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Do you need a ginger baby kitten fix?

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Their story is in this thread.
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Oh how cute.
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They look like they're doing great. Thank goodness there's people like you in the world to care for kitties the way you do.
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Thanks for the pics, Tania! They're absolutely adorable!
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They are so sweet. They look as if they know they are safe now.
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OMG they are so adorable. I love their names!
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Oh how precious, brings me back a few months ago in December, when Tiger was looking similar to them. Thaks for posting those
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What precious lil angels! Bless your heart for taking them in and giving them love! Please keep us all updated on these adorable little babes!
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Aaaww they are to cute and just want to give them some
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AWWWW...very sweet!!

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I love this little sweetie pie...
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Oh my gosh!
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OMG they are adorable!!!!!! AWWWWWWW! I wanna give them all a hug!
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So cute!!! And lucky to have you caring for them! Great names too LOL!
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oh Tania they are just sooo adorable. How lucky they are to have someone like you to take them in and give them love.
They look so happy now
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AWWWWW. How adorable. Those are such cute names for the sweethearts.
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Thank the Good Lord they are in your care now, I expected to see them very weak and lethargic. Good on you friend! But I do worry about you, naming kittens after food! LOL
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Yes, they were quite weak at first but it's amazing how some fluids, electrolytes, formula and cuddles can perk them up.

And the food thing? I know...and after I gathered all those names too.
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Now all we need is pics of the other Two - PLEASE!!!!!!
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ooooooooops I meant more pics!!
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LOL Helen, they do look very similar. I'd call them the trips but that's taken!
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What a windfall! 3 precious little orange babies at once!
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yes, at least in the pics. When I fostered Oatmeal Cookie and the crumbs - the crumbs were also 3 orangies - they looked so much alike at first but each had such a distinct personality it was easy to tell them apart. We called them the crumbs until we were sure whether they were girls/boys. They were all adopted to loving homes and Oatmeal Cookie aska Cookie or just plain Mama was adopted by my mother.

Love those spikie little tails!!!
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OMG!!!!!! They are simply ADORABLE!!!!!!! I love the names and I love orange kitties! I have one looking up at me right now...Gus...he looks alot like them, except older (he will be a year in August) and he has a little white on his cheeks and under his nose and jaw and he has white socks and a white belly...other than that he is orange.
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OMG! How adorable!!!!
I just LOVE their names!!!! Suits them so well!!!!!
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