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What endearing things do you tell your cat(s)

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Before we go to bed...I tell my cats that I love them more than the sun, more than the moon, more than the stars.

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I tell all of my cats by the Name a good night and that I love her/him and try to stroke each one and give him/her a . If and most of the time some are , in the cat enclosure , I call in the cat-walk that I go to bed now and say good night guys and so I don't miss any of them . And btw they all wait for that every night
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I tell him that he's the best little kitty in the whole wide world and that mommy loves him dearly.
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Well I leave for work at 10:30PM, so I tell Zero that I love him, that I will miss him, and to be good!
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When I come home (from wherever) Trent stretches out in front of me while I scritch him. I tell him "I loves you from your head to your tail" while I'm scritching from his head to his tail.
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I tell my four little kitties that I love them, I say goodbye when I'm off to work and I tell them what time I'll be home. I tell them that they are so good and that I have the best furbabes in the whole wide world. I also kiss them and they put up with all that. Also tell them that they are very precious. What our kitties have to deal with.
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I also tell Lily what time I'm going to be home when I leave for work in the morning. (Whether's it's going to be a late day or an early day.) I always tell her I missed her when I get home. And I tell her I love her about 50 times a day!
(DH complained I say it more to the cat than to him! Whoops. )
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I tell Peedoodle that I love him and because Kahu is deaf, I sign it to him.
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Kellye that is so beautiful.
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LOL...I thought I was the only one that did this.....weird! Before I go to sleep at night I pet Summer, tell her I love her, her and say goodnight. When I leave, I scratch her ears tell her I love her and that I'll be back soon. Sometimes, when she is exicted to see me and greets me at the door, I pet her and say "Why hello Miss Summer, how are you doing?" and then give her a kiss. My boyfriend also greets her in this way when she does the same to him...minus the kiss...
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Before I go to work I do the kitty head count to make sure that they are all accounted for and I give each one a kiss and a scratch behind the ear, tell each one I love them and to be good, then I tell them all that I'll be home as soon as I can and I go to work. after work I come home(usually with a piece of chicken no breading) and split it up betewwn the four(ok three Isis is so picky) and scratch them behind the tail and tell them how much I missed them then I go in and say hello to Brad and give him a kiss.
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I always tell my girls I love them, that they're precious and wonderful. I sometimes do a jokey Gollum voice when I call them "My precious". They usually watch me leave in the morning, so I tell them to be good and I'll be home soon. If I have time, I'll play with them for a few minutes before I go. They're usually waiting at the top of the stairs when I get home, so I talk to them and scratch them.
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We're all just sappy mushy people, aren't we. I tell Sam that he is my best boy, and that he is very very handsome (when he's stretched out full length, and rolling on the floor). And I tell Bailey that she is my sweetie girl. And I tell both of them that I am very lucky to have them. All day long.
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I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one! I tell them that "I love my babies" all the time. I say goodbye when I leave and tell them "I'll be back later" I say goodnight to each of them and pet them each before I go to bed. I talk to each of them individually if I am petting them. Telling each that he is a good kitty, beautiful, furry, etc.

I have to admit that I'm more lovey toward Simon because he was "my" cat and because he lets me! Max will only accept so much lovey dovey stuff. Simon will sit there all day!
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I tell Magic he's mommy's special boy in the morning when I feed him. Toby is told how spoiled he is at that time, and Maggie is told how much of a lady she is, and aren't the boys wonderful for allowing her to eat first. At night, I kiss Magic on the head, and tell him how much mommy loves him. I tell Maggie and Toby it's bed time, go get in mommy's bed, and i'll be there in a minute. By the time I get there, Toby's on my pillow, and Maggie's stretched out across John's side. I tell them have sweet dreams. Extra mushy around here.....
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I tell them all, "mommy's going to bed now. And I love you." Then I call Peaches and Jake because both of them sleep with me. "Peaches, Jakey, come to bed with mommy now!"
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I always say goodnight to my "kids", and tell them Mom's going to bed, are you going to bed, or staying up tonight? Some of them follow me and some stay up and play all night.
We have 4 bedrooms, and a few of them sleep in each of the bedrooms and a few choose to sleep in my bed. My Boxer has his own bed in his own room, and he won't share.
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I'm forever baby talking my cats. When I make kissy noises and say "give mommy kisses" Sam puts his head down to let me kiss the top of his head. They both roll around on the floor while I tell them how beautiful they are and how wonderful they are. I have to carry them both to bed at nite, tell them goodnite, and kiss them.
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TNR1 I have already put my bits in, but would just like to say thank you for putting this post on. I find it really lovely to read. If anyone feels down I would suggest going through this thread.
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I tell both the boys when I leave in the morning that I love them and that I will be home tonight so they should be good. When I get home, I call out I'm home and they come running to get some lovin's. I tell both the boys that their handsome. And I tell them when I go to bed, they haven't quite gotten the idea yet, it takes them a while to climb into bed and then they want to play.
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I am always finding Pepper resting or napping somewhere and I have to scoop him up to cuddle for a moment and tell him "you are the most handsome kitty ever!" and give him a kiss on his nose. I really do hate to bother him but I just can't help myself usually because he just is so darn cute all the time!!
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If I am not in bed by a certain time, both my cats let me know! Jasmine rubs at my legs and crys and if that doesn't work she'll just fall asleep at my feet. Leo just lies wherever I am and when I'm ready to go to bed I say "Come on babies! Let's go to bed! Whose coming to bed with mommy?"
Usually they run into the room (except for Jasmine, who if sleeping, expects to be CARRIED into the room like a sleepy toddler) and sleep on the bed. I pet them and tell them how much I love them before we go to sleep.
And yes, whoever said it, we are a sappy bunch....
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I tell each one that they are the handsomest or most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, usually while holding them with my face buried in their fur and giving them little smacking kisses. Either that or simply that I love them.

I also like to give them full head butts - mash my head against whatever part of them is close and rub my forehead across the length of their bodies. They really like that. Muddy loves head butts cheek to cheek, done over and over - gets kind of slimy cause he marks me with his lips. LOL
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At the moment I tell Jeepers she's 'My big brave girl' for putting up with the evil ( ) e-collar and the nasty stitches, usually I cuddle up to her and call her 'my little Kittypants'....... Jeepers
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I always kiss Rosie and give her a scritch before i leave for work and say "Love you sweetie, will see you later!".

Then when i come home, she's all round me legs and i say " Have you missed your mummy?, because i've missed you", and she always meows back

Wooo hooo, i've got two little girls to say it to now
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