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Last night was a little weird

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The weirdest thing happened last night. Dori, who sleeps with me all night every night did not go to sleep with me. I usually say 'Dori lets go night night' and she will come get in the bed with me. She didn't get up when I called her so I carried her in there and she ran out. She seemed content staying up late with my boyfriend. I didn't think much of it and figured she would come to bed when he did. Well, I woke up at like midnight and they were both still up, I fell back asleep and had a horrible dream. I dreamed that my sister had come over to my apartment and called me from her cell phone and said Dori was laying in the bushes and not moving! I woke up and my boyfriend had finally come to bed but Dori wasn't there. I got up to look for her and she was sleeping on the daybed in the other room. She looked sound asleep so I didn't bother her. I fell back asleep and had another bad dream about Dori, I can't remember exactly what happened in this dream, but when I woke up she still wasn't there. Isn't that so weird? Last night was the first night she did not sleep with me and I had those horrible dreams that something bad had happened to her I hope it isn't a sign of some sort. I also hope she decides to sleep with me from now on, I hope this wasn't the 'I am an older kitty now Mommy and I wanna sleep by myself' ordeal!
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I'd say ...dont worry too much. I have six cats and my son (lol) Whiskey ALWAYS slept with me...then one night he deceided to sleep in the lounge room on the couch all night. I, too, couldn't sleep properly...so I got up a couple of times during the night to 'bring him to bed' but each time he went off back to the couch to sleep! What could I do?? lol
So I adjusted to his decision to 'sleep away from mum' He slept on the couch by himself for a couple of weeks...and then deceided to come back to my bed...I was so happy! lol
So now he sometimes sleeps with me and sometimes on the couch....
I think that cats choose their own place to sleep no matter what!!! Whatever their decision is...we have to abide by it....lol
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I can't sleep unless Frantic is with me. His purring puts me to sleep, then he moves to the end of the bed. In my sleep, I move my foot to touch him. On the hot July nights when we don't even want to touch the bed, he still sleeps at the end of the bed but opposite where my feet are.

On the nights when he waits to get into bed with me, I am very restless in my sleep. He didn't sleep with me last night (he was under the bed) so I ended up dreaming my cats had tripled in number but weren't very friendly. I was getting chased into the house by feral kittens.

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Do you think this is one of the reasons why the say they own us and we have to live by their rules? They can hurt our feelings like nothing on earth, but they're worth it. Hope Dori comes round soon.
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Strangly enough neither of my cats slept with me last night either. Maybe it's some kind of weird cat plan to keep us in line.

Thankfully I didn't have any really strange dreams, I was just woken up by a rather perisistant meow.
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Do you think the warmer weather has anything to do with it?
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Yup, when it gets warmer Loki sleeps with me only for about a hour or so (he tries)and then is off to somewher cooler as soon as it get's colder he cuddles up with me all night. At first I also was worried something was wrong but I got used to the summer/winter thing. It is hard getting used to the change - I also keep waking up when he is not there!

Sometimes in the summer I crank up the airconditioning to make it chilly inside so that he comes to cuddle and sleep with me :0))
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I turn the ac down to 72 every night because I love sleeping in the cold. In the winter I rarely turn the heat on at night and it stays about the same temp. So, I am not sure if it is the weather or not. But I just went home for lunch and Dori was really snuggly so maybe she feels bad. I sure hope she goes back to sleep with me tonight.
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Maybe your bad dreams was a form of separation anxiety when Dori decided she wanted to try a different place to sleep? I find that my cats will sleep in a certain place for a period of time, then they move onto a different place, and so forth.

*hugs* I hope you are okay.
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