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Update on my mom(breast cancer)

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I've only mentioned this in response to another thread and thought I should post any further news on my mom, who was diagnosed with breast cancer before Christmas this past year, separately.

She finished her course of radiation, and the decision was made to then also have her go through 8 sessions of Chemo. She has a cat scan next week to see if the spot found on a lung is scar tissue or cancer as she and I am fearful may be the case. She's doing well within about 5 days after her chemo sessions (she's had 2 so far), and is actually feeling the best she's felt in months

I wouldn't mind, if anyone wants or needs, there being a support thread for those of us whose family members are dealing with this. Breast cancer certainly impacts everyone who loves the person who is dealing with this.
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I do hope that your mother goes in remission quickly Pat. Radiation and chemo are so hard on people, and it's so hard to watch someone you love go through the side effects no matter how rationally you can think about it making them better. Definitely a good sign if she feels better right now!
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I am sorry that you and your family have to face this. My older sister is a breast cancer survivor as is my best friend. I know how difficult it is to accept that such a thing can happen to strong, capable women, and the best thing you can do is find the quiet strength within to help her out. My best friend recently informed me that now she has something the doctors actually call chemo-brain. It is the after effects of the chemo and how it affects the short term memory. Mo has to keep leaving notes all over the place about things to do or she forgets.

My sister was diagnosed over 12 years ago and she is still going strong today. It is scary, but is beatable!
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I am so sorry Pat and had no clue your mom had breast canser My heart is going out to you
My mom also went through chemo for breast canser and could not take the chemo . They had to stop after the 2nd or 3rd session . So they gave her some other treatments and have no clue what kind she had . It was in germany . Also before they start the chemo she had two operation , one on each breast to remove some of her knots she had and after healing from the operation they had to start with the treatments . My mom is ok now as far as I know .

I will say some prayers for her and for you
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Pat, a big for you and your mom both! My mom is in her third year (gads, I can't believe that!) of chemo for a stubborn liver metastasis from her bout with colon cancer. Thankfully it was caught very early and she's only had chemo, but it's still tough.

I cannot stress enough to all of you that being proactive in your OWN healthcare is the best way to stay healthy and avoid all those very uncomfortable procedures in the long run. Sure, self-exams may be a little weird at first, and I understand mamograms are uncomfortable (I wouldn't know from experience yet) but it beats the heck out of being sick as a dog from radiation or recovering from a lumpectomy or mastectomy. If my mom had not insisted on a full physical w/ blood/urine AND fecal analysis, they never would have ordered the colonoscopy that I believe saved her life - She NEVER felt sick, just a little run-down. The doctor told her it may have been there for as long as two years completely undetected. (btw, mom's only 56 now - 53 was young for such a diagnosis)

I know we all love our cats, and would do anything to keep them happy and healthy, but we all need to do the same for ourselves! I can't remember whose siggy I read it in, but someone once said "Be good to yourself, your pets depend on you!!"

Sorry about the hijack, Pat, but again I'm glad your mom's feeling better. Now, I'll just step down off my soapbox. . . and leave
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Thanks guys. Rica Lynn...this has def. drop-kicked me into finally, after years of knowing better, doing my monthly BSE. I've at least been doing my yearly mammograms (which are not comfy).
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Pat i'm really hoping your mum beats this horrible disease, and i'm sure she will!.

Although i'm in the UK, please visit this website. Bacup helped me when my friend had ovarian cancer with lots of help and advice. All questions are answered by cancer nurses.

Theres support for not only your mum but for all of you. And if there's a question you need answered, i'm sure they will reply to any e-mails you send no matter where you are!.

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Pat, I am so glad your mom is having no trouble with the chemo. This is such a scary thing isn't it. I know that I was a whole lot happier living in denial about the possibility of anyone in my family having serious health problems, but I guess denial isn't a good thing. sigh.....

I think we are really lucky to have so many "sisters" here at the cat site to help us through this, though it is so sad to see how many people have been touched by cancer.

I apologize for missing your initial thread about your mom.
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