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i'm getting ANOTHER sugar glider!!! i must be crazy

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so one of my customers comes in my salon today and told me that she got a sugar glider last week, but she's really allergic to it and she can't keep it and she knows i have 2 already...so how could i say no?!? they've got the cutest little faces. and i think i'm gonna mate this one and my little girl. my boy stitch is still alot bigger than her and i can't put them together yet.
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I am jealous! I want one! But then again, I don't trust Peedoodle Sugar gliders are soooo cute!
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How adorable!!! I would LOVE to have one! I have had pigmy hedgehogs and Duprasi...but no sugar gliders...I would like to know more about them...are they expensive or hard to find? And please.....could you repost and downsize your pic so we don't have to scroll from one side to the other to see it? A small pic is prefered here, although I can't remember the deminsions...something like 400X300 pixels...I'm guessing.....but WAY smaller than the one you have just posted...that is enormous...took me forever to scroll just to one side. Please resize it.
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Awwww!! That makes me want one too, but with six cats, I don't see it happening ! I'm in agreement w/Debby though about the size, on dial-up it took me forever to load it up all the way, never mind the scrolling thingy. I hope you don't mine, but I took the liberty of copying it and resizing it for you ......'

Thanks for sharing!
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no thank you so much kittenkrazy!!! i didn't know how to resize them and right of my camera i guess there that big...im so sorry to everyone that got aggervated at me because of my huge ass pic. debbie there about $175 in new jersey from a breeder. there kinda hard to find around here. but i've accumulated 3 in 5 months!!! i work in a very busy hair salon though and everyone knows im the sugar mommie!! baci and system aren't too bad with them...system is more curious of them. i think she wants to eat them sometimes, but baci is so good around them he'll sniff them and sit back down. system jumps on stitch's cage all the time and its like 6 feet high! i do keep the 2 baby's in a closed room. i don't want them to be too scared. stitch will actually throw his claw at them if they get too close ( this is all while he is in his cage not out) he never got them though the kitties are too quick!!!! thanks everyone for checkin my little creatures out!!
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Don't think we were offended about the size there, it happens to most of us at one time or another! They're still terribly, terribly cute critters, but I think if I were to bring home anything else that remotely resembled furniture and/or pets my hubby might put me out of the house. Actually, one of us would have to, 'cause its wall-to-wall furniture as it is. Looking forward to seeing more of your fur-family, all species, and if you need help resizing, just yell at someone, we can help!
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