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As Promised!!

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As promised, here are pictures of Softie's kittens. The little black one(sorry he doesn't show up very well against my sweatshirt in the pic!) is now named Tux, the little orange one is Angel(the one I saved) and the little grey and white male is Stormy. I have yet to find names for the other 3. The little grey and white female is turning out to be a calico!! She is slowly getting some orange coloured spots on here now!
Sorry there aren't any updated pictures of Softie yet. I have to get them developed still.
Hope you enjoy!
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The kittens are to cute , I can fall in love with .
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AWWWW. Some adorable and cute kitten pics.
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very cute kittens!!
Thanks for sharing
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So adorable! Thanks so much for the pics, would love to see more!
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Awwww their soooo cute!
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Goodness, they are just so beautiful!
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AWW! That's so cute! I had to call Darrell and tell him "You have to see this!!!"
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i want them all they are just adorable
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They are beautiful
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