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A squeal of distress

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Was sitting here at the computer a little bit ago and suddenly I heard this horrible squealing noise from out front. I run to the door and open it, and outside our bay window, we have a brick planter almost flush to the house. On top of the planter was Noddy, peering down into the crack, and on each side on full prey mode was Blink and Wink. I ran them off, while the trapped animal kept squealing- YIKES my ears- it was such a high-pitched squeal, then I grabbed a flashlight and peered down the crack. Here is a big ol ground squirrel wedged behind the darn thing. I reached for the broom and using it carefully guided him along the planter to the edge and he ran out and scrambled under the house. Poor Mr. Squirrel- outnumbered by the Trips, but he wasn't injured at all, he was just trapped with no clear way out.
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Hehe, thanks Hissy, I needed that.
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Aww...at least it was ok! ^^
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Scarlett and Pinky were staring out our upstairs bedroom intensely at a squirrel that was picking out the maple seeds stuck in the gutter. Scarlett had the little "irp-irp-irp" prey noise going on. Must be squirrel season!

Our little hunters!!
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awwww glad the squirrel wasnt hurt
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you did a good thing
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Oh Poor baby. I'm so glad it's ok. I hate seeing a precious creature in distress. Or are they pests? lol I don't know much about them!
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Glad Mr. Squirrel got away (with your help) he must have been so frightened.
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OHH Hissy! I know that feeling!! That's one con of having cats who goes outside.

I would find "dead" presents on my porch from Callie.. Once, I caught her toying with a mouse so I rescued that mouse and released it under the porch. Unfortunately, the next morning I found it dead on my path so Callie did get to the mouse later on. I also have had to rescue some poor birds and/or mouses from my parents' cats and sometimes would fail in rescuing the poor animal.

(Dad had to kill a bat once that one of our cats had caught -it's very rare for cats to catch bats and Dad saw that the bat was too badly damaged by Rusty-cat..)

Kudos to u for rescuing that squirrell..

Betcha the squirrell views u as her/his heroine!!
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some how I picture you in a house coat doing that....lol..... takes me forever to get dressed... like today I have had the upper flu for 5 days....
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