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Hairball Remedy Suggestions?

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The Sammycat is one of those cats that has chronic hairballs, and even had to spend the night at the vet's office once for a blockage. I have been giving him a hairball remedy recommended by his vet, but lately that seems to not be working for him. Does anyone know a good quality hairball remedy I can get for him? Mom has suggested that I give him some vegatable oil, will that hurt him? I hate to see him trying so hard to get a hairball up and nothing happens
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Rosies only had a couple of hair balls since i've had her, but i try and keep them at bay by getting her dry food with 'fur ball control' added to it and this seems to stop them

I did read once if you spread just a little butter on each of their two front paws this helps them pass the fur through their stools which is similar to what the kibbles do to her.
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Buy some papaya capsules, sprinkle the powder (about 2 capsules) in his meal. That works for my kitty, try doing that every three days til he is ok.
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I guess you could say that cats are very vain. They spend a lot of time trying to look good by cleaning, licking, and preening themselves. In the process they ingest quite a bit of hair that has to be eliminated from their systems. My cats go outside and eat grass, not because they like it, but because it makes them throw up these hairballs. Not only cats, but dogs will eat grass. Dogs eat it when they are sick, all with the idea of throwing up what's not supposed to be in their system. I have noticed that some people here, who never let their cats out, grow potted grass in their house. I never heard of that, but it's a good idea if you never let your cat out. I guess I'm the fortunate one living in the country and so far back from the road. The problem with my cats, is that after they eat grass, they come back into the house and then throw up those hairballs. Yucck! It never fails. I will get up in the morning without turning on the lights, and step in something wet, an upchucked hairball and then something. Yeeesh!
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Cathi, I learned in The New Natural Cat and of course had it approved by Sierra's vet, to add 1/2 teaspoon wheat bran to her food 1-2 times daily. You can decrease the dose as maintenance. Just be sure to add a tablespoon of water. I usually mix it with her other supplements, add just enough water to moistened and mix it with a small amt of wet her favorite food so she eats it with great enthusiasm! She used to have hairballs quite often, but hasn't had a single one since we've been using the wheat bran and brushing frequently. It's my understanding that mineral oil is harmful because it depletes necessary vitamins.
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You can use fish oil- you can give your cat a little bit of organic catnip- some canned pumpkin- cooked green beans mashed with a bit of butter- or some sweet potato cooked with a bit of butter- any one of these will help to move hair along the system. Also grooming your cat daily with a zoom groom will help as well.
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Hissy, what's a zoom groom?
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I like Flax Seed Oil for my cats. It's keeps everything moving and is good for their skin too.
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Originally Posted by stephenq
Hissy, what's a zoom groom?
It's a rubber brush that is absolutely terrific - it acts as a magnet for hair, and is available in many pet stores.
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Thanks for all of these wonderful suggestions I hate so much to see my baby The Sammycat stuggling so hard to cough up a hairball. I have got to go to the grocery store and get my weeks worth so I am going to see if I can find the canned pumpkin there. That is where I would find it our would I need to go to the pet shop for that? Yeah I know Duh!
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Hissy, can the pumkin, green beans, sweet potato and butter be used regularly as a preventative, or are they best used as an occassional treatment? What are your thoughts about the wheat bran?
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Now that I think of it Summer has NEVER coughed up a hairball! With the sounds of it maybe I'm not doing such a bad job...she has flax seed oil in her food, gets a rare dose of organic cat nip, and I brush her 2 - 3 times a week....hmmm didn't realize I was helping her so mch...hehe
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Just a comment- when Bibby vomited every few days- I was initially told it was hairballs.
After trying all the treatments she was diagnosed with IBD- basically she was bringing up hairballs because she was vomiting for another reason.
When she was put on medication and a special diet - she stays well for up to six months before I see a hairball- she is a very furry cat who is a meticulous groomer.
Just something to ask your vet about
Best wishes
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Yeah, try brushing once a day. It will make a huge difference. Cut down on fur ingested, and there won't be anything to cause hairballs.

Kitty is a DSH and wasn't groomed for THREE YEARS! When I arrived on the scene, he hadn't had a single hairball in his life, so I wasn't too worried. But I do try to brush him (he tries to play with the brush lol) from time to time, just to be safe and to help out.

I don't use a Zoom Groom--tried the dog one on my first dog, didn't work as well as other brushes--but perhaps I should try it for the cats. The brush we have now is fairly soft so it doesn't get all the way down into the coat. It does a good job of getting out plenty of loose hair though.
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Stephanie I am going to try the wheat bran also for him. Is this one of those health food store items? I am not very UTD on all of these different kinds of health foods. I just want to help The Sammycat feel better and stop that awful struggling he is doing. If he hasn't gotten it up by Monday than a trip to the vet's office maybe in order. I hope not but I will give them a call anyway.
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Cathi, I'm using organic wheat bran purchased from the health food store. This particular brand happens to be Arrowhead Mills. You may be able to purchase it at a regular grocery store. It's really working well for Sierra, plus she also has flaxseed in her supplement. I know you'll want to go with Hissy's suggestions, of course. They may provide a more immediatel relief. I'm not sure, that's why I was wondering if they were OK as a long term preventative or mainly for treatment of symptoms. I would still love to get her feedback about the wheat bran. Stephanie
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I put a dab of vaseline on the cat's nose or paw and that works really well. I remember reading somewhere one could freeze small globs of vaseline and "try" to put one in a cats mouth. (too much work). Are you using a "pet shedder" looks like a round metal circle on a handle. 2 of my cats are long hair and that works well on them-if only I used it daily one wouldn't be yacking stuff up so much. Grizzly who did alot of vomiting last year for a while I had to feed boiled chicken breast and bland rice to calm her stomach down!! Give it a try.
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