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Need to vent.

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I just needed to tell you guys about this to get it off my chest.

A vet nurse called me today and asked if I could take 3 kittens that she had. I only have two at the moment and I said yes. She then told me where the vet is and it's in Mandurah, which is about a 1 hour and 25 minute drive from here. I asked if she could bring the kittens to me and she said no, but she'll be in my area on Wednesday so she'll bring the little ones then. I asked her how old the kittens were and she said about 2 to 3 weeks. Now to me, this is like saying, Oh that baby is about 6-12 months old. Even someone who doesn't know a whole lot about children would be able to tell if the child is closer to 6 or 12 months old. Well, it's the same with kittens. I don't expect someone who hasn't seen or worked with very young kittens to know how old they are but she is a vet nurse and has cared for kittens before. To someone who knows, there is a big difference between a 2 and 3 week old kitten.

Then she said that she is only feeding them about every 8 hours and I asked why as she should be feeding them every four hours. She said that she can't take them home so she's feeding them when she finishes work and then getting to work a bit early and feeding them again. She can't feed them while she's at work because she's too busy. Now I understand that it's hard having a full time job and taking care of tiny kittens, but that's just not on. Why the h*** did she take them on if she can only give them this inadequate amount of care??? She could have given them to a friend or family member to take care of and then taught them how, taken them to another vet practise in her area, or, at worst, have them PTS. At the moment, I feel they are suffering because she's feeding, toiletting and touching them so little.

So I arranged with my housemate to borrow her car tomorrow (she was a work today) and go down and get these kittens. An almost 3 hour round trip just to go and pick up some kittens seems a lot to me (who doesn't get out that much) but I really had to do something. So I called the vet nurse back and let her know that I'd be coming to pick them up. She was happy about that and then told me that one of the kittens has stopped eating and has diahorreah (sp). In a 2-3 week old kitten, this can be deadly so I asked her if she was doing anything for the kitten. She said no. I made some suggestions about giving the kit some electrolyte solution or giving it some subcutaneous fluids. She said that she couldn't do any of these as she was too busy. So I said can you at least tube-feed this kitten some formula or glucose , are you okay with doing that? She said no.

I wanted to go and get the kittens right then. I couldn't because I don't have my own car and the buses here don't allow animals. So I'm sitting here, fretting for them, especially the sick one, hoping they'll be OK until I can drive down there tomorrow morning.

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Tania, these are such fragile babies, I would be making a pouch under my clothes and smuggling them on the bus if it were me! She should be ashamed of herself for giving them such sparse care, especially at this stage of life.

I do hope you can get the others from her tomorrow. I hope they all make it. I know they will under your care, but under hers, I have my doubts!
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MA, it's almost midnight now and it was already about 6pm when I spoke to her and the buses run so infrequently. On the bus, the round trip would've taken around 5 hours in the end.
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Kumbulu, I hope you get to the kittens and give them the love and attention they deserve. stupid nurse! you ought to tell the vet she works for just what kind of person she is.
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The stupid thing is, I'll be turning up carrying all sorts of stuff for this sick kitten so I can treat him straight away if he's still alive (a syringe, needle and fluids for sub Q injection, electrolyte solution, a feeding tube, bottle and some formula for the other kittens, a travel heat pad etc) and it's a vet I'm going to who has all this stuff and could treat this little one if someone felt like it. Sheesh!

Sorry for going on and on, it's just...some people! I know some of you guys will be saying, they're only kittens, but they've got as much right to be cared for in the proper way as any of us humans.
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Kumbulu...how aggrevating!!! But THANK GOD there are people like you who know how to raise these wee ones and care about them. Just think..when you get them..you will be able to hopefully make a huge difference. Please don't let the ignorance of one person bring you down...at least she had the foresight to contact you.

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Kumbulu I so hope you get those little kitties in time. You are doing such a wonderful thing. You have given me the inspiration to learn how to care for such tiny newborns. Loads of good vibes going your way and to the kittens.
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Sorry Tania, I was thinking maybe it was just a short bus ride not an actual journey! Good luck, I will be pulling for you- and more importantly for those poor babies.
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PLease let us know what state the kittens are in when you pick them up.
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Thanks guys, I will keep you all updated on the kittens. It's past 3am now and I'll be picking them up at 9:30am so I need to catch a few hours of sleep.

Cilla, it's a rewarding thing to do, fostering these kittens, although frustrating sometimes! I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here, but MA (hissy) and I are working on an article about how to care for orphaned and abandoned kittens, for TCS. It will be ready soon and that would be a good place for you to start in learning how to care for these babies. Once it's ready, either MA or I will let all members know.
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Thanks Kumbulu, I'll be looking out for that.
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Tania, I can really understand why you're aggravated, and I'm appalled that the vet nurse could act so irresponsibly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for these kittens, and for you! Hope you have a safe trip.
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The little ones are home. They are 2 male and 1 female orange tabbies, found under the floorboards of a house. They are about 2 weeks old, and very fluffy, though under all that fur, they are little emaciated skeletons. I am demand feeding them at the moment and they've had 2 feeds in 2 hours - they were starving. I've given them some subcutaneous fluids as their urine was extremely concentrated, meaning they were very dehydrated. I've also given them a little blob of Nutrigel each. They've all had a bath and are now sleeping on a heatpad with Snugglekitty. When I got them home and took them out of the box, one of the boy's elbows was dislocated! I've popped it back in and will keep a close eye on it. If it pops out again, I will take him to the vet for the limb to be stabilised and immobilised.

And these kittens were in the 'care' of a vet nurse. How could she not notice all of these things???

I will take some pics later on tonight and post them in the pics section.
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Yeah! It's such relief to hear these sweet babies are finally in you loving care! It's so wonderful that you know and care enough to provide exactly what they need! I just can't wait to see pictures! Please keep us updated on their progress.
It is unbelievable to me that this woman calls herself a vet nurse! She should be reported!
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And I was nice to her too - it took all I had.
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Can you call her and ask her if she knew about the shoulder? Or demand why she didn't do anything about the shoulder, or the dehydration?

GAWD, some people are idiots!

Oops, got carried away. BTW job well done! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see pics of the little darlings.
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Tamme, I'd love to but I'm afraid I'll actually tell her what I really think of her.
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I guess that is where you get your vet services from?

You know, some people just need to know how much of a dumb@$$ they really are. And SOME people will keep doing stupid things thinking it will be alright until someone tells them that what they did was wrong and to never do it again.

What if this girl gets kittens all the time and this time she chose to call you? She could have a few people that she dumps "not easy" kittens on to.

Just a thought...
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No way, Tamme. I have a good vet nearby that I work closely with when it comes to the kittens. The vet above is miles and miles away from me. You're right, she needs to know that if she wants to care for kittens, she needs to lift her game significantly. I really do need to wait before I contact her though. It's no good me getting all hot under the collar and ranting and raving like a lunatic. I might write her a letter, that way I can get my message across clearly.

I don't think she dumps kittens on people on a regular basis. She actually thought these kittens were absolutely fine, just the one had a bit of the runs and wouldn't feed. She called me because she was too busy to care for them, though I doubt they would've made it until Wednesday...

The main thing is, they have full tummies, are safe and warm and are now in the love and care of someone who knows what they are doing.
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I still feel that she should be reported or at the very least confronted for her incompetence and uncaring behavior!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I still feel that she should be reported or at the very least confronted for her incompetence and uncaring behavior!
I agree, although Tania, your idea of a letter is even better because you can take the time to really think about what it is you want to tell her and you wouldn't run the risk of being interupted.

BTW, I'm so glad she did call you cause you have got to be the best when it comes to kittens.
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Tania I find what you are doing so awe inspiring. So glad you have the kitties home with you now. Going to be following your thread, even if I don't post replies (due to not being able to say anything useful). You must seem like their fairy godmother to them. Can't wait to see pictures of them and hear how they are doing.
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Thanks Cilla, that means a lot to me.

Pics of the babies are in this thread.
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I am so happy that you have the kittens and they are ok now. I can't believe someone who actually takes care of animals for a living couldn't or wouldn't see their condition. Thank goodness you are there for them, you really are an angel.

I just looked at the pics, what an overdose of cute! Now I really don't understand how they were so neglected. How could anyone not take care of something so precious?

Writing a letter is a good idea, are you sending one to the vet she works for, too, just to let him/her know what kind of care is happening in the office?
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I'm not sure Brenda, on one hand she needs a reality check and on the other, I don't want to be responsible for her losing her job.
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Oh yeah, I forgot. They've got ear mites too. They were also covered head to paws in flea dirt but the vet nurse did remember to put some flea meds on them. I'm thankful for that, I guess.
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Tania, I guess I'm speaking more boldly than I actually am. It's very easy for me to sit back and say she should be confronted or reported. But if I was in your place, I agree with you that it would be very difficult to possibly cause someone to lose her job, even if she deserves it. Although it would be great to prevent this from occurring again, these sweet babies are the main priority now, and I feel that you are quite heroic!
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I am just reading this after seeing the pictures in the furr forum - I am so sorry that those wee darlings had to suffer but I am so glad that you were there for them and that they have a better lease on life thanks to you Tania!
It is really wonderful that there are people like you to help kitties in need - there are just not enough people like you in the world!

Bless you for having such a big heart!
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Those babies are adorable! The thought of them lying there starving in the "care" of this person just makes me sick.

Anyone working in the pet care business who could be so cold, uncaring and neglectful to these babies really doesn't deserve to keep her job. She's obviously in the wrong business. Why couldn't she take them to work with her?

Thank you for taking such good care of those little sweeties!
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
I'm not sure Brenda, on one hand she needs a reality check and on the other, I don't want to be responsible for her losing her job.
but I'd personally look at it this way, if she's doing this to orphaned kittens, what the he!! is she doing to peoples pets when noone else is around??? but that's just my opinion.
Oh yeah, as far as the letter, she being the stupid person she is, might just end up throwing it away instead of reading it all. maybe if you're going to do that, you can write it to her boss so he can see what kind of staff he has working for him first before she reads it.
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