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Secret Santa Part II

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So far there are 25 people interested in the Secret Santa Exchange. Would those individuals please email me the following:

Their physical address - or P.O. Box

4 areas of interest for them. And please don't just say "cats" be specific if there is a special breed that you are interested in, or if any cat will do, specify that. If you want a tee-shirt for example, please include the size you wear. If you like hats, anything that peaks your interest.

I know that money is very tight for many people here. What I was thinking was to keep the cap low, say $15.00. If when you receive the name, and you want to spend more on the person, that is entirely up to you. I had thought of even putting it down lower because it is not the cost, but the thought that counts.

I will keep this thread open until the end of September, and then email each of you who you will play Secret Santa too. That should give you plenty of time for the overseas people as well? If I am wrong about this time frame, please let me know.

I read about what you said in regards to the Conneticut people on the thread below, and what I will do if I draw two of you at the same time, (since you appear to be so close) I will randomly toss one of you back and draw again until I give you someone that is from another state, or country.

Please don't start pulling apart all of this by discussing what you think I should do, or think should be done further with this idea. It is just an idea, a fun idea, and if you want to do something different once you get your name, then go for it. If $15.00 as a cap is to high, then do what is comfortable for you. As I said, it is the thought that counts, not the amount you spend on the gift itself. At the end of Sept. this thread will be locked but until then I do hope others join in, because it really is kind of neat to get a surprise package from someone you have only known on a bulletin board.

I hope none of this message sounds terse to anyone. It isn't meant to be. I just wanted to give the general guidelines and let you run with it from here. I just got back from a short vacation, and there are now a million things I need to do because we have been gone for 4 days.
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Hissy....I just sent you an e-mail, through the catsite, that has my address, and also a list of things I like!
Can't wait to hear more!!!
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me to hissy!!!!

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Welcome back Hissy - hope you had a great time!

I just emailed you as well.
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I think the way you have planned this out is great, and also think you're terrific for taking the time to do all this for us!

I just sent you my e-mail also.
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I just thought of something...if this is supposed to be secret, we can't put a return address on it, which is fine, but our packages will be postmarked with our state...which may give it away.
But it still sounds like fun!
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You are wonderful Hissy! I will e-mail very shortly
as I know what you mean about being busy. I have been
swamped this week and it's only Tuesday! Been busy with
Labor Day week-end and other stuff I won't bore you with!

I am trying to catch up on here and read all posts! I
will post again soon! Again, thanks!
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