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New on the block

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Hello I am new to the group also with a rather new kitten hes been with the family four days and counting I am not sure of his age as he was just given to me. I named him precious-my daughter insists he is a rabbit though . I will try to get some pictures of him up as soon as I figure all this out. I just adore him and he just fits in soo well with the family, however, some bad news it seems precious has not had any previous medical attention nor was he taken very well care of recently I noticed some blood in his poop. I would like more than ever to take him to a vet however I am new at raising a kitten and the cost seems so expensive if there is anyone who knows an inexpensive vet in the area (toronto) I would love to know so baby precious could get better. Thank you in advance for any advice.
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Depending on the age of the kitten, blood in the stool can be a symptom of either serious health issues or something like worms. It is best to get it checked out, or even just running in a fecal sample to the vet would be wise so they can test the stool.

Kittens are a responsibility both financial emotional and otherwise. Just like kids, they have needs and those needs should be met. You are not looking at a very expensive vet visit right now, but if you ignore this, there is no telling what it might cost you in the end.

This website deals with dogs, but most vets that handle dogs also handle small companion animals as well
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Thanks for your reply I understand kittens need all the love and attention as children and believe me no matter what this kitten has fallen into good hands compared to the family he just came from. Just to let you know I have already booked an appointment for him today and will keep you posted on the results of his tests again thanks for the response.
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Welcome to TCS! I hope you'll enjoy your staying here! And, please, take your kitty asap to the vet! IT IS important- you can ask anybody here. Sometimes it is hard to say- if kitty is feeling pain or something bothers him, kitty can't talk, so- vet is the one who judge! Good luck with posting pictures- can't wait to see them!
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Welcome to the site! Glad to hear you've got an appointment with the vet. Little Precious is definitely in good hand now.
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Welcome to TCS - hope little Precious is okay. Keep us posted
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Welcome to TCS...I hope the Precious is okay.
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I hope your new baby will be ok
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Welcome to TCS. Good luck finding a vet.

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welcome to TCS

so glad to see that precious is in good hands - hope he is okay - keep us posted!!
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Welcome to TCS. Hope Precious is ok.
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Welcome to TCS to you and Precious! So happy to hear you will be taking such good care of him! Please let us know how the appt. goes!
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Hi and welcome to TCS. How did Precious go on at the vet. Hope all is OK.
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Hi everyone good news precious is okay nothing that can't be reversed It seems precious previous family was feeding him all types of different food and he was not getting the proper milk. So when he came to me I of course went to the pet store and asked them what he should be eating and drinking and they told me "iams" is great for kittens and he should be drinking water so thats what I did come to find out I was essentially poisoning my baby I was so upset I just cried the vet told me it was nothing that couldn't be fixed but it was good I brought him in when I did. He gave me the name of milk to buy for precious and the correct food as well as some antibiotics to help correct the damage to his poor tummy. I feel soo awful because I could have killed him and soo happy that he will be okay . I called the pet store and gave them the riot act I told them they should not just hire tom dick and harry but have staff who knows exactly what they are talking about. My little kitty is my heart I just hope he can forgive me well thats all for now just thought I would update everyone. Thanks for your words of encouragement.
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welcome to the site hope your little one is ok cant wait to see pics
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i think you will ne a vet
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Hello everyone unfortunately I have some bad news it seems as though precious has taken a turn for the worse it turns out the people i got precious from purchased him from a flea market.....he was taken from his mother too early and when he was sold they said he was 2 mths old turns out he is much younger than that........really I can't bring myself to talk about it anymore he is in the hospital as I type this and things aren't looking good I just thought I would let you all know whats happened. Poor baby I wish there was more I could do but it seems its out of my hands now. To be honest I would rather him pass on then to live the pain that he does.
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I'm sorry Tigger is so poorly. I do hope things get better for him. Please let us know what happens.
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OOOOOOOOOOO, poor Tigger! I hope the vet is able to help him. Lotsa prayers and good vibes for the little guy. Keep us posted.
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