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kneading training question

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Momo is about a year old and has picked up a few bad habits (biting, clawing and jumping up on places she shouldn't) mainly due to our lack of knowledge as first time cat owners. We've had her since she was about 2 months old and we wanted to give her a good upbringing. But as our first kitty we had to sort of make it up as we went along(we only just found this site). Can we train her out of these habits be applying some techniques listed for kittens on TCS?

Also she's never been much of a kneader but lately I've noticed her doing it more often but only with certain objects, being my jumper and a big fluffy pair of slippers, she also grabs hold of whatever shes kneading with with her teeth while she's doing this. I don't mind, but I've never seen a cat do it in this fashion Is this strange?
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Welcome to TCS!!!!
This is a great site for you to learn and find out about cats, especially since you are a first time cat owner.... Dont worry too much, we all went through the same things with our cats, and I'm sure you'll find some great threads in here about re-training your kitty.

About Momo's kneading....thats perfectly normal, my cats do it all the time (especially on my stomach and fluffy blankets) I love when they do this!
When they are baby kittens they do that to the mother cat to make the milk come out. At a later age, its a comfort thing that they do when they are happy.
Hope this answers you questions, I'm sure you'll get a lot more good and useful replies....
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Welcome to TCS.
All four of my cats knead. Buttons and Felix sit on me together kneading away at me and purring like an engine. I love it, because it makes me believe they are contented.
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