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My Pauie Is Missing !

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My Dad let my Pauie out yesterday afternoon at 4pm and he had never came home. I hate my cats being outdoor cats and never let them out myself, but Pauie was different.

He is and has been always scared of the outdoors, and wanders in and out crouching low with tail between his legs. Dad let him out and the door was shut when I got home, and now he is gone.

We've spent the night trawling the neighbourhood. Pauie has Bowel Cancer and needs feeding every 2 - 3 hours, 24 hours a day, a special diet, or he starts vomiting and diaorrhea. Also he needs twice daily medication. And a steady warm climate. If his regime is kept in check then he is fine, not in any pain or anything, and loves to chat and play.

Please pray he comes home soon. We are all going nuts with worry. We
can't even hear him yowling as he usually does.

Pauie needs Board Magic desperately.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Board magic for Pauie coming up! C'mon Pauie, let Mum know where you are, so she can come get you.

Hang in there... Pauie will come home. Mega vibes coming your way.
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My thoughts are with you!

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(((((((((((Pauie, come home baby, your mums missing you)))))))))))))
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Sonia I can imagine how worried you must be. I am praying for Pauie's safe return. Lots of good vibes coming your way.
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oh dear! ((( Pauie)))) come home!!! Mommy is worried!!
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Come home Pauie!
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Sonia, I know the agonies you went through with Pauie's health a while back; and hope and pray he turns up safe and well very, very soon.

Lots of love and hugs; and keep strong!
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I am so very sorry to hear about Pauie! My prayers are going up, I hope you find him! *hugs*
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Sending major thoughts and prayers that Pauie will be found very soon!

Sonia, since Pauie is afraid of the outdoors he's probably in hiding somewhere very close by. If you haven't already done this, talk to your neighbors and ask them to search their yards and garages very carefully for a cat fitting Pauie's distriction, and to call you immediately if they find him.
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I am so sorry to hear about Pauie, I know you must be worried sick. I am praying for him to be found or return home quickly and in good health.
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Yooohooo! Paulie! Time to come home!!!
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Sending lots of come home vibes! Pauie, your Mom is worried about you!
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Sonia, please see this article:


And don't give up hope- Good luck!
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Sonia, I can understand how very worried you must be, especially because of Pauie´s health condition. I really hope he will return soon safely!

(((((((((((COME HOME PAUIE!!!))))))))))))
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I understand your worry .. I hope he comes home soon
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Here are somethings to do. I hope it helps.

He is most likely very close to your home and trying to find his way back.
Open windows and doors so he can smell the house and run back in.
Put a blanket or throw rug near the open door, more house smell.
He is probably hiding under something. Check woodpiles, lawn furniture, boats, a porch etc.
Put smelly food (tuna sardines) close to the door.
Good Luck
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Oh no! I hope he comes home soon! Come on home Pauie!
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check under cars and under the hood.

When we got Tigger home she smelled a lot like the underneath of a vehicle. So she obviously was hiding most of the time she was out.
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My beloved Pauie - the little monster - is back home, safe and sound !

I littered the neighbourhood with posters, and made sure they were in
visable places like on bus shelters, post boxes, the traffic lights at the nearest junctions, and even at the local train station. I asked everyone
I saw if they'd seen him, and rang all vets in my local directory. I rang
animal shelters, and was about to do a Flyer drop in the local houses,
before mum rang, as I just got out the car at the printers. I also
stopped at the police and local pet stores and super markets.

A little while ago we got the call we'd been hoping for. A lady had seen my posters ( really - she couldn't miss them ! ). Pauie had been in the back garden of a house 30 doors down ( one I hasten to add, that we walked by calling him, several times ! ). The woman said he'd been there yesterday afternoon. By evening he'd tried to get in the conservatory, and yowled repeatedly in the night, in the morning he was yowling and hungry and hiding under the bushes. He'd kept them awake, and had been sick and had a patch of diarreoha on her favourite bush, but she just wanted him back with us as he was 'too chatty' for her to deal with, and obviously was distressed. She said he was absolutely lovely, and very handsome, but he was a little too noisy, and please take him home soon.

So mum carried him home ( I was out getting more flyers printed ! ), and fed and watered him, and got his tablets into him. When I got home he flew at the door, and I stood there hugging him as he purred and chirruped. I am so
relieved. A little while later when we settled in the front room, he fell asleep.
He was totally out for the count.

He wakes when we leave the room and follows us, even though he is visably tired and every movement is made with sleepy effort, and is clearly very pleased to be home...and the centre of attention............again !!! :o)

Thank you for all your wishes, and prayers. We really needed it, and Board Magic really won through again. Thank you all sooooo much.

Below is the picture of that first deep sleep he had, with his tummy full, and safe in the knowledge that he is home again.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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YEAH! Sonia, just to be safe please take him to the vet to be checked over. I am so pleased he is home!
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And from the skies came the cry "MEOW!".

Glad to know he's back. Welcome back Pauie!
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He was given the all clear by the vet, who stopped by to double check he was ok - and didn't charge us a penny for it !

We're just so happy.

Thanks everyone !!!

Well, I tried to post the piccie of a contented Pauie, but I can't get the image
to be larger than a postage stamp, and a beige cat on a beige background really just made a beige postage stamp. You'll have to take my word for it -
he looks very pleased to be back !!!
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Great News!

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Yessssss!! Scritches for Pauie, and hugs for his humans. What a relief!
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I'm glad to hear he's back home and okay!
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I'm glad Pauie is back home!
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Great news!!! Glad to see your flyers worked!!
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How wonderful~ I just saw this and was about to post my come home quickly and safely vibes and here he is already home and safe! I'm so happy that he is safe! give him a stern talking to about not coming in when you call him and then give him a scritch on the head for me!!!
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Oh Sonia- SO glad he is home and OK. Give him scritches from me. I hope he never scares you like that again!!!!!
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