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