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Will we ever be a happy family agian?

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I know its only day two of a having Bradley, but athena still doesn't seem to care that he's here.... she so picky.... she's even hissed at him a few times and all he does is back away...
And will my house ever be as clam and blanced as it was before? One of the dogs could care less and the other just wants to play, but bradley isn't haveing it at all?
Do i just need to sit back and let it run its course?
No one has gotten hurt....
I just miss the peace!
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You really need to keep them seperate at first until they adjust to each other. That is really the best way to keep the balance. You don't have bloodshed and that is good, but you just need to give it time. This type of adjustment takes time.
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You have to take it in steps...usually it takes at least a few weeks, a few months isn't unheard of, but I've also seen a few cats that just never adjust.

I would expect a purrfect balance to happen out of this though. You took a big step letting them get together from the start, and you haven't had any serious problems, that in itself is a big Positive.

Whatever you do, don't try to force anything, patience and understanding go a long ways. Obviously intervene if anything nasty happens, but the occassional hiss or standoff is to be expected so early in this relationship.

Please keep us all posted,

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They don' have unsupervised visits as of right now, only when i'm home. They seem to be getting better with each hour... or i might just be wishful thinking! Tonight the two felines laid on the same chair... which i cliam as a victory in my corner. However, the dogs and Bradley aren't still on the firendlyist of terms, but he lets them get a little bit closer each time, and even will let them the sofa with him as long as it is the other side....
I'll keep eveyone up to speed.
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Miranda stick with it.

When i brought Sophie home and introduced her to Rosie, not only did Rosie hate Sophie but she hated me as well .

She hissed and growled at both of us and when i put my hand out, Rosie batted me with her paw as if to say "i hate you!".

Now they both sleep together and Rosie grooms Sophie.

It's noisier!, because i have hardwood floors and their like a herd of elephants when they chase each other from room to room, but it's fun to watch them
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Just time and patience Miranda. It took me a month to allow them to be together, and then when I was at work I still separated them for them a while. They are now inseparable, all four are very close to each other.
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Well, i just wanted to let everyone know that things are getting better at my house. Athena and Bradley now have cuddle session in any sunny spot they can find. The dogs still are trying to get Bradley to play with them, but he's still not ready for that. His hissing and growls have become a little less threating and almost seem hald hearted. Its almost like he wants to play but still doesn't trust them.
I do have a question concerning Bradley's health. He is the worest smelling cat i know. He uses the litterbox and the whole apartment stinks for hours (and we have one of those littermaid that cleans itself). I have been switching him over to a better food then he was on, Prunia Indoor Formula dry and half a can of chunk tuna or chicken at dinner. But man is he smelly..
is there anything i can do?
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Here you go Miranda- try this


Works really well!
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Thanks. I was hoping that by getting on a better food and after he settles in a little that maybe his system will be a little more healther and a little less smelly!
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