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Greetings from Mexico!

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Hey there! I was wandering the Internet, looking for a forum to post my vote for worst song of all time, and chose this one because I live with five, count 'em, five cats:

Chimay, the matriarch, rescued. Named after my favourite beer.
Bebita, the daughter and hostess, home-grown.
Chilmole, the son and warrior, home-grown.
Yeyé, the tyke and mischief maker, rescued.
Gato Raro, the grizzled veteran (and possibly father to Bebita and Chilmole), who had been living a feral life until he got sick and I gave him safe haven until his health returned.

I live in a cabin on a hill just outside of town in a safe, cat-friendly community, so I have a door that allows the cats to come and go as they please. Curiously enough, they prefer to spend their time either indoors or laying on the porch.
What I do get, quite often, is other cats waltzing in and making themselves at home. One of my neighbours is quite the eccentric and has TWELVE cats...and feeds them all Iams...canned. That'll put a dent in the wallet.
Anyway, one of the neighbour's cats, which I had never seen before, came right into my bedroom one night, jumped on the bed and decided that my chest made a nice pillow. Just like that. And after a week or so, just like that, she left.

I've seen her around, and she doesn't seem to recognize me, which leads me to believe that some cats have bouts of "blackout amnesia": they forget who they are and where they live, find a sap like me, then come back to their senses and forget who they were during the amnesia.
Or maybe it's a Walkabout, Australian-style?

Some years ago, Chimay left me and came back an agonizing week later. Pregnant. I had her fixed after she gave birth, on my bed, while I was sleeping and I didn't even notice. I opened my eyes and there she was, purring in a sphinx-like position smack dab in the center of the blood and fluid stained sheets. Her kittens were working their way under the blanket.
Even though I gave the bed a thorough cleaning, for MONTHS Chimay climbed onto the bed to dig her claws into the spot, lost in a trance-like state.

I kept them all, but one of them, Movi, died; Naima disappeared on the very eve of her operation, and Yuri left also, before I had a chance to have him spayed. Yuri came back three months later, for one day, and disappeared again, and has not returned. I don't feel bad about Yuri because he looked robust and groomed (in other words, Not Feralized), which probably means that he found a home. Remember, people love cats in my neighbourhood.

Yuri stood out. My friends had a nickname for him: King Of Snake. On two different occasions he presented to me, then devoured in front of me, a rattlesnake. Small rattlesnakes, of course. Yuri paraded in front of my friends, which made him the target of pampering, like the time he was our official taster for steamed baby clams. By the way, his name is Yuri because he was born on the thirty-eight anniversary of man's first flight into space.

Well, I seem to be carrying on and on, so I'll stop right here.
Now, where was that Worst Song In History forum?
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¡Bienvenidos a TCS desde Puerto Rico! Este es un sitio muy entretenido y bueno, y hay tanta gente que sabe tanto de gatos que no hay pregunta que no tenga una respuesta. Este es un sitio que uno disfruta.

Soy VÃ:censor:ctor desde Puerto Rico y vivo en la zona urbana de Caguas.... con cuatro gatos. Puedes contarlos si tú no me crees : Saladina, Tom, Moab, Planeta.

Espero que disfrutes tu estadÃ:censor:a aquÃ:censor:.
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you found us here. Enjoy your time on the boards!
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Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TheCatSite! I have two cats- Felicia and Beau.
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Pues muchas gracias a todos.

I was gonna post pictures, but I can't seem to find them. Then I remembered I backed up my files (including cat pictures), reformatted my hard disk, and left the backup CD in the office.

By the way, we live in Ensenada, one hour south of the US border, right along the Pacific Coastline.
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Hello, I'm new here too. And for anybody doesn't know yet (knowbody does) I got 2 new cats. Darkfur is his name, and Stripetail is her name. Brother and sister, couldn't be seperated. 7 years old, 8 in May (my new cats) Snowfur will be 3 in August.
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hello to you and your furbabies welcome to the site
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Welcome to TCS to you and your kitties.
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Welcome to the site. It sounds like you live in a wonderful place. I have to keep my cats in due to the dogs around where I live.
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Welcome Hope you enjoy it here! Please post pics of your babies!

Lisa & Sash
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Allright then. It took me ages to get the file sizes right, I was forgetting to get rid of the resource fork (photo icon), but here are the ones that capture the spirit of each of these guys.

That blue eyed sad face belongs to Yeyé. The other guy in the background is Chilmole, going about his business and unexpectedly finding himself in the middle of the action.
Bebita is looking right at you. Notice how the window is open, that's from where they jump in and out of the house.
Finally, fat Chimay is NOT one to tolerate strobing camera flashes, so she rippled her way out of the picture, carrying her "side curtains" with her.
Needless to say, my feral friend Gato Raro saw me approaching with a strange gadget (camera) and fled, not to be seen again for a couple of hours.
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Welcome to TCS.

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Let's play a game of Spot The Cat, shall we? Where's Bebita?

When I lock the bedroom and leave home, this is their favorite niche to relax and pass the time. The sleeper sofa's armrest, pressed to the window frame, is shredded beyond recognition, foam exposed.
When dawn approaches, they go there to sit and just stare at the changing color of the sky, hypnotized, especially when a fog rolls in. (sigh)

King of the hill, indeed.
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Welcome to TCS. Lovely cats - a couple of mine have 'side curtains' what a great phrase!
Are their names Mexican or are they named after anything (like Chimay)?
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Chimay (this gal here) is named after a monastery in Belgium where the trappist monks make beer, cheese and bread. While drinking a Chimay with a friend, thinking what to name her, we were looking at the label...and the rest is history.
Bebita means Little Baby.
Chilmole is a black sauce from southern Mexico, and the cat's back looks like it's slathered with it.
Yeyé is either the name or nickname of a chef in the french countryside, close to St. Moritz. Picture the guy: burly, black leather jacket, broadly smiling with some teeth missing, swigging a bottle of Dom Perignon and affectionately embracing everybody.
Gato Raro means Strange Cat.

The names of the cats I had before are:
Yuri, born on the day Yuri Gagarin shot into space.
Naima, named after my favorite John Coltrane piece.
Movi, contraction for a really long and silly sentence I came up in spanish while watching her - Movimientos Logisticos Subversivos (Subversive Logistical Movements).

I'm trying to find a good picture of Chilmole to post. Will try to get it up here later tonight.
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wow lucky you to live in a cabin on a hill....the view you show is wonderful...from your the story of your family of cats...Oh! and welcome to cat forum...... :happy2
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